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Posted by: Mycota Nov 28 02, 03:32 AM GMT
If you are into bulk seed/grain spawn & have a big tall PC, these babies are sweethearts, easy to use. You can innoc with a syringe (scotch tape a spot, innoc through the tape - then tape over that tape), store upright in cardboard boxes & they colonize fast. Or, you can do G2G transfers into them, which colonize even faster. Mycota

Posted by: ShroomZilla Nov 28 02, 03:42 AM GMT
Yea, a friend of mine has a few of those going,
but with a strain of button mushrooms.

He is doing his first, grain to grain transfer of
colonized stock. into a few bags of rye, sterilized
and left at room temp for a week due to laziness on
his part. Looks good though. with latex gloves,
looking to crumble the brf cake into rye, polly fillneck,
and zip tie that sucker back shut,

LOl! biggrin.gif My friend was excited, he worked a LONG time
with jars, and is looking forward to some respite from them..


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 28 02, 04:57 AM GMT
Can a bag be done w/out the filter patch??

I have one that is pc'd and vacuum sealed but I dont know what to do. No patch on it.

Posted by: Mycota Nov 28 02, 05:19 AM GMT
Yo ...FMax

Was the air vacumed out of it? Never seen that one?

Done which way? What do you want to do with it?

It does not require a filter/patch, to colonize seed/grain. But, some gas exchange is better than -- none.

If the seed/grain was prep'ed right? If it was PC'ed properly & sealed uncontam'ed. You could do any of several things with it.

You could innoc w/syringe. Open & do a G2G. Then, reseal with string or cable tie.

But the vaccum thing is strange to me. Because, if it is vaccum sealed. When you puncture or open it. IT WILL SUCK IN AIR. If that air is not sterile, or at least pretty well hepa filtered. You are probobly contam'ed from the get go.


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 28 02, 05:47 AM GMT
I squeezed the air out and placed a zip tie high enough for the grain to expand. I was thinkin of hookin up the hepa to the glovebox to inoc.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 28 02, 05:47 AM GMT

Posted by: Mycota Nov 28 02, 06:18 AM GMT
I would alcohol swab the inside of the top open part, just above the tie you have in place, insert some CLEAN polyfil into that open part & tie it again, around that poltfil. That would give it a little chance at some gas exchange. Plus, when you remove the lower tie, it would not suck in any contam's.

Then, if you plan to innoc with a syringe. Just stick about an inch of scotch tape on the bag (wherever), innoc through it, then apply another layer of tape over that one. To seal the puncture. Double taping reinforces the puncture area.

Once you innoc, set that puppy upright in a fairly tight cardboard box, to give it stability & just let it colonize. Once it colonizes to around 15%, give it a massage to spead the myc around the bag. Place it back in the box & leave it alone, until fully colonized.

Biggest problem with BIG bags of seed/grain spawn, is people do not PC long enough. Resulting in a bacterial contam (wet spot) setting in. When I fill the old 941 AA full of seed/grain bags, I let it go a full four (4) hours @ 15 lbs.

Think on it. Cooking a 25 lb turkey, takes a lot longer than a 2.5 lb chicken. The more bulk weight, the longer it takes to sterilize seed/grain.


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 28 02, 11:28 AM GMT
True about the pc time. Im pretty sure this one is done but Ive got a monster bag I had to cook in the oven for like 4 hrs in sessions of 1.5 at a time im not too sure about it.... unsure.gif

Posted by: NixxoN Nov 29 02, 02:44 AM GMT
Where do you get those bags specificaly, Mycota?
I'm looking for somethign roughly that big, might use a fully colonized pint jar of grain to innoculate it too tongue.gif

Posted by: jondo Apr 17 03, 02:52 PM GMT
can someone give me an opinion on using myco-bags. It has to be done stealth mode, so i wanted to know if anyone has had good results with the bags. thanks

Posted by: GDead Apr 17 03, 03:01 PM GMT
i have a friend that is looking at a 95% or so myco bag right now. took a while to colonize, but he thinks it will be worth it. it started out way faster than his jars, but the jars caught up to it. he's just curious about how to go about making the most out of it. He doesnt want to let it just sit in the bag, maybe birth it then cut it in two and treat it like a cake? or maybe a flatcake? only thing is, sporeworks stopped carrying them and you'll pay five times what they were charging elsewhere. good luck though


Posted by: flatalbert Apr 17 03, 03:02 PM GMT has them for the exact same price. Just splintered off of SW. The domain name is still owned by SW too.

The only thing you have to give them is light (sunlight is best) and some love. They are an amazing little microclimate. And nothing else is needed.

They work well just in the bag and give tremendous yields. If you feel guilty about not doing any work with them, I guess a casing would make them flush harder. Just drop the casing in the bag, mist every so often. Their secret recipe makes them yeild well for the weight of the substrate even without doing anything else to them.


Posted by: jondo Apr 17 03, 03:07 PM GMT
hey flat, you said give them light, you mean after they are covered my myc right

Posted by: flatalbert Apr 17 03, 03:11 PM GMT
Yes, just give them light after colonized. The humidity is all taken care of IN the bag. The light is what induces fruiting. If you stick it in the fridge overnight (cold shock) before giving it light, it will flush really hard too.

If you don't want them to grow on the sides of the bag, put dark tape over half way up the grain and on the bottom. They only pin where the sun can see. That way they are easier to pick and you will get a few more flushes even though the yield on each flush won't be as much.


Posted by: jondo Apr 17 03, 03:17 PM GMT
flat, one more thing, can i just put them in a rubbermaid, with a heating pad under it to incu.

thanks again

Posted by: dcyans Apr 17 03, 04:13 PM GMT
WBS Bags pinning

Posted by: dcyans Apr 17 03, 04:15 PM GMT
WBS bags incubating

Posted by: dcyans Apr 17 03, 04:24 PM GMT
pins developing

Posted by: dcyans Apr 17 03, 04:27 PM GMT
closeup biggrin.gif the little shits wink.gif peace.gif

Posted by: dcyans Apr 21 03, 09:38 AM GMT
Heres part of a WBS first flush, I'm impressed with the size wink.gif

Posted by: dcyans Apr 21 03, 09:41 AM GMT
This one weighted in at a personal best of 19.8grams!! OH the potential!!!! My friend sure does have it going biggrin.gif peace.gif

Posted by: 420M Nov 21 02, 03:40 AM GMT
Here is another problem I ran into lately . .. someone may be able to help.

I had a bunch - like 15 or so filter patch bags that I made with like 6 cups rye each - then put them into a box. . . .problem was tehy crushed each other . . . .and pushed all the air out - kinda deflated them - and it was a bitch to try to pull at the sides of the bag to suck some air into through the bag.

This was my first time messing with the bags. . .. and I was kinda disappointed. Was it just me. .. with this experience. . ..

What I am worried about is that I will make more bags. . .and somehow the air will get OUT of the bag but not back in and my cultures will starve for air.

I know that others are having success with these filterpatch bags. Does someone have some suggestions for making these work awesome?

Thanks in Advance


Posted by: 420M Nov 21 02, 11:27 AM GMT
Might it be better in my situation. . . .to use oven bags. . .that have been filled with air in front of my flowhood. . .and sealed with an impulse sealer. . . if I remember correctly. . . .that is how they did it in TMC - sealed bags with air inside that you could shake around without deflating.

Any ideas?


Posted by: Nanook Nov 21 02, 04:00 PM GMT
I have had lots of trouble with oven bags....

Posted by: 420M Nov 21 02, 08:59 PM GMT
Hmm. . .damn. . .that's not reassuring. . .

Thanks for the info NAN!! - saved me some time.

Will try the filter patch bags again.

Anyone have any "tips" for me? Suggestions maybe - somehting - anything - please. . .

Ha - lol


Posted by: He_Who_Must_Not_be_Named Nov 23 02, 04:40 AM GMT
If you have a bubbler type humidity setup.....

Take the end out of the water jar, not the H2O2 jar, remove the air stone.
get yourself an empty syringe and remove the plunger.
take the rubber piece off, pierce a hole in it, shove your airline in.
I'd suggest gluing it in place (silicon, hot glue, whatever).
When it's dry shove it back into the syringe and tape in place.
Your needle now injects air laugh.gif

pirece through the filter patch, reinflate, and then seal the hole with more hot glue.

Works like a charm on mine.


Posted by: AMD Nov 23 02, 05:53 AM GMT
Don't put your bags where they can crush each other. One bag that comes out right is better than20 bags that are done in a way to screw them up.


Posted by: 420M Nov 24 02, 11:41 AM GMT
Yep. . .thanks for the tip AMD Hacker. . . .


Posted by: Mycota Nov 27 02, 10:06 PM GMT
You don't need no spendy impulse sealer.

Use Butchers twine (H/D 6+ ply cotton string). You can tie up a roast with it & bake in the oven @ 350 F, for hours.

So, you can also tie an autoclave bag closed (tight) with it & PC. Works like it was made for it.

Micota smile.gif

Posted by: Fiend Nov 30 02, 08:56 AM GMT
You're right. I just use staples on my spawn bags. I'm glad I gave it a try and realized it worked fine before wasting money on an impulse sealer.

Posted by: Mycota Nov 30 02, 05:00 PM GMT
QUOTE (Fiend @ Nov 30 02, 01:56 PM GMT)
You're right.  I just use staples on my spawn bags.  I'm glad I gave it a try and realized it worked fine before wasting money on an impulse sealer.

LOL, metal "staples". That is a new on on me. Never thought of that. I have several large impulse sealers. But, I like the butchers twine better, because I do a lot of G2G transfers, as they colonize like faster than a wired up crack head moves, looking for a bag. Under clean room conditions, you can untie the bag, do the transfer & tie it closed in a heart beat. Mycota smile.gif

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