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See: Pasteurizing Straw

Posted by: your_imagination Jan 28 03, 03:48 PM GMT

OK here goes.. i have found a bag of composted cow manure, and need to pasteurize it, i've read on the topic of :

Fill pillow case, submerge in water, keep at 170. F for 1.5 hours and then drain and let cool....

My question is, could i fill up a few quart size mason jars with it, submerge them in water and heat up to 170 for , say 2 hrs, then remove from pot, let cool and use!

The moisture content is just perfect in the bag as is, and it would keep all the juices intact, instead of washing it all away!

Posted by: your_imagination Jan 28 03, 04:22 PM GMT
So.. no one ever try this before!!??? huh.gif

okay then, i'll report later with how it went!


Posted by: your_imagination Jan 28 03, 08:40 PM GMT
Ok.. here goes::

1- Cleaned 3 quart jars and 1 more ( not sure of size, but bigger than pint )
2- Opened " Composted Cow Manure " bag, and wow, nice even fluffy no chunks, black dirt,
3- Added a few handfuls of Vermiculite and a bit of perlite to a bucket with measured amount of compost.
4- Used spray bottle to moisten poop/verm/perlite and mixed with spoon, until almost muddy, but not dripping at all.
5- Loaded jars with spoon, not packed
6- Used white plastic lids, not too tight so minor steam can escape.( was afraid they would blow the fuck up!!!)
6- loaded them in big oven pot, filled to threads of botles with hot water and placed on stove
7- Temps being kept at 160 to 180f for 2hrs.

I shake the jars with oven mits every hour or so to mix it up .

Will let cool and spawn with 1/3 straw 1/3 wbs and 1/3 poop.

and hoping for the best!

Any tips from the pros?


Posted by: DirtyWOP Jan 28 03, 09:44 PM GMT
That works for sure!

Posted by: your_imagination Jan 29 03, 01:05 PM GMT

Well i worked late last night, i cooled down the jars in the back porch, and once cooled off, made 3 bins,

1- with 2 pints of grain, 2 quarts of poop, and a few handfulls of straw*( 1 to 2 quart aprox of straw.. )

2- with 1 pint of grain, 1 quart of poop.......

3- same as no.2

No.1 is twice as thick a bed. and the other 2 are half as thick .. of course.. i am curious to find out ( if they ever fruit that is ) wich one will produce the most!!

will keep you all posted!!
see y'all!~


Classic Oven Pasteurization

Pack a large covered pan (you can cover tightly with foil) with Moistened Processed Dung.  Insert a meat thermometer and place in an oven heated to 300*F.  When meat thermometer indicates 160*F reduce oven temp to 200*F.  Hold the meat thermometer between 160-170*F for at least one hour in the center.

It's stinky - Nan

Posted by: maryxmas Aug 25 03, 08:26 AM GMT
i have read about two different pasturazation teks,

the toss into a pillow and dunk in hot water (170 deg) for a hour and then hang drying over night, though how doies one gauge how much wet is too wet, squeeze until it feels moist but no drips comes out anymore?

and the other one is the dry oven tek in a pan

now i see the dunking one would leach alot of nutes out of the dung and this could make for smaller flushes but i think the dunk one would make it easier to get proper moisture content which i think is more important.

also is it needed to mix with straw, my foaf couldnt get any yesturday due to it being sunday.

need a response quickly, a foaf dunked horse dung last night and needs to know how to gauge moisture content asap.

Posted by: Nanook Aug 25 03, 10:39 AM GMT
Dung moisture content is perfect when you can squeeze and get water to bead with no dripping.

If it's too wet and you don't have straw, use dry verm to absorb excess water and loosen the substrate.

Verm is good anyways if you don't have chopped straw because it loosens and you get a faster colonization.
Posted by: maryxmas Aug 25 03, 11:42 AM GMT
he hopes it works

he got the dung yesturday, old and smelled like nothing really. got it home and watched a movie as he picked up nugget after nugget of meadow muffins and crumped them by hand into a bucket until it was full.. 5 gallons of fluffy ground up horse poo. looked alot like a big bucket of finely manicured bud ( i wish).

it was then loading into a pillow case and a bin pot of water was heated to 180 degrees and taken from the burner. the pillow case was submerged and a bottle of water was placed on top of it and the lid was placed on and a blanket was packed around the tub. 1 hour later the water temp was 172. the bag was taken out and squeezed out ( owww thats hot) and hung up to drain. the manure tea was poured into a milk jug for use in my san pedro garden. it hung for 13 hours and today was dumped into a strainer and pressed on but no water would come out so he figured it was good to go. tossed alittle into a wash tub and mixed with some WBS infected with the most killer GT hes ever seen ( it colonized the WBS and then climbed the jar walls, was shaken and the next day was a solid mass again). and this went on till the manure was piled 4 inches tall and was heavily peppered with WBS. alittle WBS was set aside and used to pepper the surface of the manure to seal it up quickly. the manure was left fluffy and airy but was smoothed on top and slightly compressed but still very fluffy. does this sound like he is one the right path to GT heaven.

Posted by: mycofile Aug 25 03, 12:19 PM GMT
Water past. does not wash away anything noticable from dung. In fact, it is often helpful if the dung contains too much piss.

Ever notice in TMC, recomended fruiting substrates for cubes lists "leached manure" not, "rehydrated manure treated with a dry past. to preserve it's nutrient base"?

the only people I've seen voice concern over water baths leaching away useful nutrients are people that haven't tried it both ways.

So far as your methods, you are most certainly on your way to GT heaven!
Posted by: Whiskey Wonka Aug 25 03, 12:21 PM GMT
I hope so Xmas! biggrin.gif

Im very interested to see how this goes...I work closely with horses and plan on using the nice dung in projects of my own.

vaya con mi-os bannana.gif
Posted by: maryxmas Aug 25 03, 12:51 PM GMT
you wouldnt believe how hard it is to find horse manure. he lives in a rural area but all the stables were closed yesturday so he had to go sluming to personal owners. took like 4 hours to find enough with a ton of wood chips in it.

has to find a big supply before winter hits to get him though the long winter

its day one of the experiment, ill keep you posted, he plans on checking on day five (frida) to get a good idea of how its going the give it a few more days for good measure before casing.

Posted by: MickyWilliams Aug 24 03, 06:24 PM GMT
Whats the maximum time you can pasteurize something in water?
Is like 3 or 4 hours too long?

Posted by: mycofile Aug 25 03, 12:24 PM GMT
There is no max time for pasteurizing, only max temps. Don't exceed 180.

That being said, there is a max time for soaking stuff in water that you don't want waterlogged. So, depending on what you are soaking, you may not want to to pasteurize it for hours, unless you want to let it drain forever.
Posted by: maryxmas Aug 25 03, 12:53 PM GMT
a hour to a hour and a half seem to be the way to go

Posted by: Nanook Aug 25 03, 03:42 PM GMT

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