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Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 02 03, 07:41 PM GMT
This is my FOAF Limabeans dryer setup. Probably been done but I haven't seen it anywhere.

What you need -

1" X 6" boards

1" X 2" srips

box fan

ckicken wire

2 4"X4" posts cut to the width of the box

assorted tools and wood screws

I wont list the exact dimensions because you have to build to suit your boxfan.


Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 02 03, 07:43 PM GMT
Heres one before painting


Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 02 03, 07:50 PM GMT
Measure the outer dimensions of your box fan and construct a frame that the box fan will barely fit into out of the 1"X6" boards. Cut 1"X2" strips to fit the inner dimension of the frame you just built. Secure these strips inside the frame about 1' or 2" down as shown below. This will hold the fan.The rest of the frames will be for the drying racks cut them to the same dimensions as the fan holder. On these frames measure the outer dimension and cut the 1"X2" strips to fit around the outside. You will attach these at the top leaving a 1" lip these will all then stack up.


Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 02 03, 07:55 PM GMT
Oh yeah you need some heavy duty snips of some sort to cut the wire. Next you cut the wire to fit the inner dimensions of the frames as close as you can get them so the edge of the frame will hold the wire down. You can either leave them loose or staple them to the bottom of the frames.


Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 02 03, 07:59 PM GMT
Build as many frames as you need and stack em up biggrin.gif Works great with one as well. Leave the fan on low with just a couple or crank it up on high with a bunch.


Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 02 03, 08:00 PM GMT
Fill er up

Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 02 03, 08:03 PM GMT
Set it on the two 4"X4" post that are cut to the width of the box. Done wink.gif My FOAF hopes someone finds this useful . Stay tuned for part II modular desicant chamber coming soon. biggrin.gif


Posted by: Voodoo Jul 02 03, 09:16 PM GMT
Some good construction on that. Do you have a gap in the bottom for airflow?

Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 02 03, 09:23 PM GMT
Thanks. I forgot about that part it is set up on two 4"X4" posts cut to the length of the box.

Posted by: Voodoo Jul 02 03, 09:27 PM GMT
Very good. I like it. biggrin.gif

Posted by: snippynutz Jul 02 03, 10:34 PM GMT
I gotta build me one of them... wub.gif As soon as I get back from vaca I will be making me one


Posted by: highroller Jul 03 03, 08:38 AM GMT
Very, very cool shakey. Don't want to step on your thread, but my friend uses something similar which is basically a dresser with the bottoms of the drawers removed and replaced with window screening. Works very well. biggrin.gif
He says you may want to build a catch basin of sorts at the bottom to catch all the debris such as casing material and spores which will get all over the place. One of those units with some sort of furnace filter attached to catch all, but still maintain an unrestricted airflow. wink.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 03 03, 09:38 PM GMT
Awesome idea thanks. My FOAF just realized today that the little guys fall to the bottom of the unit. He's going to put a small mesh screen on the bottom rack. Oh yeah and a furnace filter on the bottom as well, Thanks Highroller ! biggrin.gif

Posted by: maryxmas Jul 03 03, 10:14 PM GMT
i did the same thing but used cereal boxes instead and used window screen.

just cut large rectangle holes in the front and back, duct tape the screen in place and load up and place on fan. estimated cost

screening---- free to 2 bucks depending
box----- free
duct tape----- you should have some anyways or you cant consist yourself a real man ---- free

so this dryer cause nothing to 2 bucks to built and took 2 minutes to make


Posted by: Nanook Jul 04 03, 02:05 AM GMT
OK let me get my .02 cents in here too.

I took a 7 gallon brewing bucket (5 gallon is cool)... Made some little legs to keep it off the floor.

I cut a whole in the bottom center and mounted a 120 v heavy duty whisper chassis fan on the bottom blowing up into the bucket. I got the fan for cheap at a surplus place.

For trays I made some circles out of wire, and hanger set to different heights will let you stack them. The circles are covered with plastic window screen from the hardware store.

Posted by: cheshire cat Aug 29 03, 10:41 AM GMT
and it never occurred to me til now. my dishwasher has a setting to dry dishes with a fan real fast WITHOUT heat...seems like a great place to lay fresh shrooms on rack to dry for a few hours b4 dessicant investing time n a few bucks in making a fanning chamber

Posted by: jikuhchagi Aug 29 03, 12:50 PM GMT
Let us know how it works.

My high-tech fanning setup, from bottom to top:

1) Plastic Clothes Basket for laundry
2) Box fan laying on top, air flow DOWN; low speed
3) Portable window screen thing set on top; expands to fit window (available at any home despot)
4) shrooms

Took less than 24 hours to dry them enough for dessicant chamber

j biggrin.gif

Posted by: looselucy Sep 02 03, 09:59 PM GMT I got a pound off e-bay awhile ago. The shit makes crackers in less than twelve hours. (Only tried on quantities less than 100 grams dry).

Posted by: snowman Sep 03 03, 10:11 AM GMT
Try taking some door screen, make a bag out of it (hot glue) and set in one of your air ducts. Or take the cover off your furnace (newer furnaces) and set the bag in the blower section if its accessible. (Under the blower - not near the blower intakes of course. wink.gif )

Leave the furnace fan running continuously and all should be well in about two days.


Posted by: Nanook Sep 03 03, 11:16 PM GMT

Good Tips Guys cool.gif

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