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Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 28 02, 09:27 PM GMT
Well my order from pet fungus still hasnt arrived so, I went out and got some el~ naturale~ cow shit. I got the old stuff that looked greyish some still have semi moist insides. They have some rocks and debris also. I got a 5 gallon full o' dung, What do I need to do to get the shit ready to mix w/straw? Ive never gathered my own dung so Ive never had this problem. Thanx ,


Posted by: Mycota Nov 28 02, 10:05 PM GMT
If it is aged enough that, it has no urine or ammonia smell. It is good to go. If not, it needs to be set out in a dry or protected spot, shredded some & allowed to air dry more. Setting a box style fan to blow on it -- will speed that process, greatly.

Once it has no (AS IN NO) urine or ammonia smell. The easy way to prep it (without a lot of drips, mess & smell), is to simply toss some into the biggest pan, pot or turkey roasting gizmo you have.

Slide a meat themometer into thecenter of the dung, slide the pot in the oven @ around 200F. Watch the thermometer ..... & ... when it gets to between 160 -- 170 F, back down the stove dial a wee bit......... & let it bake at the 165 range for around 90 minutes.

Once baked, stick the lid on TIGHT & allow it to cool to room temp. It will have dehydrated some, when dry pasturizing.

When you are ready to spawn it, simply rehydrate it with water you boiled, then allowed to cool, to just warm.

Add just a little water at a time & mix it all up. The right water content is as much water as you can get into it, EXCEPT.... when squeezed HARD, it does not DRIP.

Most screw up their first dung batch, by having it TO WET.

EDIT -- no need to mix it with straw. Why? But, if you do. Just shred it as small as you can get it -- easy, then soak the straw overnight, then add to the dung, before you dry pasturize it all in the oven.


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 28 02, 10:35 PM GMT
"no need to mix it with straw. Why?"

Really? So you dont think that the straw is necessary or it doesn't add anything? Will it colonize as fast/ faster? Why do we use straw? unsure.gif

Posted by: NixxoN Nov 28 02, 11:07 PM GMT
I would add straw, if not for any other reason, than simply to increase the amount of total spawn and in turn increase the total yeild smile.gif

Posted by: Mycota Nov 29 02, 12:51 AM GMT
QUOTE (NixxoN @ Nov 29 02, 04:07 AM GMT)
I would add straw, if not for any other reason, than simply to increase the amount of total spawn and in turn increase the total yeild smile.gif

Increase the total amount of "SPAWN"? We are talking "SUBSTRATE", not spawn. But, I understand, what you mean.

I believe in keeping things toilet flush simple. True, straw increases the overall amount of available lignen, cellulose & nutrients. But, it also takes much longer for myc to disolve & digest, as well as increasing the amount of possible contam's, going in.

A good, dry aged horse or cow dung ..... contains a lot of undigested straw. It's there already. Add more if you wish. I used to, until I started doing custom compost & quit using anything but compost.

Run two (2) substrate containers side by side. One straight manure, the other mixed with straw. Draw you own conclusions from the results.

A good example of how contam prone wet straw is -- verses -- aged manure is to simply expose both to open air contam's, side by side. The straw will start growing fuzzy molds of all sorts, right off the bat. The dung will not. What does that tell -- you?

If you do add wheat straw into the mix, cover it with a layer of straight dung on top. That helps fend off contam's.

What works for some -- does not work for others. As all the involved variables are great, from one grower, to another.

Best bet is to find something that works for you. Then, improve it, any way you can.


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 29 02, 12:53 AM GMT
That was my thought too, that the straw helps stretch the dung out, so you use less. A 5gal bucket full is barely enough for a portion of my bed using only dung...

Posted by: NixxoN Nov 29 02, 02:28 AM GMT
Mycota, right now I have a bin of pretty much straight dung, and a bin of pretty much just straw. The dung is about 100% colonized and the straw I only started two days ago, so it's still coming along. I have double the amount of straw in the straw bin, but they weigh roughly the same.

Right now what I'm interested in is getting the best "bang for the buck". I bought the dung this first time round just to test it out, plus I had $30 kicking around. I would have liked to put a dung layer ontop of the straw bin but I had non left.

Anyways I may end up going to way of mixed dung and straw anyways because I have horses and bales of wheat straw only cost $5 and go so very far, and I can just go out into the yard and pick up some aged dung if I need some, although with temps dipping in the negatives latly thats not gonna last long, plus with snow on the horizon. I guess I should get my ass in gear and fill up as many bags I can with dung while I can still see it. Just gotta wait till no ones around, I'm sure people would question me out in the feilds picking up horse crap sniffing it and then puting it into a bag.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 29 02, 05:09 PM GMT
My shit dont stink, it smells like earthy soil, but its not all the way dry, probably rain...Ok right?

Posted by: Mycota Nov 29 02, 05:57 PM GMT
QUOTE (Fungusmaximus @ Nov 29 02, 10:09 PM GMT)
My shit dont stink, it smells like earthy soil, but its not all the way dry, probably rain...Ok right?

smile.gif wink.gif yup, Mycota

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 30 02, 07:45 AM GMT
Can you pastureize too long? What if temp gets up to say 190 degrees?

Posted by: DirtyWOP Nov 30 02, 11:13 AM GMT
it's not too big of a problem
but pasturization is much more effective and lasts longer at lower temps for longer times

some pasturize things at 145 degrees for like 6 hours.....

Posted by: Nanook Nov 30 02, 12:48 PM GMT
Can you pastureize too long? What if temp gets up to say 190 degrees?

It happens, things usually work out of you try and do a good job wink.gif

Good thread smile.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 02 02, 07:07 AM GMT
I pastureized for 24 hrs at temps from 150-200. I might be over doing it.
Then added just enough boiling water for proper consistency and let set for 2 days then I just added some worm bedding - minus the castings. And sprinkled a bit of bee pollen granules over it all and added some more boiling h2o and tossed it back in the oven to pastureize again.

Before using bee pollen pasturize or sterilize. They contain mold spores in the package. Think about it... anyhow Ive grown cobweb w/ granules by themselves several times so I always take precautions.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 02 02, 08:08 AM GMT
why did you pasturize it twice???
Don't get too high with your temps......
The purpose of pasturization is to keep certain bacteria alive....bacteria that don't die at 160 degrees, but will at 200....

there is a line drawn between pasturization and sterilization. If your temps get above 200, you are in essence sterilizing it. Steam is only 212 degrees. Sterilizing isn't good for dung.....

And remember....however you decide to pasturize your dung, it works better when the material is very wet, saturated. Pasturizing in the oven dry isn't as effective I hear. I'm gonna be posting pics of my bulk pasturization procedure in the near future. Involves the propane can

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 15 03, 05:08 AM GMT
For all of you self sufficent cultivators who gather and process your own cow/horse dung. This one is for you wink.gif

First you will need:

A kitty litter box 5$

screen lid, for a 10 gallon aquarium 8$

and a 3 gallon tote 1$ at wally's

Now to start you will need you dung dessert dry. I fan mine then place in the oven, usually overnight. (no smell)
next take your 3gal tote and fill to the top with the crispy dung chunks. Then place the 10 gal screen on top, lip facing down. Now flip the tote/screen over the kitty litter box and angle it so it is suspended over the box. now you have a giant cheese grater. The tote fits perfectly inside the lip of the aquarium lid, creating a channel to move the tote back and forth, effectively screening the dung.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 15 03, 05:09 AM GMT
crispy dung chunks

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 15 03, 05:10 AM GMT
screened lid on tote

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 15 03, 05:10 AM GMT
invert over kitty litter box

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 15 03, 05:11 AM GMT
now slide tote back and forth

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 15 03, 05:11 AM GMT
back and forth

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 15 03, 05:13 AM GMT
the end result is a fine dry dung, perfect for cultivating. Quick and easy!! wink.gif

Posted by: dcyans Feb 15 03, 10:22 AM GMT
Fm, that looks so good I could just eat it! ( if i were a shroom that is biggrin.gif ). peace.gif

Posted by: NugDumper Nov 22 02, 06:31 PM GMT
 I was wondering if Rabbit shit is of any use as far as cubensis cultivation goes>????? thx

Posted by: Nanook Nov 22 02, 06:42 PM GMT
Any herbivore dung can be used.

Posted by: NugDumper Nov 23 02, 01:27 AM GMT
I have a rabbit, that is why i asked. Should I make sure I get poop that hasn't been pissed on or what? And if I did choose to try to use this poop, how should I prepare it? Thx again

Posted by: Nanook Nov 23 02, 10:52 AM GMT
I would not worry about a little urine. It's a package deal really.

Dry the pellets and crush them. Remoisten the crumbled pellets until water barely drips out when a handful is squeezed. Pasteurize or sterilize the moistend dung and spawn.

Same for horse apples etc.

Posted by: ImaCheezit Nov 23 02, 11:13 AM GMT
I would be wary of chicken poo and a couple others (I can remember). I hear that some are quite high in nitrogen. Best to do a search on poo compostion.

Posted by: NugDumper Nov 23 02, 01:45 PM GMT
A search on poo composition??? Where would one find that?

Posted by: wildflowergirl Nov 25 02, 01:28 PM GMT
laugh.gif This thread makes me laugh. I know it's serious, but I just can't help it!!! Not too long ago I wondered about my ferret's poopies. Too bad they are carnivores. tongue.gif

Posted by: Doc007 Nov 25 02, 01:44 PM GMT
What a bunch of shit talkers.


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