When To Cut The Pups?

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Posted by: Voodoo Jun 06 03, 09:00 PM GMT
How many peyote pups should a person wait for before they cut them off to graft to another pedro? Is there a set number that a person should wait for, or is just one enough? Thanks. biggrin.gif:

Posted by: Lophophophile Jun 06 03, 09:16 PM GMT
I think that you can cut them off as they appear as long as they're at least about 3-4cm in diameter. The larger the button, the longer it can keep before it needs to be planted/grafted. A fully mature button can survive up to a year out of soil. Are these your pups? If so, lets have a look smile.gif

Posted by: Voodoo Jun 07 03, 03:03 PM GMT
So as long as I plan to graft them immidiately it shouldnt be a problem? Just planning on sharing the love. wink.gif

Posted by: Voodoo Jul 11 03, 02:43 PM GMT
When I cut a pup from the main body of the peyote, should I leave a "node" for more pups to produce from or should I cut it at the body of the mother?

Posted by: Nanook Jul 11 03, 09:54 PM GMT
You can take buttons for grafting anytime in the growing season, but grafts done before Mid July generally do best unless the growing season is extended with artificial light etc... Taking pups from mature grafted peyote stimulates the production of more pups.  Keep your grafting stock clean of parasitic pedro buds that divert energy from your grafts

Take the pup from the mother plant leaving as small a scar on the mother as possible. Buttons should be shipped/prepared for grafting with their "bases" intact to leave room for a pickle slice to be taken in the grafting process.

You should find yourself cutting at the thinnest point between the pup and the mother this way. Gently pull on the button, cut right at the union with the mother with a smooth clean knife. After the cut the mother shrinks and pulls back, and the small cut on the button base prevents excessive dehydration of the growing point. New buttons will not bud out from the scar on the mother, they will pop out next door.

You can take baby buttons as soon as they are large enough to make viable grafts. No smaller around than a dime let's say, and fully protruded from the mother. Take them too small and the cut required to get a clean grafting surface will result in too weak a graft and failure for most any novice.

Posted by: Voodoo Jul 12 03, 02:36 AM GMT
Excellent. Thanks Nan. Good info as always. biggrin.gif