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Posted by: robinhood Jun 30 03, 02:13 PM GMT
A FOAF is interested in making some mushroom chocolates. I know this has been brought up before. It basically entails grinding your cracker-dry mushrooms in a coffee grinder until they are powder. Then you would melt your chocolate and mix in the powder.

Now I'm just wondering, are there any things to be weary of? I know that chocolate can melt at a very low temp....lower than boiling if you can make potent tea with mushrooms then the low heat of melted chocolate should not kill potency too much, right?

And as far as dosing goes, I figure one would measure total grams of powder before mixing and then divide by however many chocolates you make to know how much is in each one. So if you started with 10oz of chocolate, mixed in 40grams of mushroom powder, and poured 20 equal-sized pieces with the mix, ideally you would have each piece containing roughly 2 grams of mushrooms and 1/2 oz of chocolate, right? It seems to work in theory, but I'm wondering if there's a trick to getting an even mixture in the melted chocolate. Anyone ever encounter trouble getting the powder to mix evenly throughout? Is it even a concern? It would be a shame to make chocolates for your friends and have a few people tripping balls while the rest don't even feel a thing. think.gif

Posted by: Voodoo Jun 30 03, 02:19 PM GMT
Your right on the money. It would be much too difficult to measure the powder into each dose of chocolate. Just devide the numbers. And mix well. biggrin.gif

Posted by: snippynutz Jun 30 03, 04:47 PM GMT
Why dont you just dip them in chololete instead of grinding them into powder? That way everyone gets thier share and they dont taste bad at all.

Posted by: Voodoo Jun 30 03, 04:53 PM GMT
QUOTE (snippynutz @ Jun 30 03, 04:47 PM GMT)
and they dont taste bad at all.

I think thats a matter of opinion. laugh.gif

Posted by: Zoom Jun 30 03, 07:55 PM GMT
Not trying to start nothin....
Just be careful if ya got children around.
Ya know? wub.gif

Posted by: Voodoo Jun 30 03, 08:11 PM GMT
Me thinks Zoom loves his youngin. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Good tip Zoom.

Posted by: Zoom Jun 30 03, 08:13 PM GMT
Always and forever! wub.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jun 30 03, 08:20 PM GMT
Dont forget old folks! they like to gum chocolates too!
And they can reach the hiding places ohmy.gif

Posted by: Zoom Jun 30 03, 09:47 PM GMT
That's why I dont make chocolates FM.
You just cant be too careful. You're
right about them getting into places
that, only the day before, they couldnt.

There is some safety in a nasty tasting
shroom. I would be devasted if my
child got into them. cry.gif

Posted by: shroomie Jun 30 03, 10:23 PM GMT
well what foaf does is buy some smaller sized soap molds at the craft store and melt exactly 1.5 hershey bars in a small bowl in the microwave for each eighth 1/8 of shrooms spoon 1/2 the chocolate into the mold and then add 1/8 shrooms (more or less to taste) and then spoon rest of mixture into mold, then let set for at least 2-4 hours in the fridge or freezer( if in the freezer it will only take 1-2 hours, take out wrap in foil and place them in a brown paper bag in the freezer and enjoy! oh yeah foaf only breaks up shrooms by hand, he doesnt mind the taste they are actually very tasty! biggrin.gif

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