Electric Chipper / Shredder

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Quickly Tear Through Yard Work

  Features and Benefits

  • 3 Cycles for shredding, mulching and chipping
  • Low cost when compared to gas powered models
  • Patented top hopper design for convenient loading of materials
  • Rounded discharge chute for easy clean up
  • Simple maintenance and storage
  • Built-in wheel for flexible mobility - roll unit to the brush pile
  • Finely ground finished material composts quicker  

Size Dimensions 36" x 20" x 13.2" - 15" x 20" hopper
Ratingpowerful 14 amp, 1600W electric motor
Weight in lbs.86 lbs.
Compositionheavy duty composite materials
Usageshred brush and yardwaste, mulch leaves, chip limbs and branches up to 1.5" diameter
Key Featureszero-emission, electrical unit, affordable
Warranty2 year manufacturer's