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Posted by: Smerd Dec 03 02, 09:49 PM GMT
I've been thinking about trying the voodoo tek, in which one drills three or four holes perhaps 3/4 of the way through the cake then fills the holes w/clean water. I understand you'd use a fairly big drill bit (say 3/8ths-inch).

Would a thorough cleaning of the drill bit followed by a good swabbing with alcolhol be enough to prevent it from contaminating the cake? Is pressure-cooking the bit necessary (or advantageous, given that the bit's bound to be exposed anyway)? Thanks for you thoughts.

Posted by: ShroomVator Dec 03 02, 10:06 PM GMT
I have found that, in a pinch, you can lysol the heck out of the drill bit and drop it into extremely hot/boiling water - have not had problems and I do this tek a lot. - I PC when I can, though.


Posted by: AMD Dec 03 02, 10:07 PM GMT
I would say the cleaning and alcohol treatment should be enough. Colonized cakes are pretty contam resistant.


Posted by: Nanook Dec 03 02, 10:40 PM GMT
I would agree, all these suggestions would work fine. Sanitizer dip would work cool too, you could dip between cakes and prevent any chance of contams moving from one cake to the next along with the tool. See:  Iodine Solutions

Posted by: Smerd Dec 05 02, 02:38 PM GMT
What's the "sanitizer dip"? Is that the stuff you can get from beer supply places (e.g., http://www.morebeer.com?)

Posted by: ShroomVator Dec 05 02, 02:49 PM GMT
Not sure if this is on the site, yet - this was Nan's post, originally posted on Mycotopia.


Great Sanitizer spray on plastic. Makes sanitizing a snap

900 cc of clean water
100 cc of normal strength plain bleach
2 tablespoons powdered automatic dishwashing detergent
Glass or plastic container to mix
Plastic spray bottle

I use a graduated canning jar to measure the liquid. Hold back 100 cc of water. Add 2 tablespoons powdered automatic dishwashing detergent to the 100 cc cold water and heat in the microwave until boiling. Stir the hot detergent solution until dissolved, using the spoon to crush up any stubborn granuals.

Combine all liquids, pour into a plastic spray bottle.

The spray is non-foaming and the detergent and bleach are stable and non-fuming. This solution spreads a beautiful, strong, sanitizing film on plastic surfaces, no beading. It does require a wipe or a rinse to prevent detergent residue.

I have been using it to clean pet equipment as well and have been very pleased with this formula.


Not sure if this would be appropriate here, but I think it would work fine because of the bleach and this just needed to be posted.


Posted by: Smerd Dec 05 02, 03:27 PM GMT
Cool. Thanks. I'll try it. I was thinking the bleach:water (1:10) might be the idea. Otter werk.

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