Best Way To Dry Cactus ?

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Posted by: CactusMind Jul 04 03, 02:44 PM GMT
Hello all,

How would I go about drying some Pedro ?
I have been told this:

-Cut cactus into horizontal sections, and then dice those up real good.
-Throw the cactus bits into a glass pyrex baking pan, and bake @ 250F to remove water....

Once dried , then toss into coffee grinder and continue with extraction.....

Any input is welcome !

Posted by: Nanook Jul 04 03, 07:47 PM GMT
To get pedro to dry effectively it must be chopped finely, or peeled and sliced. The skin prevents drying of the parts of the cacti where the greatest amount of alkaloid is located. It must be finely chopped (skin on) or the skin must be removed and it can be sliced horizontally or vertically.

Dry in the sun, in a drier, in an oven... Mescaline is chemically very similar to caffiene and it is stable at temps of 250*F (like in a low oven or a pressure cooker). Any hotter really and you lose it. Gone.

Once dried the cactus should be placed over desiccant for 24-48 hours, packaged and sealed.

If you are extracting... Why dry it? Add water to wet processed cacti, cook, and press out juice... Boil down to syrup, and extract that.

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