Cold Water Hash Separation

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Posted by: colt122 Jul 23 03, 11:36 PM GMT
How to Make Hash:
This is a good method for making hash that most people will find easy to follow. I have used small amounts, so you can see if this system is good for you, without using much bud. If you like the method, use larger amounts for a larger yield.


1/4 oz of good marijuana buds
glass jar with a cap (12-24 oz)
strainer or some window screen
coffee filters
2l empty bottle for a funnel

Use one quarter ounce of good marijuana buds. Dry them to a crisp and crush them up with a pair of scissors or something similar.
Strain the powder through a strainer or some window screen to remove any stems, seeds, or other non leaf material.
Add the powder to a 12-24 oz, or larger tall clear glass jar with a cap, do not fill the jar with more than 1/4 of the bud powder.
Add very cold, or ice water till the jar is nearly (7/8 ths) full. DO NOT USE WARM OR HOT WATER. COLD, OR ICE WATER ONLY !
Put the cap securely on the water - bud mixture and shake for as long as it takes to get the powder mixed into the water, this is harder than it sounds because bud is not water soluble.
If you are doing it by hand, make sure there are no clumps of plant matter then stop shaking the mix. nono.gif
Wait for at least 30 minutes or longer, open the jar and remove the plant matter floating on the top. Put the material you remove in another jar and repeat the process to try to get the remaining resin.
Wait for 15 minutes or more, keeping the jar as steady as possible, then carefully pour off the water to within 1 inch of the material at the bottom of the jar. The bottom of the jar is the hashish material. ohmy.gif
Then proceed to fill the jar with the hashish material with cold water as before, and let the mixture settle for at least 15 minutes. Then slowley pour off the water to within 1 inch of the material at the bottom of the jar.
Pour the hash material through a coffee filter. Make sure you get it all, it is potent. After the water has drained through the coffee filter, use a spoon to push the resin to an edge of the coffee filter, then roll the hash up in the filter, and gently squeeze out more water. After that wrap some paper towels around the filter and drain more moisture.
At last!
Scrape the resin out of the filter and you have hashish. If you want to smoke the hash in a pipe you will have to press the resin into a solid mass by using your hands. If not, the hash will turn to a liquid when heated, and Drop past your pipe screen.
Smokin time! drool.gif

Posted by: War Jul 25 03, 12:20 PM GMT
i dont know if i quite understand this...i guess it would make sense if i tried it..but the liquid from the first jar is thrown out?

and when you say take the plant matter that is floating on the top of the first jar and put it in the second..the plant matter is what you will end up keeping as hash? or is that thrown out?

Posted by: Nanook Aug 04 03, 03:08 PM GMT
This process uses cold water agitation to separate the oil from the plant material (which is then waste)... It's not the most efficient, but it does work... And if you have got a lot of leaf especially, this can turn out some decent oil.

But yeah, resin looks like dust in the water and settles to the bottom, while the plant matter floats to the top and is removed smile.gif

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