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Posted by: Nanook Jan 23 03, 04:17 AM GMT
I was asked to post the pics so the grower could remain anon... But I was promised on-going photos to feed this thread and make a grow journal biggrin.gif

I will post comments too as I can extract them wink.gif

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: Guzzy Jan 23 03, 08:41 AM GMT
Those are sundae cups!!!! Good idea!!!! laugh.gif

Posted by: simplegreen Jan 23 03, 10:34 AM GMT
I can certainly understand your friend's wishes, but would he mind if I knew what variety?

Posted by: DirtyWOP Jan 23 03, 10:56 AM GMT
Whats that say?

Posted by: simplegreen Jan 23 03, 11:50 AM GMT
Jen and K2.

Posted by: Zoom Jan 23 03, 11:54 AM GMT

Posted by: OneDiaDem Jan 23 03, 08:12 PM GMT
Sweet, I cant wait to see this come alive!! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jan 23 03, 08:39 PM GMT
Strains are K2, Cindy99's, Jen, SB, (a friends personal Chronic breed) and Bubblegum. After sexed, I will thin out to the most desireable plants, clone, flower, and pick the plants with the best results. I will be looking at amount of time to bud, quality of buds, and best highs. Hope you enjoy. More to follow.

Posted by: Malformed Jan 23 03, 08:50 PM GMT
i was under the impression that clear cups and pots were not a good idea.

exposing the roots to light ?
i cant remember.

its been a few years since i grew any.

when i did, i used 16 ounce plastic cups. solo brand also i think.
red outside, white inside.
eventuly switched them to bigger pots once i got rid of the male plants.

Posted by: tron Jan 23 03, 10:46 PM GMT
its ok with seedlings because they will be transplanted after a couple of weeks.

Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 23 03, 11:02 PM GMT
I like to use those little round peat thingies that expand when placed in water. They always work great for me. I cant wait to see this grown unfold. I am going to start an outdoor thread this may. smile.gif

Posted by: tron Jan 23 03, 11:07 PM GMT
i'll agree with steve. peat pots are the best way to start seedlings. you bypass the transplant shock by just planting the entire peat pot in the new larger pot. the roots will grow right through the peat pot plus they're "dirt" cheap.

Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 23 03, 11:14 PM GMT
no doubt I used them this past year and they worked great. All you got to do is throw as seed in them and place in a shallow pot of water for a few minutes and your good to go. I will use them again this year and plant directly into the ground. BUNCHES OF they are only like a quarter a piece or maybe even a lil cheaper...I love going to the local hydro store and browsing around. I am like a kid at a candy shop. There has been a lot of talk of local narcs staking out grow shops so I might have to steer clear of those places for a while... sad.gif

I find it really funny to talk to the owner of my local grow shop. He knows why I am there and what I need the ferts and whathaveyou for we just dont come right out and say it...

Nan tell your friend to get some ECOGROW. It is the bomb and will last a very long time. I promise. I love it...

Posted by: Nanook Jan 24 03, 04:16 AM GMT
You just did wink.gif This member reads everyday, just does not wish to be known for the grow. I don't mind posting stuff for them, and this should be a good grow journal biggrin.gif

Posted by: dequilo Jan 25 03, 08:23 AM GMT
I will have to keep an eye on this looks like it will be a good one. I want start a grow log but for the life of me can not post pictures anyone that can help me please do Thanks Dequilo

"I never thought freedom was cheap" Ralph (Sonny) Barger

Keep America free stop RICO

Posted by: Fearless1 Jan 28 03, 05:47 AM GMT
Go to this address set up an account you get 30 meg space free upload your pics there and link to them, you will need a ftp program to upload I use LapLink you can get it and others from

Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 30 03, 02:32 PM GMT
Kewl! I love watching them grow from babies!

Posted by: Nanook Jan 31 03, 12:32 AM GMT
4, 40 watt floros, on 24 hrs

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: simplegreen Jan 31 03, 11:58 AM GMT
Glad to see your friend's a soil farmer, but that medium...hmmm, is that some sort of compost?

Posted by: OneDiaDem Jan 31 03, 08:44 PM GMT
How long will they stay in those containers? Cute little babies!

Posted by: 420M Jan 31 03, 10:00 PM GMT
QUOTE (OneDiaDem @ Jan 31 03, 05:44 PM GMT)
How long will they stay in those containers? Cute little babies!

That's a good question ODD, Glad someone asked!

I would say that you would want them to stay in that pot until they have grown almost root-bound. Meaning - that you want the roots to be able to hold the soil together when you are removing the plant from the cup.. .. . I know you are not a grower, and haven't seen it for yourself - but do you understand what I mean?

~ cool.gif ~

Posted by: 420M Jan 31 03, 10:05 PM GMT
QUOTE (Nanook @ Jan 30 03, 09:32 PM GMT)
4, 40 watt floros, on 24 hrs

I have heard - from a source I trust. . . that it is best ( unless trying to revert a plant from flower ) that a 24 HR cycle is NOT best. It has something to do with the plants ability to transfer sugars down to the roots, or actually the plants reduced ability to do it as well in light.

An 18 HR cycle is what was recommended to me for vegative growth on most plants.

~ cool.gif ~

Remember - take every suggestion ANYONE gives you with a grain of salt :-)

Posted by: 420M Jan 31 03, 10:07 PM GMT
I would have also used a SOLID color cup - so that the light doesnt get to the roots (( that's no good ))

I would have also used a LARGER cup so that the TAP root had a larger space to grow in the beginning - like the 16 ounce RED cups for Keg parties.

Maybe an nice piece of duct tape is in order for each one of those cups ( except the very bottom - which will be covered anyways, so you can check root growth )

Good Luck to our Mystery Lurker!!

~ cool.gif ~

Posted by: tron Jan 31 03, 10:18 PM GMT
if you want some buds i'd do whatever i could to get a 1000w HPS air cooled light . then get a lawn chair and just chill next to your plants with a beer ,some cool.gif's ,and the paper. i have found that sitting under a powerful light can have an uplifting affect on your mood.

Posted by: Samsara Feb 06 03, 09:37 PM GMT
Yeah tron I most definitly concur with that point. My growroom is a cubby that is only 4 feet high with a door that is about 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. In other words it is hard as hell to get in. Despite that fact I often spend hours just sitting in their, looking at my babies, smoking, or reading. Nice grow Mr. Shymember, I hope it works out well for you!

Posted by: newman Feb 07 03, 06:41 AM GMT
Never smoke near your plants, it afixiates them.

But hanging out with them is the best.

Posted by: TheGeezer Feb 07 03, 10:16 AM GMT
Hi Newman.

I've actualy heard different
as plants need cobon diox.
it's a good thing to smoke around them
whilst doing this

take the metal head off those cheap lighters
and place them around a branch which petrude from the main

In turn the branch bends with the weight.
By the end of the evening you look...!

your eyes are red, you have a huge smile
and your branches will have risen.
Strengthening the branches and so on and so on...!!


Posted by: sinoptik Feb 07 03, 12:40 PM GMT
It's really not a good thing to smoke around your plants Geezer. CO2 is good for them but that's not really an efficient way to go about it.

CO2 is the gas that plants need most to grow, the roots need to get oxygen. Supplementing CO2 is most needed in high light gardens where lots of plants have limited fresh air. You produce CO2 when you breathe near your plants but they may need more, talk to your virgins, exercise with them or just shoot them some CO2. Always have a small fan on plants when the lights are on too. Fresh air! Use a bike inflate gun to manually spray co2 if you want to increase flower production.

Posted by: Nanook Feb 14 03, 07:16 PM GMT

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Plants are on 18 hr, 1000 watt hps. Organic soil. K2's look the best. Will probably end up cloning just those, unless the others play a fast game of catch up. Pics are 14 days older since last ones posted.

Posted by: boxedhearts Feb 23 03, 10:45 AM GMT
Tell your friend: Patience!!

Pot plants dont take off until they get to approximately the 4-5 node...... Lookin' good. biggrin.gif

Posted by: shrum Feb 24 03, 12:44 PM GMT
dude, i hope those fluoros are kept closer to the plants than shown in those pics - they need to practically be touching the plants to get decent growth.

Posted by: Jade Feb 24 03, 01:38 PM GMT
nice thread! wub.gif

Posted by: SomeoneYouKnow Feb 24 03, 04:35 PM GMT
Boy - those babies should be a foot tall by now.

Better hurry and get them under a High Pressure Light - if you haven't already.

Posted by: Nanook Feb 24 03, 11:02 PM GMT
One week later... how about telling hem they are under a thousand watter, 18 hrs a day, floros were just for germination

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: Samsara Feb 24 03, 11:22 PM GMT
Lookin good! It took my stunted babies nearly 45 days to reach that point. Keep it up! biggrin.gif

Posted by: MyInsanityTrip Feb 24 03, 11:32 PM GMT
QUOTE (Fearless1 @ Jan 28 03, 04:47 AM GMT)
Go to this address set up an account you get 30 meg space free upload your pics there and link to them, you will need a ftp program to upload I use LapLink you can get it and others from hosts pictures for free. Also, if you make like...5 email addies you can have multiple accounts if needed.

Gotta make an index page if you want one, but it works.

Posted by: boxedhearts Feb 25 03, 01:24 AM GMT
They look like they LOVE that light biggrin.gif

wOo HoO!!!!

Posted by: newman Feb 25 03, 06:23 AM GMT
They look happy, nice node length, A little slow but im sure they will start to giver.

Try a bubbler bucket, I just went to a friends house and saw his test of soil vs bubbler.

Bubbler was 2 to 3 times the size and the roots were out of controle. leaves were soo much darker and healthyer.

anybody else do a soil/bubbler test ?

Posted by: Malformed Feb 25 03, 07:01 AM GMT
bubbler bucket?

got a pic or diagram?

Posted by: DirtyWOP Feb 25 03, 09:27 AM GMT
just go to OG....there will be a million bubblers and pics
supposedly they really do outspeed soil times over
little more complicated than soil
but not much

Posted by: shrum Feb 25 03, 12:51 PM GMT
"bubbling buckets" are da BOMB cool.gif

Posted by: SomeoneYouKnow Feb 25 03, 01:50 PM GMT
QUOTE (Malformed @ Feb 25 03, 12:01 PM GMT)
bubbler bucket?

got a pic or diagram?

Mal. . .

Bubbler Bucket is another name for a DWC tank.

Basically all they are is like a 10 gal or larger rubbermaid container (( like the ones we use )) with a hole cut in the top for the plant to fit throught - usually a small container of growrocks or the like that the plant was cloned in - then the roots are allowed to grow out from the pot into the container that is filled bout 2/3 full with a liquid nutrient solution - HEAVILY oxygenated by air pumps or better yet - Power flowheads.

They work VERY well - but give NO support for a larger plant - which makes support hard. Also a little tricky if you try and do bulk - but works very well for the single plant someone wants to keep.

Check overgrow - their main page should have a link to a "Bubbler Garden"

They work well - but personally - I think "Krusty/Freedom Buckets" work BETTER.

Just a thought - cool.gif

Posted by: 420M Feb 27 03, 01:33 PM GMT
Two Huge GREEN Thumbs Up ! !

Posted by: Samsara Feb 27 03, 07:24 PM GMT
Wow 420, your'e back from the dead. wink.gif

Posted by: simplegreen Feb 28 03, 04:00 PM GMT
Friend: Go 24 hours with the HPS. No need for sleep.

Posted by: SomeoneYouKnow Feb 28 03, 05:57 PM GMT
QUOTE (simplegreen @ Feb 28 03, 09:00 PM GMT)
Friend: Go 24 hours with the HPS. No need for sleep.

Wrong !!!


They CAN handle the extra light - but plants dont process their chemicals correctly without a small break from light. Just a fact dewd - AND - studies have proven that you dont get THAT much more growth for the $$ spent on lighting for those extra 6 hrs.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

A FOAF does however - use 24 hour lighting - for clones and REVERTING plants from flower. Even his mums get 18 hrs.

Hope it Helps

Posted by: simplegreen Mar 01 03, 08:56 PM GMT
You didn't burst my bubble, Hippie.

Contrary to your ego, there's ALWAYS more than one way to do things.

For decades people grew good pot using 24/0 for veg.

If you don't agree with someone else's opinion, try just offering alternative opinions instead of making an arrogant ass of yourself.

Have a nice day!

Posted by: OneDiaDem Mar 02 03, 02:49 AM GMT
If you don't agree with someone else's opinion, try just offering alternative opinions instead of making an arrogant ass of yourself

Not Nice.

Posted by: Fred Garvin Mar 02 03, 04:44 AM GMT
If you don't agree with someone else's opinion, try just offering alternative opinions instead of making an arrogant ass of yourself.

Not nice at all, especially considering that those of us who know SYK, appreciate the fact that he does indeed know what he's talking about. He has quite a history in here as somebody else. I consider him to be my resident expert of choice. So don't get your panties all wadded up next time. Smoke a bowl and relax. peace.gif

Posted by: Malformed Mar 02 03, 05:10 AM GMT
syk is correct, plants do need a break from light.
i also used to go 24hrs... i realized it wasnt very good on the electric bill and started doing like 18 hours on.
and the plants actuly did much better.
i didnt know the 24 hour light cycle could be a bad thing, i ended up figuring out for myself... but a little too late.

dont get crazy though simpleG, hes just trying to help. biggrin.gif
and i mean help both YOU and the person that asked the question.

Posted by: Nanook Mar 02 03, 08:27 AM GMT

phresh photos wink.gif No text with them sad.gif

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: Samsara Mar 02 03, 02:52 PM GMT
Those babies are shooting up pretty quick. They've got some nice dense growth. Tell your buddy to keep up the good work!

Posted by: simplegreen Mar 04 03, 01:25 PM GMT
I'd like to apologize to everyone, including SYK.

After going and looking the subject up, I agree that 24 hours of light is not good for plants in veg.

I actually use light in the ways SYK described; 24/0 for starting or reveging, 18/6 for veging. But I was still under the impression that either was fine, as had been practice in 'old school.'

Plants due need 'rest time' to be completely healthy.

I took the 'Wrong!', 'ERRRRRR', and 'Sorry to burst your bubble' as condenscion (sic?) and went off. I shouldn't have, even if it was.

There's a few people here that know the bullshit I'm going through, right now, but still, I shouldn't have reacted like that. This reminds of the saying, "everybody is an asshole at some point." Lots of people will never admit it,though.

Posted by: Samsara Mar 04 03, 05:41 PM GMT
I'm glad some people are still mature enough to admit when they are wrong. wink.gif I forgive and I am sure everyone else will too!

Posted by: sinoptik Mar 04 03, 06:47 PM GMT
Lookin like a great grow so far. I love how once they develop their first couple sets, their growth from that point on is incredibly fast. Is he planning on flowering them at 12/12 once they reach a foot or waiting till they are taller?

Posted by: tron Mar 04 03, 07:07 PM GMT
If those are all clones you would probably have to start 12/12 at 1 foot if the plants are going to remain that close to eachother. If not I would say wait until they're 2 footers because you usually lose 2/3rds to male organs. I'm just speculating here , I'm sure Nan has it under control.

Posted by: OneDiaDem Mar 06 03, 12:21 AM GMT
ohmy.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: sinoptik Mar 12 03, 12:19 AM GMT
really getting bushy now nan. Your foaf must be very happy thus far with these results under a 1000 watter smile.gif

Posted by: steveoi812 Mar 12 03, 02:32 PM GMT
WoW Nan your friends babbies are coming along very nicely! Looks like its going to be some phunky monkey!

Posted by: Nanook Mar 12 03, 08:51 PM GMT
I should get some current pics here soon wink.gif

Posted by: Nanook Mar 12 03, 09:26 PM GMT
  pulled 9 males. buds are forming, everything left are females. k2's have been cloned, fast, nice, sativas are laggin, but clones were taken for planting outdoors to finish in the fall, full size, in all of their glory.

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: leftover Mar 12 03, 09:33 PM GMT
nice tomatoes shy new member cool.gif
good luck

Posted by: steveoi812 Mar 12 03, 10:15 PM GMT
When I get my new place here in about a month or so it's on baby oh yeah its on...

Great pics and thanks for sharing.. smile.gif

Posted by: Samsara Mar 12 03, 10:35 PM GMT
They are getting nice and dense! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: sinoptik Mar 12 03, 10:40 PM GMT
from the beginning of february till now, they've really shot up!! I guess 1000 watts will do that to them tongue.gif

Posted by: tron Mar 12 03, 10:48 PM GMT
picture perfect aren't they.

Posted by: SomeoneYouKnow Mar 13 03, 12:37 AM GMT
QUOTE (sinoptik @ Mar 13 03, 03:40 AM GMT)
from the beginning of february till now, they've really shot up!! I guess 1000 watts will do that to them tongue.gif

Yep !! - You sure dont see floro grows like this NO MATTER how much they use!

Posted by: boxedhearts Mar 14 03, 12:14 AM GMT
wub.gif It's so exciting watching them grow!!!

Posted by: Shroomsprite Mar 14 03, 10:56 AM GMT

Ive been looking at some of the grow's going on.......and i was wondering why you put the young plants into such large pots. I stagger mine, so the start in small pots and progress to large ones once im ready to flower. This seems to make them grow faster, and gives a good root ball for the plant.


Posted by: Nanook Mar 14 03, 06:54 PM GMT
I used big pots because I hate to transplant. I prefer transplanting once, at the most twice, less chances of damaging the plant. Going to bigger pots, I have found that the root systems form fine, solid balls quickly, which may slow down the growth some, at first, but once solid, the plants take off.  Same effect basically, without giving my clumsy hands more opportunity to drop or damage them, lol.


Posted by: sinoptik Mar 15 03, 01:52 AM GMT
Another easy way to transplant without even removing the plant from the container is this:

You can cut off the bottom of the first pot and then set it on top of wet soil in another pot.

BOG from overgrow has recommended this as it doesn't disturb the root ball as much. Only
downside to this is that it takes away crucial vertical space.

Posted by: Nanook Mar 17 03, 07:13 PM GMT

user posted image

Posted by: Jade Mar 17 03, 07:53 PM GMT
god that is beautiful ...

someone should be proud wink.gif


more pictures!!!! please!!
im begging tongue.gif

Posted by: newman Mar 18 03, 09:35 AM GMT

Posted by: Jade Mar 26 03, 01:34 PM GMT
i am going to throw a tantrum if we dont get some pictures soon!!!!!

wahhhhhhhhh.... cry.gif

jk. i meant to say that uh, yeah we'd really like to see
whats going on... angel.gif drool.gif


Posted by: deckerd Mar 26 03, 03:33 PM GMT
yes indeed we want pics! biggrin.gif

Posted by: sinoptik Mar 26 03, 03:41 PM GMT
dagnabit, everytime i come to cannabis culture and there is a new post here, i feel so good that there will be more pictures here. guess it's worth it since when I do enter and see new pics, its just a great feeling.

Posted by: Nanook Apr 01 03, 11:59 AM GMT

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: Nanook Apr 01 03, 12:03 PM GMT

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: Nanook Apr 01 03, 12:04 PM GMT
These girls are alright wink.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: steveoi812 Apr 01 03, 12:05 PM GMT
Sweet! Man those babies are really starting to stretch and show thier sativaness...I can smell them from here! smile.gif

Posted by: ShroomVator Apr 01 03, 12:07 PM GMT
Woo hoo!

Is that all your personal stash? devil.gif

tongue.gif Kidding.

Beautiful.! ohmy.gif

Posted by: deckerd Apr 02 03, 12:39 AM GMT
clap.gif drool.gif clap.gif drool.gif clap.gif drool.gif I love that pic of the flowering bud. picture perfect

Posted by: Jade Apr 02 03, 07:53 AM GMT
good god in heaven!!!!!

ahhhh ........
*dazed look*

drool.gif ohmy.gif

bad time to drool when your jaw's hanging open lol wink.gif

Posted by: newman Apr 02 03, 08:58 AM GMT
Very nice, the next set of pics should start to get realy good. :little happy face guy burning one back:

Posted by: starryeyed Apr 02 03, 03:15 PM GMT
Great pics......I think i just came..... drool.gif

Posted by: Whiskey Wonka Apr 02 03, 03:36 PM GMT
MEOWZA! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Sgt.Poop Apr 02 03, 03:48 PM GMT
ya know you get a stationary bike hook it up too a dc high output alternator, and then too batteries then too converter you can excersise 10 minutes a day, and have free electricity for all your growing stuff... woot.... ive seen a 2x2 box with 9plants per square foot... 500 watt light... all the electrical goodies for air , humidity, co2 systems, run like a beauty ....just thought id add my little 2cents.....if you liked too ride a bike you could go bigger....yep it ran air ionizers , filters and everything.... but if you wanna get really fun with it.. you get a DC engine and run a battery too it. charge that battery it runs the pully system too the alternator that charges its own battery....yep it might cost some money but itll save you in the long run,, free electricity is the way too go if ya wanna go big and stealthy...

Posted by: Fred Garvin Apr 02 03, 10:51 PM GMT
Hey Sarge,

That sounds quite intriguing, ya got any links or suggestions where to look for info to make a setup like that possible?

Posted by: Sgt.Poop Apr 03 03, 10:54 AM GMT
ill have too find the electrical catalog, but the rest is all in my head... I like the plants NOOK... VERY NICE>>> wish i could grow some right now...

Posted by: Jade Apr 06 03, 07:59 PM GMT
ok! um...

we're ready for more!!


Posted by: boxedhearts Apr 08 03, 05:53 PM GMT
Looking awesome! drool.gif

They look so healthy and happy angel.gif

Yeah....MORE PICS!!!!

Posted by: Nanook Apr 10 03, 09:50 PM GMT

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: steveoi812 Apr 10 03, 09:54 PM GMT
NO FREAKING WAY!!!! Man nan the growth in these past few days has been un freaking real! You friends funky monkey is going to be great!!!!

Posted by: ShroomVator Apr 10 03, 10:33 PM GMT
Yeah - this whole project has been quite extraordinary.


Posted by: steveoi812 Apr 11 03, 12:05 AM GMT
Yes it has.

Hey nan I have yet to smoke a good sativa bud. The only thing I've ever had is pure indica or a hybrid. What is the buzz like when it comes to C99 or nycd? I hear its more up and not as couch lock like. I've even heard other people say it made them feel like they were tripping. I cant wait to see more pics. I have yet to get my lighting setup sad.gif I am hoping to get one by the end of next week. I'm supposed to have my ventilation system here in a couple weeks.

Could your friend give some specifics on the ventilation, nute schedual , air exchanges, bulb brand?

Thanks nan...

Posted by: sinoptik Apr 11 03, 12:26 AM GMT
damnnnn, those are some sweet females. why are some of them stretching so much more than others?

Posted by: steveoi812 Apr 11 03, 12:31 AM GMT
you would have to ask nans friend but I think it might have something to do with the fact that there are different strains in there. I think he might have some pure sativas in there and I hear they like to get tall and slinkey.

Posted by: Jade Apr 11 03, 02:00 PM GMT
damn, damn damn.

'shy member', let me know if you need a new best friend biggrin.gif

jk hehe.. you're allready my buddy.
but i have to praise you here anyways.

holy moly!!!! good god in heaven hehe...
that shit is beaituful.. ive been sitting here trying to guess
which are what strain lol

very nice.. damn, we need an emoiticon that has 'two thumbs' up
ok this is my praising you...
bow.gif bow.gif

'im not worthy... im not worthy'

lol, was that too much? hehe sorry..

GOOD FREAKIN JOB!!! damn, keep the pictures coming,
or im going to come in here & start whining in a week or so wub.gif

Posted by: Voodoo Apr 11 03, 05:29 PM GMT
Im VERY impressed. What are the demensions of that room? It doesnt look too big. Gives closet growers everywhere a sense of hope. laugh.gif

Posted by: Samsara Apr 11 03, 08:36 PM GMT
I think I just wet myself......................... blush.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Apr 12 03, 03:37 PM GMT
OMG! Some of those are so crystal covered they're glowing!!!!

That sativa looks MEAN!!!! wacko.gif

Posted by: Princess Rainy Apr 12 03, 05:56 PM GMT
wacko.gif SHOWS HER OOOOOO FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

I say potluck party at your house!!!

Im running off to go by a party dress!!

Posted by: Gweedo Apr 12 03, 08:41 PM GMT

You can always move the party to my place. I won't complain biggrin.gif

Posted by: diotch Apr 12 03, 11:28 PM GMT
damn thats some quick growth!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Nanook Apr 13 03, 07:34 PM GMT
Ok, lol, no vent system, other than closet door being opened during light. Gets real hot in there under that 1000 watter. Organic mix soil, tossed some peters 20-20-20 in the water a few times at the start of budding. Couldnt tell ya the bulb brand. This was a tossed together sort of grow, which will be improved on this next go round. The strains that made it to bud are k2, bubblegum, the bubblegum was not a pure strain, it showed more sativa genes than indica. and that funky sativa thing in front that looks like lace. I didnt have the heart to pull it since it is determined to keep growing, but its one sticky plant. Probably wont yeild an oz dry, but its got flypaper sticky wrote all over her. Watch her be the best of the group! Anyway, should be harvesting in the next two weeks, this is all folks until I take pics of the stash all nice and manicured.
Thanks for watchin, its been fun!

Posted by: eatyualive Apr 14 03, 03:29 AM GMT
thats fuckin badass! ohmy.gif

Posted by: SomeoneYouKnow Apr 16 03, 11:59 PM GMT
Looks GREAT.

Personally. . .. .I see more than TWO weeks left on those plants !!!


Let 'em go another two weeks and then post some close ups of those bigger top nugs.

You could even clip the top nugs off and continue to ripen the lower nugs.

Lemme know what you think?!?!

~ SYK ~

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