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Posted by: cheshire cat Aug 07 03, 12:29 PM GMT
i made a tea out of fresh whole nutmeg as an erowid link suggested and all it did was make me on the sleepy side for 2 days....does anyone have something good to say about it?

Posted by: sooshane Aug 07 03, 12:42 PM GMT
Other than that much nutmeg tastes like Shit, no.

When I was about 14-15yrs old I tried it, with no effect.
Good ol' Anarchist cookbook. tongue.gif

Posted by: Samsara Aug 07 03, 12:44 PM GMT
All I have heard are bad things......

Posted by: Nanook Aug 07 03, 01:18 PM GMT
Ok, this one is not really good for you. You do not want to ingest that much oil to get high, the levels are toxic I am sure, and the oils which may be fine in a small occasional dose (like in pumpkin pie) are probably destructive on a cellular level in any concentration.

This class of oils are used as the precursors for some psychedelic amphetamines.

With that out of the way, it takes a lot of ground powder to get off, and the high is not worth it... It's grungy, oily, buzzy in an annoying way (I thought) and I felt completely toxified... Clearly the threshold dose and toxic levels are about equal. It takes days to detoxify (poor liver sad.gif )

There are better legal highs

Posted by: cheshire cat Aug 07 03, 01:29 PM GMT

Posted by: BoxedFarts Aug 07 03, 02:11 PM GMT
Yeah, dont go there bleah.gif

Posted by: scotsman Aug 07 03, 02:27 PM GMT
when i was a kid we swallowed
a whole jar each, the little jars
for cooking
cant remember if i even got
a high huh.gif
back then we took packets of
travel sickness pills , glue, tyre
cleaner anything wacko.gif
i was lucky, i lived to tell the tale wub.gif

Posted by: diotch Aug 07 03, 03:17 PM GMT
all i can say is blech!!!!! tasts bad, makes you choke doesn't do the trick unless you gorge yourselfe. half the time you'll puke form the taste and forcing the stuff down you before you can ingest it.

Posted by: shade Aug 08 03, 02:42 PM GMT
When I was younger, we used to recommend nutmeg to people that were irritating. If they were really obnoxious, we'd tell them to smoke it. It seems pretty evil in retrospect, but it illustrates the point. Nutmeg poses the question: Is sobriety that bad man? blink.gif

Posted by: Nanook Aug 08 03, 02:47 PM GMT
That depends entirely on the circumstance laugh.gif

BTW, welcome aboard Shade wub.gif

Posted by: shade Aug 08 03, 06:05 PM GMT
Thanks for the welcome, Nan! kiss.gif

Posted by: glasshoppa Aug 08 03, 06:07 PM GMT
I heard about nutmeg from a friend, but after reading ALL the trip reports at Erowid, decided it was something I would NOT want to try. It seems to me like a desperate act.

Posted by: BoxedFarts Aug 08 03, 06:17 PM GMT
LOL!! Cute avatar, shade biggrin.gif

Yes, seems like a high school jones drug

Posted by: mushy man Aug 10 03, 04:14 PM GMT
the hight school jones...ahh the good old days laugh.gif wink.gif

wanted to try nutmeg myself, thankfully we never got motivated enough to do it

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