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Posted by: Malformed Jun 19 03, 06:36 PM GMT
ok, this may be strange to some of you.

i hold a very high amount of trust and respect in each of you moderators and felow administrators.

You moderators have proven yourselves time and time again that you are trustworthy and for the most part dependable. wink.gif which is why you all are moderators and etc in the first place.

and some of you , I consider close friends.

i havnt been around the forum much lately, and dont plan to be around a whole lot this summer.
and im pretty much responsible for keeping certain things working.
im sure that in a pinch, some of you may beable to handle the stuff i do.
but you all have your own responsibilitys to worry about, so if it needs to be done i will either do it myself, or teach someone else how to do it over the phone (over the phone is a definite plus because of how complex some of the shit is, if long distance is a problem, i can call you (i get 60 minutes long distance free per month))

i feel comfy enough to leave my name & phone number for any of you to get a hold of me if you need to, for whatever reason.
write it down in a safe place, because i will remove it from the post after im pretty sure the people that want it, have it.

Josh & Deb
(920) 929-0723

Yahoo = Malformed
ICQ = 94988287
Primary Email = [email protected]
(if my site -> is down, my primary email may not work)
Secondary Email = [email protected]
Secure Email = cant remember the password. (little too secure eh?)

We live in central/eastern Wisconsin just so you know what to expect on the phone bill.

ask for Mal or Josh either is fine, Ive been called Mal for years now, even in person.
Deb may answer, and its debs voice on the answering machine.
if you get the answering machine, leave a message... or i will be upset.
even if its a short msg, like *hey this is 'whoever' check your pm's on the forum.*

no games though, if you call either deb or me,
I want your forum name so i know who it is.
and it would be nice to know your real first name.
mostly because some of you use odd forum names, like dirtywop.
if he called me, it would feel strange for me to call him dirtywop or wop, or dirty. laugh.gif

if theres a forum/site related problem, go ahead and give me a call if you think it needs imediate attention, forum down, stuff not working, someone causing problems on the site, or in chat.
if you are having internet or computer problems, i might beable to help.

or just for someone to talk to, complain about life, need a shoulder to cry on, advice, whatever.

you can call me for whatever reason, any time day or night.
the phone in the bedroom has the ringer off, so it wont wake us up. just leave a message if we dont answer.

just don't talk about drugs or using the forum name/URL, never know who may be listening (even by accident).

I've rambled enough... time to go enjoy the weather.

Posted by: Nanook Jun 19 03, 08:53 PM GMT

Richard Quick
636-861-7611 home
314-537-7863 cell
[email protected] - primary email
rtqii - Yahoo ID

Ask for Nan and I will know it's an important board matter. These serve as business lines too in a pinch so be descrete.

Posted by: Malformed Jun 19 03, 09:13 PM GMT
all this info is for CURRENT global moderators and admin ONLY.

only people with:
user posted image
user posted image

get the info.
people that are no longer mod/admin dont get the info unless cleared in advance.

that goes for people that become mods/admin in the future, they dont get my info unless i give it to them. tongue.gif

Posted by: ion Jun 19 03, 10:48 PM GMT
Hmm... I'm gonna guess you guys have caller ID... maybe I'll call ya just to have a voice in my head when I read your posts... tongue.gif

Hell, I could always use computer advice... I usually have to figure it out for myself, but some things are simply incomprehensible to me... huh.gif



Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jun 19 03, 10:49 PM GMT
ohmy.gif laugh.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

You guys are too much biggrin.gif

Posted by: Malformed Jun 20 03, 12:04 AM GMT
i dont have caller id. FYI tongue.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jun 20 03, 01:39 AM GMT
Nor I tongue.gif

Posted by: ion Jun 20 03, 01:53 AM GMT
I do... so don't call me... oh wait. tongue.gif

Posted by: Vitticeps Jun 21 03, 04:34 AM GMT
Well, not that I have been a major player in keeping the board functional but I wont be around much for a while either. I'm having some rough financial times and the cable internet bill was the first to be set aside to make room for the priorities. I currently do not have internet access aside from using my cell phone with the laptop (as I am currently doing). Not a big deal since it's free from 9pm-6am and all day sat&sun but it's only a 14.4k/sec connection so I can't tolerate much browsing on it. But anyway, should you guys need to contact me for any reason...


You'll probably have to leave a message on my voicemail as I do not answer calls from numbers I don't recognize (I haven't had a landline phone for 7 years, stricly cell, so I don't waste airtime on wrong numbers or solicitors). But I'll either call you back (long distance is free, beauty of cell phones) or I'll answer next time once I know who it is. smile.gif

And Ion, feel free to call just to put a voice with a post. tongue.gif

Posted by: ion Jun 22 03, 01:56 AM GMT
Ahahahahahaha! Now I can annoy you all with small talk! devil.gif


Posted by: Jade Jun 23 03, 07:13 AM GMT
yahoo messenger name is nice_ass

no i do not have a nice ass, well, i guess its allright lol
i didnt make the name though, in honor of my ass or anything,
someone else made the name, I just cracked it a while back,
it kind of stuck so thats what i use...

im always on invisiable so send a message regardless of status..

aol instant messenger is jadeisthebabe
no, i dont think im a babe... in fact, the jade name is an inside
joke with some friends from like, 5 years ago. ive had the
name that long, and it just kind of became my online alias...
please dont give out these screennames to anyone,
eh, not like anyone would really care, but I'm usually really
busy and dont give my names out often tongue.gif

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