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Posted by: Nanook Nov 02 02, 03:28 PM GMT
<camel> uggh
<camel> i hate not being able to copy+paste
[Sat Nov 02 14:23:23 CST 2002] steveoi812 has no profile.
> yeah new chat in a couple days
> we needed a board first
<monkeyod> did meet a guy at a grow shop in town who is in the
america indian church (got the l. will from him indirectly) who told me
about a chem shop in town where you can get the solvent to extract
the mesc. and you can use a false name.
<rand> HappyBday Nan, belated,
<pixiesee> we needed a chat immediatly
> lol thank you rand
<pixiesee> or i was going to go insane!!!!!
<pixiesee> DEAD link camel
<pixiesee> oh ignore me
<pixiesee> duh
<czen> nice collection, camel
<steveoi812> well I gotta run people Have a nice day:) I'll be checkin for
that site everyhour on the hour nan, later people
<monkeyod> nice pics...had to type the link in due to the chat won't let
me cut and paste.
<rand> later steveo
<monkeyod> later
<Malformed> chat will let you.
<Malformed> highlight and hit control and c
[Sat Nov 02 14:26:20 CST 2002] camel_: psychedelic dromedary
<monkeyod> camel how hard is it to extract the alkaloids?
<camel_> hmmm
<camel_> got dc'd
<camel_> that depends monkey
<pixiesee> if zilla shows up tell the freak to call me ok??
<camel_> some people can't figure it out for the life of them
<pixiesee> im a gonna fade out i think
<camel_> some people it's very trivial for them
<monkeyod> did that malformed...could be due to being on a mac...not
sure. sucks.
<Malformed> could be.
<rand> see ya pixie
<camel_> brb
<monkeyod> yeah, I need to take some time and read up on the
extraction bit.
<camel_> gotta slide some food down my esophogus
<camel_> definitely monkey
<pixiesee> im still here, just fading
<rand> o
<camel_> there is an extraction technique that takes no more than 24
<pixiesee> i like the company so damn much i dont anna sleep
<rand> you need an eyepiece
<monkeyod> I did buy some 50g of dried peruvianus (with skin) and just
ground that (25 g) up and did a cap m quick. 45 or so caps later I did
get something of a nice trip but very light. Then had the worst runs and
pain for the next day+
<pixiesee> ???
<camel_> you use warmed methanol for the initial extractions
<monkeyod> no need to peel the cacti?
<rand> a remote screen a little window that looks like your screen but its
<camel_> no monkey
<pixiesee> cactus shit was interesting for sure
<rand> asa you could sleep w it on
<pixiesee> ahhhhhhh rand!!!
<camel_> i just chop up my fresh cactus
<pixiesee> dont feed myaddiction
<monkeyod> much easier...damn hard to peel.
<camel_> as small as i can
<camel_> dry them in the oven
<camel_> grind em
<camel_> with a coffee grinder
<camel_> soak thrice-times with warm methanol
<camel_> 100F or so
<camel_> combine the methanol extracts
<camel_> and cook it down a bit
<camel_> defat using dichloromethane
<camel_> three times
<pixiesee> an extraction without making the syrup first would be nice
<camel_> oh btw - the methanol should have a pH adjusted to 1-3
<camel_> for the first 3 pulls
<camel_> from the ground cactus
<camel_> anyways
<camel_> after defatting
<camel_> raise the pH of the methanol soltn to around 9-11
<camel_> and extract with DCM
> already posting this camel
<camel_> 3 times
> as you type
<camel_> lol
<pixiesee> heh
<pixiesee> ***********
<camel_> that's fine
<camel_> save the the DCM layers
<camel_> and combine them
<camel_> if your emulsion layer is thick
<camel_> let it sit for a few hours
<camel_> if after a few hours it is still thick
<rand> no joke thanks for letting me eavesdrop on the cacti extraction
camel,, gotta go see you all
<camel_> put some table salt into the mix
<camel_> and use a metal wire to free up the emulsions
<camel_> peace rand
<camel_> be well
<camel_> the salt makes the polars more polar and the non-polars,
more non-polar
[Sat Nov 02 14:33:48 CST 2002] monkeyod has no profile.
<camel_> ok
<camel_> anyway
<camel_> so now you have your alkaloids in the DCM
<camel_> with a pH of 9-11
<camel_> there's a couple of things you can do at this point
<camel_> depending on your resources
<camel_> most people opt to make mescaline sulfate
<camel_> some people make mescaline HCl
<camel_> mescaline HCl is slightly more dangerous
<camel_> because you'll be making HCl gas
<camel_> which is NASTY STUFF
<Malformed> id like a detailed but simplified tek on LSA extraction from
morning glorys and bhws that would rock.
<camel_> man
<camel_> im gonna be in here all day
<camel_> hehehe
<Malformed> lol naa just post it.
<camel_> ok
<camel_> well anyway
<camel_> continuing
<camel_> you now have your alkaloids in the DCM
<camel_> ph is 9-11
<camel_> either distill or evap the DCM
<camel_> to get the freebase oil
<camel_> you will know you're in the clear if the freebase oil is yellow
and smells like raw fish
<monkeyod> dcm?
<camel_> dichloromethane
<monkeyod> k
<camel_> available from hardware stores, home depot, etc
<Malformed> holy shit, i knew that
<Malformed> thats a first
<camel_> read the labels on paint strippers, etc
<monkeyod> right.
<camel_> anyway
<camel_> with the freebase oil
<camel_> you add drop-wise
<camel_> a solution of 1/2 sulfuric acid 1/2 ethanol (or other alcohol, but
NOT methanol, IPA would prolly work ok)
<camel_> you can use water instead of ethanol, but it tends to drop
yields slightly
<camel_> not sure why
<camel_> anyways
<camel_> as yer adding the drops of sulfuric acid/etoh
<camel_> youll see clouds of sparkles
<camel_> going around
<camel_> in the liquid
<camel_> these are the alkaloids turning into their sulfate salts
<monkeyod> sounds magical
<camel_> it IS
<camel_> always a wonder to see
[Sat Nov 02 14:40:24 CST 2002] guzzy has no profile.
<camel_> hehe
<camel_> anyway
<monkeyod> achemy gunk into gold.
<camel_> keep dropping in the soltn
<camel_> until no more clouds appear
<camel_> then evap and you will be left with mescaline sulfate crystals
<camel_> (not to mention the sulfate salts of other phenethylamine alks
in the cactus)
<camel_> NOW
<camel_> if for some reason you cant get sulfuric acid
<camel_> you can make mescaline HCl as follows
<camel_> but remember the HCl salt will weigh more than the sulfate
<camel_> anyway
<camel_> get a glass bottle
<camel_> with a capped top
<camel_> put a hole in the cap
<camel_> and attatch some vinyl tubing to the cap
<camel_> [put a layer of common table salt
<camel_> in the bottom of the bottle
<camel_> then
<Malformed> .
<Malformed> suspense is killing me
<monkeyod> catching his breath
<monkeyod> anyone else able to use the url for or just the
ip address?
<monkeyod> only the ip works for me
<Malformed> if he is going to type what i think hes going to type,
earlenmeyer flask, rubber stopper with hole is what id use.
<monkeyod> nobody else having to use the ip address?
> No
<Malformed> we cheated
[Sat Nov 02 14:51:41 CST 2002] camel: one hump, not two
<camel> sorry
<camel> had to reboot
<camel> what was the last thng i said that you all got?
<monkeyod> layer of salt on the bottom of bottle
<camel> ok
<camel> after that
<camel> add the HCl (aka muriatic acid)
<camel> and QUICKLY cap the bottle
<camel> it'll start generating HCl gas right away
<camel> and REMEMBER
<camel> HCl gas is dangerous
[Sat Nov 02 14:53:10 CST 2002] me_silly: silly
<camel> you can get chemical burns
<camel> from the gas
<camel> so do it outside
<camel> or under a flow hood
<monkeyod> and not naked
<camel> err
<camel> yea
<camel> hehehe
<camel> anyways
<Malformed> i worked with hydroflouric, nitric, and sulfuric acids last
year, ruined many pairs of pants.
<camel> submerge the end of the tube that is connected to the cap on
the jug
<camel> in the freebase oil
<camel> and HCl gas will bubble up through the solution
<camel> as it bubbles up
<camel> you will see the alkaloids precipitating in the soltn
<camel> just like with the sulfuric acid
<camel> only yer using a gas
<camel> then
<me_silly> /me slaps the shit out of camel
<camel> simply evap
<camel> and voila
<camel> also
<camel> recrystallizing
<camel> if you want to make big ol' crystals
<camel> you can recrystallize
<camel> put the crystals into a pyrex baking dish
<camel> cover crystals completely with ethanol
<camel> and stir the crystals in til they all dissolve
<camel> put the glass baking dish in the freezer overnight
<camel> and evap the ethanol
<camel> and you'll have some huge ass crystal shards of mescaline
and other interesting alkaloids
<camel> and remember
[Sat Nov 02 14:58:07 CST 2002] jayello has no profile.
[Sat Nov 02 14:58:17 CST 2002] camel_ has no profile.
<camel_> so anyway
<jayello> hi aal
<Malformed> (emails camel some finger tip band-aids and an asprin)
<camel_> that's how you extract mescaline
<monkeyod> bigger yeilds with hci gas? or just easier ingredients to get?
<camel_> easier to get
<monkeyod> thought so.
<camel_> the crystals will weigh more
<me_silly> sure it is camel, you pseudo-punk wanna be!
<monkeyod> thanks for the info
<camel_> lol tralfaz
<camel_> no prob monkey
<me_silly> sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh
<camel_> i hope i helped at least one person from having to taste icky
cactus beverage
<monkeyod> we'll see.
<monkeyod> lol
<camel_> hehe
<me_silly> depends on if you are talking shiy or what...
<camel_> i always feel weird when i got and by chems from hardware
<camel_> like i dont know what to say
<camel_> "i do a LOT of paint stripping"
<Malformed> camel, you said hcl, that would be hydrochloric acid right?
and could you substitute hydrofloric in stead?
<camel_> yes you could mal
<camel_> or citric acid
<camel_> acetic acid
<camel_> etc etc etc
<camel_> BUT
<camel_> you'll have to figure out what the dose will be
<Malformed> all i could get was nitric, hydrofloric, and sulfuric
<camel_> because each one will weigh differently
<camel_> according to what acid you use
<Malformed> makes sense
<camel_> for instance
<camel_> a dose of mescaline sulfate is 250-400 mg's
<camel_> mescaline HCl is 300-450
<camel_> etc etc etc
<camel_> look at the molecular weights of the acid yer using
<camel_> to get an idea as to what the dose should be
<monkeyod> you have a scale to weigh in mgs?
<camel_> or what your general dose should weigh
<camel_> yes
<Malformed> im not too interested in cacti, lsa is my thing
<camel_> you can get a milligram scale off the net for a hundred bucks
<monkeyod> guess I'd have to get one of those too. what's that cost?
<Malformed> but its interesting stuff to learn
<camel_> im not a big fan of LSA myself malformed
<monkeyod> mal hows the lsa trips been 4 u?
<camel_> but to each his own i s'pose
<camel_> LSA always made me nauseous and sick
<Malformed> well, i liked lsa i guess. i was sick but no more than normal
shrooms so its a tough call
<Malformed> i like lsd more than anything thats for sure
<camel_> hehehe
<camel_> LSD
<monkeyod> been wanting to try lsa. got a bunch of morning glorys
going for seeds.
<camel_> i used to be an LSD connaisseur
<camel_> over-exposure forced me to stop
<monkeyod> never tried lsd. I'm trying to stick to all things natural
<camel_> LSD is interesting, but for me it was too easy to abuse
<camel_> something told me after a year of basically daily-use that it
was time to call a quits
<camel_> it sucked at first
<monkeyod> anyone looking for a great book to read should check out
"Botany of desire, a plants eye view of the world."
<camel_> b/c i was so use to having really intense experiences every
<camel_> so i ended up smoking myself stupid to compensate
<camel_> nonetheless
<camel_> all is well now
<camel_> just something i had to work through
<monkeyod> been there lol
<camel_> such is life i s'pose
<camel_> that which does not kill me can only make me stronger
<monkeyod> or cripple you. lol
<camel_> true enough
<camel_> hehe
<camel_> man i used to love the stuff tho
<camel_> craved it
<camel_> shit
<monkeyod> anyone ever grown p. mexicana for the sclerotia?
<camel_> looks like i bored everybody
<camel_> yes monkey
> nope
> not at all
> got good posts from that
<camel_> hehe
<camel_> glad
> thank you camel
<monkeyod> just got a spore print in and some bags...going to mix up a
few bags.
<camel_> consider it a housewarming give
<camel_> gift
> great way to start a tek orientated board

Posted by: ion Nov 11 02, 01:43 PM GMT

Sounds like "camel" and I need to talk...


Posted by: Nanook Nov 11 02, 03:17 PM GMT

Posted by: ShroomVator Nov 11 02, 03:17 PM GMT
Pretty cryptic there, take issue with something in there....I'm thinking of trying it sometime later in the month.

Posted by: ion Nov 12 02, 12:57 AM GMT
Nah... no real issues, per se. I just think he and I have common interests.

I do, however, wonder what OTC product contains DCM as he says... at least in a pure enough form to be useful and not poisonous (by residual impurity after evaporation) in such an extraction.

Also, the maximum base pH (11) seems a tad high. Usually only hits around 9 before one runs into "the goo phase" where emulsions become rediculously difficult to handle. Not bad info, just maybe too broad a range on those figures.

I'm kinda partial to the supercritical avenue at the moment, but traditional acid/base extractions work just fine.


P.S. If you think that emoticon on my header is creepy, well... I dig him.

Posted by: socratesmind Nov 17 02, 06:26 PM GMT
Camel? Does DCM Sink to bottom on methanol part? And can use hcl in this step to acidify? Adjust ph to 9-11 which is optimal for yields and then why can't i use hcl drops to precippiate crystals outta freebase oil? What temp to evap this or just let it enviroment vap until it looks yellow??? confused on details. read many a/b extractions though.

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