B+ and P.E.S. amazon experiment

The cake on the left was inoculated with a B+ and PES spore race combined spore solution. The cake on the right is the B+. The purpose of the experiment was to see if there was any anymosity or incombatibility between these two spore races. The combo cake was formulated dryish (35cc water - 1/4 cup brown rice powder and 1/2 cup vermiculite). When it was inoculated, I used 10cc of solution and got a good fat germination all over the cake. Everything cultured in well. After a month, no invitro primordiation was occuring, so I birthed it and gave it the PF double ended cake casing tek treament. A couple of weeks later (at temps in the 60ís Fahrenhiet), primordia began appearing. They they were just like B+ primordia - red heads and white spots with cylindrical straight stems. As luck would have it, I had another cake fruiting but it was a third flush of a B+ cake, also formulated dryish (35cc water) to get a small fruiting but I failed in that. Even the small B+ís are huge. As can be clearly seen in the photo, the immature B+ primordia are bigger than the mature PESís (typical of B+). The B+ had primordia identical to the PES, but as growth progressed, the PES - B+ combo jar formed a perfect PES fruiting. What is really interesting is that this result was replicated by my B+ guy - he had the same thing from the B+-PES syringe I sent him - PES shrooms and no B+ís.

The two races are obviously combatible but the PES is dominant. I have no idea, but are the two races related? They got along invitro. Also, when I grew the PES for the very first time several years ago, the myelium was an off white color - unique, not like the PF which is thick and bright white. The PES has since become thick and bright white in its initial culture which makes me think of the word "climatization". The PES adapted to the pf substrate when I recultured it and regrew it pf style. But here is the kicker - the mycelium of the B+ - PES combo syringe had that same off white greyish color and light growth that the PES had in the beginning. What does that mean? I feel there is some kind of genetic connection. But that is a theory.

The caps of the B+ PES combo looked just like B+ís when I was printing them. The caps are low pyrimid shaped and (can) have striations running up and down the cap surface. The regular PES cap and B+ are identical when you have them printing. It is just that the B+ is totally huge.

This is the straight B+ cake (the one on the right - above photo) several days later in maturity. It is hard to believe, but according to my labeling and notes, that is a third flush. The cake delivered a large two specimen initial flush, and smaller 2nd and this excellent third. And this cake was formulated with 35 cc of water. The shrooms were grown in the Richmans Terrarium with no perlite or humidifier - just light misting and basically the neglect tek. But, the PF double ended cake casing tek is an absolute must to get great PF style B+ fruitings.

Psylocybe Fanaticus
Oct 25






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