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Posted by: Propagator Dec 08 02, 01:26 PM GMT
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That's 1/2 oz (strain: PFC) vacuum sealed (FoodSaver Vac 550).

How long will it store without losing magic if kept in a cool dark place? How long if stored in a freezer?
Anyone have any experience with long term storage of mushrooms in vaccum sealed bags?

Nan: I remember in chat you mentioned that you have a similar model of sealer. What do you think?
Are we talking years?

BTW, this sealer is my new favorite toy. More info can be found

Posted by: Mycota Dec 08 02, 02:00 PM GMT
Were those shrooms cracker dry before you vaccum sealed them?

Mycota unsure.gif

Posted by: Smerd Dec 08 02, 04:01 PM GMT
I started using one of those six months ago or so. Assuming you dried them well, I know they'll last that long - no loss in potency that I've detected. I seal them, put the sealed bag in another ziploc bag w/a teabag of dessicant, wrap it in black pastic, then aluminum foil and freeze 'em. (Overkill, I suppose.) I imagine they'd last years that way, but alas began the research a mere six moons ago.
It's a fun toy. I also use the Mason Jar attachment.

Posted by: ion Dec 09 02, 10:13 AM GMT
If those are crackery, just throw that little package in a brown paper bag, and throw the whole thing in the freezer. I know for a fact it will last at least 5 years with absolutely no decrease in potency. Excellent choice! biggrin.gif


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