Updated critique of the MMGG - july 30 1998

A few years ago the MMGG version xx appeared on the web and I thought it sucked (to put it decently). The MMGG "author" referred to PF as a "pioneer" which seemed to suggest that the PF TEK was not complete and in need of improving. The MMGG is just a copied (college term paper from the Encyclopedia Brittanica technique) PF TEK in which the lame plagiarism was padded with such "improvements" (among many) as "packing the substrate" - "inoculating in one spot" - "electrically altering humidifiers" - "chaining plastic pop bottles" - "sucking substrate juice through a straw" - "inoculating while standing on your head" - etc.

PF's original flame

found on the web.

The most idiotic thing about the original MMGG is that the "author" tried to credit the PF TEK's definitive and miraculously working brown rice powder and vermiculite formula to the W.R. Grace food companies field inoculant patent - a shit brained idea capable only of a mental midget. It seems fairly clear that the "author" was intent on undermining PF's due credit for the magic mushroom growing revolution.

The MMGG ver.3.2 can be seen at these psuedo pop mycology web sites.

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