Button Grafting w/notes on double pickle tek


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Posted by: Malformed Feb 20 03, 01:51 AM GMT
ok, i dont need to do this, but say you have a peyote button...

and its got a few pups growing from its base.
and you want to remove them to graft onto a san pedro.

how would you go about taking the baby off?

twist, cut, etc. huh.gif

Posted by: Nanook Feb 20 03, 02:13 AM GMT
A smooth, razor sharp blade such as a paring knife.

Posted by: Malformed Feb 20 03, 02:32 AM GMT

ok. may seem wierd, but do you have any pictures of the grafting process?

Posted by: Nanook Feb 20 03, 04:26 AM GMT
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Photos from: http://www.cannabisculture.com/cgi/article.cgi?num=104


Posted by: kdog Mar 22 03, 06:48 PM GMT
I am watching wub.gif methodically and efficiently graft a button to a stalk of cactus using his 'Double Pickle' tek. He will post this hopefully with pics. But it's cool to be watching this in my living room. He doesn't know I'm posting this while listening to him and watching. wink.gif

Blow by blow...

He walks out of the kitchen with a cup, a paper towel folded and nestled inside the cup. It has iodine in it I think. He dips the knife in the cup and drags it against the paper towel. Does this before each slice.

He trims the skin back about 1.5" off the stalk of Pedro.

He makes the thin slice on the stalk lays it down, sliced portion still intact.

He has a nice button removed from the Pedro sitting on my deck drool.gif

He dabs iodine around it where he will make the slice. Said this will help prevent pathogens from getting into the slice from the skin where the knife cut thru.

Makes the slice on the button, holds it on and matches the stalk & button together, slices still intact.

Lines 'em up then quickly pulls the slices out. The stalk and button are now grafted together. He has prevented contams, kept oxygen bubbles to a min which helps prevent breakdown of (too much info on that part, he lost me...good pot), "fresh clean wound" he says.

Now big rubber bands around the graft, adjusting. More adjusting. Messed up the allignment.  "Need better rubber bands, bruised it, there's a split, but they heal".

"I would not bother saving these little Peyote slices, but they dry really well! Collect them. Sometime when you're doing a dose, pop a few dried slices!"

OK round 3, more grafting. (This is cool stuff to watch, really wanted to share)

Oh the 4th stalk now: Watching him hold the stalk upright on the coffee table with left hand, grab rubber band and loop it on the bottom then on the top across the button...veeeerrrryyyy carefully! Does this twice. Make that 3 times.
5th graft. I mention something about slicing the stalk (which looks just like a cuke when skinned), spashing on some fine Balsalmic vinegar I have for tonight's salad. Ok bad idea. 3 stalks over 1' long of some nasty tasting stuff!
He's out of rubber bands so it's break time for tonight. Now on to g2g!

6 stalks on my dining room table with ends facing the glass door & afternoon sunlight!

(Note to self: Hide Henckel knives so Nan won't break them prying rootbound cacti out of pots.)

Ahh, busted! He asked if I was taking notes. Oh well, he hasn't read it yet but I'm hitting 'post' anyway!
Hope you enjoyed! I'm sure he'll have plenty of clean up to do on my account of his tek!!!

Posted by: Malformed Feb 20 03, 04:49 AM GMT
wwheeeeee. there so cute!


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 20 03, 03:46 PM GMT
what are those balls being grafted?

Posted by: shrum Feb 20 03, 04:39 PM GMT

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 20 03, 04:53 PM GMT
How did they grow on the perdo , were those grafted too?

Posted by: shrum Feb 20 03, 06:09 PM GMT
yep, the cactus in the first pic originally looked like the cactus in the last pic.

once the graft took, the growth rate of the peyote would accelerate, causing it to form 'pups' around its sides. notice the smoother looking central peyote 'bud' surrounded by rougher, hairier-looking 'pups' that have grown after the graft took.

Posted by: ion Feb 20 03, 09:32 PM GMT
Yes... it's a beautiful thing <sniff>... brings a tear to my eye blush.gif

I LOVE the little buggers! Oh, how I love them! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif