Flatcake From Lazy Mofo Spawn Bags!

by Eatyualive

well, flatcakes are much easier to make from these colonized bags. first of all you take the colonized bags, then break them up in the bag.


next you sterilize some verm in the oven for 25 mins at 350. then add distilled water to it.


next you take the broken up bags and place them in the trays. after that you smush them down tight with your hands to where they are even in the caserole!

last you place the damp verm on top of the mycelia and then place saran wrap over it. then poke holes in saran wrap!



Awsome eats! I love your work!
I crushed up two cakes and put them
in a ziplock bag but they didn't
recolonize? sad.gif Wonder what I
did wrong?


zoom, did you poke holes? did you touch it? needs air exchange!!! u want to throw all the colonized and uncolonized in the bag, seal it, then crush them up. then POKE HOLES!!!!! air exchange is key!

i usually sterilize verm either in the microwave for a minute or in the oven before i place it as a double ended casing layer or for any dressing after 2nd flushes.


i like to poke about 10-20 1/4 inch hole and cover them with Microporous tape. Moisture stay in, contams stay's out


here is an idea that I thought of. I just sterilized the working area as usual and sterilized the air with lysol. i crunched up a little of one of the colonized bags and opened the wbs quart. just poured a little of the mycelia in the wbs and then shaked afterwords to get the mycel pieces distributed throughout the jar! this jar should colonize in a few more days and then it will go to dung!


...birdseed spawned


use only cakes that are under 20 days old. the older they get the more chance of bacterial contamination. I got a load that I did the same thing with, only in a hepa box, and they all got wet spot from the cake sad.gif

Grain in open air is risky IMO, you are walking a fine line between fruits and contamination...IMHO wink.gif laugh.gif


I cannot stress being sterile enough. I just tossed major amounts of wbs that were almost at 100%. Funny thing was, the only thing I did not do, was have a filter on the jars, because I took them straight from the pc into the glovebox, where they were innoculated with agar, and left to colonize (inside the glovebox). Been a very frustrating month for me. So, starting over. The only thing that did not go bad was my h2o2 agar. This is a mean mold I have goin here. Dont be lax with your sterile teks. I wasnt, and still ended up tossing quite alot of work. cry.gif


well it has been a few days and the birdseed is almost 90% colonized. just shook em to get the extra 10% colonized. interesting thing was that the mycelia was a rock hard solid mass already in a few days time and almost didn't break apart!


fully colonized wbs 4 days from the bag tek


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