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Hey I want an Lophophora williamsii - On site link: Dealing with vendors on obtaining Peyote

San Pedro, Peyote, Mescaline - On site link with good photos and pharmacology info

Sacred and Medicinal Cacti - Excellent on-site link - grafting pics - Cactus doping - peyohuasca anyone? - Trip report

Vendors/Info: wub.gif wub.gif   Pedro, Botanicals

Brad's a great guy up there, and a top notch vendor. I can't say enough good things about him - Good Pedro pricing too. - Good Pedro - Good Pedro - High quality flakes of dried flesh from Peru. Pkeffect says, "Icaro is a great guy, with excellent service. If you would like to contact him before ordering he is usually over at the Ayahuasca Forum. Email him or PM him at the ayahuasca forum to inquire about pricing. [email protected] or [email protected] - Read the Member Review - Try these documents with overseas suppliers - ships Peyote seeds  ships Peyote seeds - This guy is interesting

A really cheap cacti seed vendor

P.O. Box 27048
Barrie On, Canada
L4M 6K4
Tel: +(01)705-735-0540
Fax: +(01)705-735-4332
E-Maill: [email protected]

These guys started it all out for me years ago. Excellent selection of Trichocereus cuttings. It was rumoured at one time that their wild seed mix contained a percentage of peyote seed...

New Mexico Cactus Research
P.O. Box 787
Belen, New Mexico 87002

SASE and $2.00 for a catalog. No web site, the service can be slow (4-6 weeks). Order ahead for live plants, it's worth the wait... Or, they now refer us to Mesa Garden for seeds:

Mesa Garden
P.O. Box 72
Belen, New Mexico 87002
Tel 505-864-3131   Fax 505-864-3124

Archive link to Germinating Cactus Seeds

BoxedFarts - Nov 26 02, 05:22 PM GMT

Trip report:


go to "photos", then click "plantes" in the submenu - some pretty lophophora pics

Potency by growing conditions



huh.gif The Cactus Museum ohmy.gif

Search through those links for a while and you can find almost any information on cacti that you could ever need. wink.gif

Good for finding out more about making your garden successful and more "legit-looking" biggrin.gif

If you think you can do seeds biggrin.gif        -ion

Tim Leary - scroll down to the "news" documents... some good information in those


Ashoka posted these

Cacti Ethnobotany/phytochemistry

Interesting facts about Turbinicarpus

Posted by: ion Jul 06 03, 09:59 PM GMT     Courtesy of Mandala. wink.gif

 ohmy.gif Everything you ever wanted to know about dirt and fertilizers... extremely informative!! Please read this:

Wow... biggrin.gif

Posted by: Peroxide Jul 08 03, 04:45 AM GMT
found a seeds vendor
Posted by: hindushroom Jul 10 03, 04:33 PM GMT
Here Goes.

Posted by: Nanook Jul 13 03, 03:56 PM GMT
peyote kits everything you need to grow and graft produces ten peyote plants
The kit includes a grafting kit and manual, special peyote soil mix
live starter cactus, peyote seeds, special cactus food and an organic fungicide.
the regular kit $60.00 takes one year, the deluxe kit $100 takes 6 months and also includes a 3-4 year old peyote plant.

Posted by: jikuhchagi Jul 22 03, 09:08 AM GMT

This is a good one for you to have.

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Posted by: jikuhchagi Jul 29 03, 10:18 AM GMT
A few more...

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