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Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 06 03, 12:52 PM GMT
I boiled up some cactus syrup on Saturday and everytime I even *think* about drinking it I involuntarily wince and shudder.

I remember reading something about putting the syrup in a pan in the oven to evaporate the water and then scrape out the 'tar' and put it in gelcaps or rolling it into balls and swallowing them.

What temp should I set the oven at? Has anyone done this?

Posted by: greenthoughts Jan 06 03, 01:42 PM GMT

I have seen this before and if my head is in tack I think its under 200deg. and he checked italot. and its not to dry out 100% take it out of the oven just before it is dry all the way. let cool on counter. I will call him to night and ask, hope this helps Bro.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Jan 06 03, 01:43 PM GMT
I think you can cook it down until it's like a sticky tar and roll it into balls with flour......

and btw....the temp prolly doesn't matter.....if you can PC the stuff

Posted by: Nanook Jan 06 03, 02:41 PM GMT
Temp does matter as the magic degrades about 350*F.

Set the oven on low, say 225*F, leave it in there until it is tarry. If you leave it too long you will have to chip the dry material out with a hammer and a chisel, it get's rock hard.

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 06 03, 02:51 PM GMT
Ok, thanks for all the rapid replies biggrin.gif

I boiled it down to about 2-3 cups and it's in the oven right now.

So, should I mix flour with the tar as DirtyWOP suggested. I guess that would make handling it a bit easier.

I remember reading that the more you do this stuff, them more intense and unbearable the flavor becomes. Uggh...I'm a believer. I dont have to worry about sacrificing my other 2 cuttings. I don't plan on doing this again for a while bleah.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jan 06 03, 05:02 PM GMT
Rolling in a little flour is ok, but try dipping in honey before ingesting and hope the honey coat holds on till it's past the taste buds.

I don't think the taste gets any worse, but what happens is the smell gets to you while cooking and reminds you of the taste, which you focus on, and never really forget... It just brings back the memories bleah.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 06 03, 06:58 PM GMT
Tell me about it....

The sickeningly sweet smell is wafting out of the kitchen and through my place. I have all the windows open and it's still hanging heavy in the air.

I went up to my room to do some reading and Pedro tiptoed upstairs on his little cactus feet. I cant get away from him!! bleah.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 08 03, 07:04 PM GMT
Ok, I made the tar. The flour was definately helpful, sticky stuff! I just spent the last 1.5 hours rolling it into skinny logs and stuffing it into gelcaps.

I wonder if it's possible for the mescaline to soak through my skin? I'm feeling more giddy & weirder than usual and colors seem a bit more intense. Oh well, I'm gonna be dropping the 58 gelcaps that were the result of the tar from a THICK 18" cutting from BouncingB, in about an hour.

Time to take a shower and do some cleaning. Should be an enlightening evening smile.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Jan 08 03, 07:42 PM GMT
Let us know how you fare this time.....

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 08 03, 11:27 PM GMT
This is not good. About 30 minutes after I ate the gelcaps, I got violently nauseated. I threw up, but only the water I drank with the caps came out. After about an hour, I started to get cold, and was profusely sweating. My body was tingling, like when your leg falls asleep, but all over my entire body. I thought maybe I was dying. sad.gif I kept trying to throw up, but nothing would come out. I started to get real scared, but kept it together. My clothes were drenched with sweat by this time and I was cold, so I went to take a shower, and that when I noticed that I have hives or a rash of some sort over most of my body....and it itches like CRAZY! I get out of the shower and I feel exhausted, lay in bed. My heart is beating TOO FAST and I think the reaper is coming for me again. I get up and dry heave every now and again. I must have fell asleep for a while, and as soon as I wake up, I have to puke again...I almost didnt make it to the bathroom...and out came everything! Thank god. The rash seems to be slowly fading and I'm not itching like a freak anymore....and no, I'm not tripping, but Im glad because after all that I want to go to bed.

Drinking gatorade now to rehydrate and counting my blessings

Posted by: Samsara Jan 09 03, 12:29 AM GMT
Wow man, I'm really sorry you had such a bad trip like that. I wouldn't know why that would happen becasue I am no pro, but all I can say is I'm really sorry. Hope your next one is better. Maybe just swallowing all those pills messed with your digestive system. All that gellcap material in your stomach caused an allegic reaction perhaps. Sorry..... sad.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 09 03, 12:37 AM GMT
I dont know what it was...maybe it was the gelcap material because I've never had this reaction to Pedro before...not even close.

Thanks for the dont have to apologize though wink.gif I appreciate it wub.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 09 03, 03:35 AM GMT
I must have gotten a small enough dose of mesc in me to feel threshold effects. I can't sleep and Im grinding my teeth. Seeing tracers. Heightened colors. I JUST WANT TO GO TO SLEEP!!! WAAAAA!!!! cry.gif

Pedro doesn't like me anymore sad.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Jan 09 03, 12:44 PM GMT
I'm sorry for you man....
Where did you get the gelcaps?
It obviously isn't the pedro, cuz you were alright before (more than alright I think) , and it sounds like you ate something you were allergic to.

Did you spill something in it?
I don't know.....
maybe your body was just trying to tell you to get rid rid of this nasty sticky tar.....

what did you cook it down in?
Maybe there was some sort of reaction at the high temperatures....
or something
sorry man
I don't know too much about anything anymore

Posted by: Jade Jan 09 03, 02:26 PM GMT
whoa.. what the heck happened there??

im glad you're ok boxed. that must have been scary..

let us know when you figure out what triggered it. i mean, for your sake you ought to find out. very often subsequent allergic reactions are worse than the last. dont want to have that happen again : /

maybe the cactus was funkY? lol..
sorry i dont know anything about cactus's..
just glad you're allright wub.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 09 03, 02:49 PM GMT
Finally got to bed at about 7 am and I woke up about 30 minutes ago with a major headache and an ache in my lower back (liver?) Ughhh....

There are a few things it could be:

1) Maybe the tar didn't agree with me
2) I took a tagamet with the gelcaps, maybe it was a bad interaction?
3) I never used these gelcaps before, but I do use herbal supplements with gelcaps everyday, so I dunno.

I'm just going to grow out my pedro, keep reading on crystal extraction, slowly gather the materials, and in a year or 2 do an extraction.

No more green syrup/tea/powder/tar for me!

Thanks for the kind words everyone wub.gif I was pretty scared last night

Posted by: Nanook Jan 09 03, 03:15 PM GMT
You know reading this left me speechless kinda. There is always some degree of risk with something like this, but... Perhaps it did get too got and the syrup degraded? Half broken down cactus products may cause the symptoms you describe, I do not know.

I just can't help but to think that it's best to stop at the syrup and not make any more effort to reduce volume with heat.

Real bummer if you ask me sad.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 09 03, 04:16 PM GMT
I found this on the Lycaeum message board. Wish I would have researched this more fully sad.gif

In the dream, I let the 'tea' evaporate down to a highly concentrated 'goo'.
The concentration was arrives at by boiling in the traditional way. The heat
was lowered and fan forced air was sent over the top of a wok. The original
quantity was reduced to a very small area.
The original numbers concerning oz's, doses, etc. were remembered (8 doses
to the total biomass, etc.) and then the tar was fractioned up in a like way.
This tar ball was then swallowed. The dream then continued in a *very*
undesirable way. Desirable realms were never reached, but rather the
sensation of being poisened and very sick.
My impression of it at the time was that there was not enough bulk to allow
the body to filter the desirables from the undesirables. Rather the whole
concentrate made it's way into my system. In the dream I didn't feel right
for what felt like two days.
This unpleasent sensation was unique for me with this method and I have no
desire to revisit it.
What do you mean when you say as to burn the residue?

Sound familiar?

Posted by: Jade Jan 09 03, 04:25 PM GMT

sounds about right sad.gif

ahh.. you know, im real dissapointed to hear this.. for two reasons..
the first being, its too bad it had to happen to you.. the second one being..

my gf & i have been discussing perhaps trying some san pedro in the near future. & THIS was going to be how we did it lol.. my taste buds & gag reflex's are so fussy that if i dont go the gel cap route with even shrooms, i'll gag it up in a few seconds. i almost even get sick from the taste of the burps that you get while the shrooms are digesting lol.. i SWEAR by gelcaps..

so yeah.. im dissapointed to hear about that becuase .. well, im not sure how else I'd ever be able to do it

hey.. at least you arent allergic to it! that would really stink hehe

Posted by: Nanook Jan 09 03, 06:02 PM GMT
Enema works if you are that kinky.

Posted by: Jade Jan 09 03, 06:19 PM GMT
oh lord are you serious nan?! you can.... ???

wow.. i dont know if i want to laugh or get excited lol laugh.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jan 09 03, 06:38 PM GMT
<---- deadpans

Pefectly serious. There are a number of nasty concoctions (read potions) I have brewed up that I knew in advance there was no way I was going to hold down long enough to absorb... But they will absorb through any membrane, not just the stomach lining.

In the european middle ages flying ointment containing datura and other powerful medicinal herbs was made. It was adminstered vaginally and anally with a hollow wooden dildo equipped with a plunger. Ointment was smeared on the outside and the hollow inside was filled then it was used to masturbate. This provided a way to better control the dosage of these dangerous alkaloids.

With well concentrated syrup the liquid must be retained for awhile to allow absorbtion, but then you pass back out all the nasty crap, and you don't taste a thing. It is slightly irritating, but it bypasses the worst part of ingesting cactus syrup.

Posted by: Jade Jan 09 03, 07:30 PM GMT
lol.. ok, i have to confess something..

back in the day when i used to take ectasy (i dont anymore, i decided it was something that shouldnt be done often)

i used to have a problem keeping it down. i would throw up 3-5 times just from taking a pill.. and would have an upset stomach the whole time..

so my friend told me to.. hehe.. put it somewhere else. (the ass)

so i did...

and it was, well.. it was interesting. it did not feel at ALL pleasant...

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 09 03, 08:05 PM GMT
Perdo syrup enema....hmm unsure.gif

Yeah, I heard about the flying ointment. Supposedly that's where the term "flying on a broomstick" came from

Here's a link:

Posted by: DirtyWOP Jan 10 03, 03:26 PM GMT
What kind of dish did you cook it down in?

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 10 03, 05:36 PM GMT
A glass (pyrex) pie pan

Posted by: pkeffect Jan 13 03, 01:19 AM GMT
Here is some information I was able to come up with on this subject.

*the poster (I) does not advise any of this...

Mescaline Pellets
Original Reference: Hyperspacial Laboratories
To process cacti flesh material into a suitable form for ingestion. Only applicable where legal. This document is intended for informational purposes only.

Materials Needed:
� Cacti of course (more research will show you which to use)
� A couple large pots
� Strainer
� Knife
� A few lemons
� Pastry cloth or cheesecloth
� A spoon
The key is prepping the cacti. You only want the green layer of material right under the skin and the skin itself. Remove any spines by cutting a small wedge around them. The less amount of white material you have on the skin the better.

Now you are going have to chop up the cacti. Cut it so that it�s small, like you are trying to saut� onions. Not shredded, just tiny cubes or slices. This comes in extremely handy when going through the filtering process.

Note: Distilled, spring, or filtered water should be used.

Have your pot half filled or so with water. Get it to a boil while you are cutting up your cacti. As the water begins to boil cut the heat back some. Start placing chopped cacti into the pot. Fill this up accordingly. Then take a lemon or two and squeeze half of it in the pot.

You want the brew to be at a very, very slight boil. Keeping a lid on the pot during this part is a good idea. Collecting the condensation ensures a slow roasting cook.

This is where filtering early is a great idea. After your water level has dropped about halfway or while the liquid is still as smooth as water, take your pastry cloth and strainer and filter it into another pot.

After you have done this refill your original pot with water and start again using another lemon and some distilled water.

Each cook down should take a few hours. You are going to want to cook down and filter your material at least 5 - 6 times depending again on amount and your patience.

Now while you have your original pot covered and going again, take the pot with the filtered brew in it and filter it again through the pastry cloth folded over a few times for greater sifting. You should filter each straining of the pot at least 2 times at first. This is essential.

Place the filtered brew on the stove and put on low heat. Simmer actually; you want to keep it as low as possible. As this filtered brew cooks it will look clear-ish green to begin with. Watch this brew carefully. When it starts reducing hopefully you will be ready to strain and filter the material again.

Before straining again tilt the pan, if there is a green slimy substance on the bottom then do a "pour off".

Pour the greenish clear good stuff out into another pot or other holding medium. It is a good idea to filter here again.

Place back on the stove on low heat in clean pot.You want to keep cooking down the material, straining it, filtering it. Then watch the filtered pot for slimy green gunk. Pour off, filter, and put back on stove.

On the last cook down of the cacti material or so you may want to place all the chunks in the strainer and squeeze it for all its worth.

After 3-5 cook downs and strains, discard the material.

Main focus now is all the combined cooking�s' filtered brew.

Lower the heat, stirring softly and occasionally. Tilt the pan every so often to check for slime. If so do a pour off and filter. Keep on low heat. As you will start to notice your brew will turn from the pea green color to a most magnificent burgundy. It should be as viscid as water or very close. If it is then you are almost there and in great shape.

Now, depending on where you live and what the laws are like influences consuming methods.

You have 'y' amount of red tea. You had 'x' amount of cacti. Do the math. If you want to drink the tea....(ewww) then you would want to work it out where you want 2 - 6 ounces of liquid to kick back. If you want to be a little more patient and cook it down even more till it starts getting thick. In which case you need to watch it very carefully as a skin will form on the top.

Constant stirring is advised. When it starts getting too thick and it's not runny anymore, take the heat off and let it sit. You want to put it somewhere dry and warm and let it dry out until you can spoon or scrape it out and roll it into little pellets.

There you go.

Cacti Total Alkaloid Crystal Process

Basic Process:

Skin and peal the cactus then grind the remaining flesh forming a slurry.

Then acidify the slurry to a pH of 4 using citric acid (4 grams to liter, use a saturated aqueous solution) or muriatic acid...

A: freeze slurry for 12-24 hours

B: place frozen slurry in a pressure cooker and pressure cook it for 15 minutes at 10 PSI

C: strain and press the liquid from the pulp

D: save the liquid and begin to reduce volume with low heat, keeping the mixture below 65c (to preserve all alkaloids)

E: add equal volume to liquid extracted of DH2O2, to remaining pulp

F: check pH and adjust to 4 or less if necessary, mix pulp with liquid using a mixer for 15 minutes

G: return the mix to pressure cooker and pressure cook it for 15 minutes at 10 PSI

Repeat steps A-G, till the pulp loses it green color or has lost its bitterness. Take the resulting liquid extracts, check that pH is 4 or less and filter using first coarse sand in a vacuum trap setup, Then filter with fine sand in a vacuum trap setup, then finally filter with an active charcoal/fine sand (50/50 washed with DH2O2), no Vacuum.

Take the resulting filtrate check that the pH is 4 or less then wash with naphtha. Repeat 3 times using fresh solvent (naphtha) with each wash. Divide the remaining Aqua layer into 500ml portions. Place the non-used portions into a freezer.

To one portion add an equal amount of crushed ice.

To this, basify with a NaoH 10% solution, adding in small amounts, keeping temp of solution below 55c with the addition of more ice (usually not needed).

*The reason for this is to preserve all of alkaloids that degrade with high temperature.

When the pH has reached 9 stop and allow the solution to come to room temperature with stirring.

Final pH should be 10-12.

The solution is now extracted with 250ml of chloroform, repeated 3 times using fresh solvent with each exaction.

Wash organic with a saturated NaCl solution 2 times then wash organic with a sat Na2CO solution once.

Carefully heat the organic solution to 40c and add 20 grams MgS

Stir while it cools back to room temperature.

Filter out the MgS and place the solution into the freezer and lower the temp to 10c

Bubble dry HCL gas into the cold solution

Filter off the crystals, place back into the freezer and repeat the bubbling process till no more crystals form

Clean and recover solvents repeat with the next portion....

*This information was collected from a few different sources.


Posted by: Nanook Jan 13 03, 01:38 AM GMT
I see some logic flaws in the chemical extraction (what is the purpose of keeping temps below 65*C after you pc at 10 psi)... Step E refers to DH2O2... Am I forgetting something (I hope I'm not senile yet)???

The syrup extraction looks good tho fer sure wink.gif

No need to shoot for a full chemical extraction from Pedro. Really all you want is the mesc, and it's an abuntant producer with how fast it grows. The trick is getting the quantity wink.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jan 13 03, 01:38 AM GMT
I see some logic flaws in the chemical extraction (what is the purpose of keeping temps below 65*C after you pc at 10 psi)... Step E refers to DH2O2... Am I forgetting something (I hope I'm not senile yet)???

The syrup extraction looks good tho fer sure wink.gif

No need to shoot for a full chemical extraction from Pedro. Really all you want is the mesc, and it's an abuntant producer with how fast it grows. The trick is getting the quantity wink.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jan 13 03, 01:39 AM GMT
I see some logic flaws in the chemical extraction (what is the purpose of keeping temps below 65*C after you pc at 10 psi)... Step E refers to DH2O2... Am I forgetting something (I hope I'm not senile yet)??? What is that?

The syrup extraction looks good tho fer sure wink.gif

No need to shoot for a full chemical extraction from Pedro. Really all you want is the mesc, and it's an abuntant producer with how fast it grows. The trick is getting the quantity wink.gif

Posted by: pkeffect Jan 13 03, 02:51 AM GMT
I am not the author of the refinement technique. DH2O2 is just dissolved hydrogen peroxide.

As for the temperature, I don't fully comprehend myself.

I don't think you're senile, do you? wink.gif

Thanks for the feedabck.


"There is always something happening somehwere"

Posted by: Nanook Jan 13 03, 06:05 PM GMT
No Problemo cool.gif

Welcome aboard wink.gif

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