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Posted by: foaf Jun 18 03, 09:06 AM GMT
It is better to give than to recieve. No, really. Being foaf is hard cause I have sooo many friends. If you are generous good things will come back to you.
An old saying is something like- if you give a man a joint, he can get his family high, if you teach him how to grow, he can get you high.
So now instead of giving shrooms to my friends, I give them a little self contained terrarium and grow kit. This gets them interested, and now a couple of of them are self sufficient. Perhaps they will supply me once Im retired.

1 joint- smoke before starting project
pf cakes done as usual
2 gallon ziplock bags
8 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch mini loaf tins
iodine tincture or betadine

You put two or three hanfulls of moist perlite in the bottom of the ziploc, add a dash of iodine and mix
Put 3/4 inches of moist vermiculite in the bottom of the loaf tin.
Put 2 pf cakes in the tin, fresh from a dunk, or lately I have been cutting the cakes into thirds to make sort of a fat wafer or puck. I put two or three of these in one tin.
Cover the tops of the cakes or pucks with dry vermiculite and then water the tops to wet the vermiculite.
Cut a small hole in the ziplock just above the edge of the tin and either leave it open or stuff some polyfill or gauze or something into the hole.
Put the tin into the new terrarium.
I fan a couple of times a day, but I bet you dont need to.
Once it starts to pin, give it to a friend.
or line these little mini modular terrariums up on a shelf and grow a crop yourself.

Posted by: foaf Jun 18 03, 09:07 AM GMT
Two full cakes just put into their new home.

Posted by: foaf Jun 18 03, 09:08 AM GMT
Two 1/3 cakes about 2 days from harvest.

Posted by: foaf Jun 18 03, 09:21 AM GMT
top view or 2x 1/3 cake pucks

Posted by: foaf Jun 18 03, 09:23 AM GMT
Tin and terrarium

Posted by: foaf Jun 18 03, 09:29 AM GMT
My modular farm, lined up under a light.

Posted by: dustyclc Jun 18 03, 10:09 AM GMT
Looks simple biggrin.gif I will have to try this when I get some spores wink.gif Nice job man wub.gif Thanks for the idea. cool.gif


Posted by: foaf Jun 18 03, 02:52 PM GMT
Even pretty big ones can grow without crowding or bumping the sides much. This clump on a full cake is Malabar, and the smaller ones in the other shots are PR. I like this as a sub for chronic tek cause you can fan and you can pick single clumps or shrooms, also I like washing my hands and checking the moisture content of the verm by touching it.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jun 18 03, 04:55 PM GMT
It gets the job done!
Simple and effective, I like it. One for the archives IMO.


Posted by: thisisfun Jun 18 03, 07:28 PM GMT
Who is the wild girl?
I have a couple of cakes ready for second flush,
I think Ill put together your terreriums and give it to a friend. Its fun to give living fungus away.

Posted by: dcyans Jun 18 03, 09:43 PM GMT
Damn those Malabars have some huge veils huh? Love your Tek!!! this is archive material alright!!!! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif peace.gif

Posted by: Zoom Jun 18 03, 10:19 PM GMT
ingenius...prolly works good
keeping contams from spreading
all around too. wink.gif

Good work!

Posted by: MTech2 Jun 19 03, 05:16 AM GMT
What better way to say " I Love You" than with a bagfull of shrooms'?

Posted by: MTech2 Jun 19 03, 05:18 AM GMT
Oh yeah, I like the idea of someone else bringing the shrooms to me when I'M in need. It's nice to be taken care of once in a while.

Posted by: foaf Jun 19 03, 11:01 AM GMT
Thanks for the compliments, not really brilliant, but it does work and it is easy.
Oh can it be? Me, in the archives?
foaf has always gotten the credit for others success and failure, but now something I really did myself.
The pinnacle of my wretched existance.
Forever immortalized in the archives of the nook.
Is there a ceremony or some type of hazing or something?

Posted by: foaf Jun 28 03, 10:08 AM GMT
Third flush, PR on left Malabar on right. Out of 8 cakes, I got one contam, it is one I cut into just after full colonization. I got about one oz. dried from first flush 8 cakes, not stellar, but shows that this tek has common yeilds.

Posted by: foaf Jun 28 03, 10:12 AM GMT
A siamese


Posted by: Nanook Jun 28 03, 10:40 AM GMT
You're in wink.gif

Love the tek wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Posted by: JMonie Jun 28 03, 11:01 AM GMT
Thats just too cool! wub.gif

Posted by: Nue Jun 29 03, 07:51 PM GMT
This would be the perfect tek for the space station. I'll bet you don't even need all that perlite for moisture. I just that I hate that gritty feel. OUCH!I'm thinking of a bigger bag. You are a very creative person, keep up the good work.

Posted by: CharlieBrown Jun 29 03, 07:58 PM GMT
Thanks for the Christmas gift idea!

clap.gif clap.gif
Bravo on the tek!! ENCORE! wink.gif

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