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Posted by: Samsara Jan 05 03, 11:31 PM GMT
Today is the 32nd day of my first grow. The strain is Northern Bright Feminized (Northern Lights X Haze) from Gypsy Nirvana. They are growing a little slow, because I was choking the roots at first with poorly draining soil, and they are under fluros (400 watts), but they look pretty healthy now. Here is a pic of one of the three. The overgrow link that has all the info is here -

. Tell me what you think... smirk.gif

Posted by: Jade Jan 06 03, 09:51 AM GMT
what are you using in that flower pot? i mean, whats the soil mix in there?

Posted by: Samsara Jan 06 03, 11:12 AM GMT
It's a reagular potting soil mix made by my local nursery mixed with perlite at a 50/50 ratio. Before, I was just using soil and they started to die, but I repotted with my new mix and now they seem to be doing pretty well. The soil looks really weird I know, I wonder why that is? It's working just fine though

Posted by: Nanook Jan 06 03, 03:21 PM GMT
Kewl, keep us posted biggrin.gif

Posted by: 420M Jan 06 03, 11:58 PM GMT
Okley Dokely.

Thanks for sharing your garden with us.


I hate to tell you this. . .but I am SURE you will thank me later (that is - only if you agree with me of course - everyone grows differently :-)

I didnt read the overgrow thread so I dont know if these have been mentioned to you - but if you were my friend who was trying to grow - this is what I would tell you.

The plants look like they had too much water at some point - dont know if this is the reason you changed the soil - but looks like water stunted the growth.

Internodal spacing looks poor. This is due to both the shock of overwatering and a lack of lumens from your floro lights. The spacing should increase as your soil dries up.

32 DAYS!! - WOW - Sprouts are taller than that in two weeks.
Once plants are STUNTED (which these obviously are (( sorry dewd - like I said - hopefully you will thank me later )) ) they NEVER recover. Yeah - they may grow again - they may even yeild - BUT they will NEVER be as strong, potent, or healthy as a non-stunted plant.

That is just a simple fact - that is why good commercial growers, I have read, will take 50% to 100% more clones than needed so they can throw away the ones that dont look healthy.

My suggestion to you would be to start some new seeds.

My other suggestion to you would be to get a HPS light - because the FACTS are that you WILL get better growth from a 150W HPS light than all your 400 floros put together!

I hope you dont take that as critical - just suggestions.


Please PM me with ANY questions - or post them here so we can all benefit!


Posted by: 420M Jan 07 03, 12:00 AM GMT
Oh yeah.

Problem with the perlite is that it floats and it comes up to the surface of pots. Try digging some into the pot lower and letting it naturally come up next time rather than just mixing it 50/50 -


And the browning on the perlite is just discoloration from the soil.

Good Luck


Posted by: Samsara Jan 07 03, 12:24 AM GMT
Thanks alot for all the really good advice. Eventhough I did stunt them really badly, they appear to be growing very quickly every since I repotted them. If you do read the OG thread, there are recent pics, and they doubled in size in three days after coming out of the shock. I think I am going to continue with this grow just to get some practice in, even if they don't produce much. Thanks agian.

Posted by: Fearless1 Jan 19 03, 06:04 AM GMT
Never throw nuttin away, If ya grow it smoke it or store it, you never know when you are going to runnout and need a joint no matter what kind. When nothing else is around, or make cooking butter out of the leaves if you have enough. There is always a use for the leaf, shit mother earth gave us the means to cultivate don't disrespect her! Be happy with what you get think of it as dang theres alot of bud here for free, not man if all my shit would have survived (or grown) I would have twice as much. Be thankfull for what she gave you! Maybe next time yo wll try something a little different to get more but for right now be happy with what you got it was a gift. This is just my thoughts rambling out please ignore it. unsure.gif

Posted by: Samsara Jan 19 03, 08:32 PM GMT

Alright, here are the updated pics of my first grow, day 46 (I know they are goin slow, but hey they are under fluros).

Posted by: monkeyod Jan 20 03, 01:33 AM GMT
Keep it going for sure. You've got nothing to loose and much to learn. Thumbs up for making the leap and starting your first grow! cool.gif

Posted by: simplegreen Jan 20 03, 05:01 AM GMT
I care.

Posted by: Nanook Jan 21 03, 12:28 AM GMT
Sure grow it biggrin.gif

Posted by: newman Jan 21 03, 09:40 AM GMT
Looks good to me.
Maybee a little slow but nodes are not that bad.


Posted by: Samsara Feb 03 03, 01:37 AM GMT
Update: Day 60 - I nearly killed my babies b/c I forgot to water. I went in the room and saw all the leaves drooping alot. Leaves yellowed for a few days after, but I think they have recovered. I'm learning alot during this first grow of mine and I hope I get half descent results. Here is a pic of one of my babies.....

Posted by: Millet Feb 03 03, 12:44 PM GMT
I would go ahead and flower those plants if they are all as tall as the one in your last pic. The nl x haze stretches quite a bit, and with flouros your not going to get more than 4-6 inches of lite penetration into your canopy.

When the plants are finished stretching trim all leaves and branches from the bottom 1/2 of the plant, so there arent as many underlit bud sites. that will concentrate flowering at the top of the plant.

Good luck.

Posted by: monkeyod Feb 03 03, 10:08 PM GMT
Belive will look back on your first grow and think how great the pot was, even if you've grown better after that. Something about smoking herb that you grew and not bought!

Like Millet says flower those sexy ladies.

Posted by: Samsara Feb 04 03, 02:27 AM GMT
Ok thanks for all the great advice everyone, I will induce flowering as soon as I repot them into 5 gallon pots. I also took three cuttings from the healthiest plant and have them on my windowsill in a humidity dome to root. Any suggestions on how to clone? It's my first try, I just took branches with about 4 leaves, removed the bottom two and dipped the stems into rooting hormone. I then placed them in my humidity dome and placed them on an east facing windowsill. Will this work out ok? Hope my plants produce some ok weed. Any estimates on a yield from 3 plants just out of curiosity?....Thanks again everyone! biggrin.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Feb 08 03, 12:32 AM GMT
Looking good Samsara!! wub.gif

Posted by: Millet Feb 08 03, 10:37 AM GMT
get at least one clone from each plant. A few times ive cloned the healthiest one, and it wasnt the best producer in the bunch, then I end up kicking myslef in the ass.


Posted by: BUNGHOLEO Feb 09 03, 11:39 AM GMT
Try pro mix substrate next time. You'll love it.Let your pots dry out completely between waterings. It seems to help them.Keeping the "dirt" wet all the time like in pics is just asking for problems. Let the plant droop just a little some times peace.gif If your cloning doesn't work post me. My "friend" gets almost 100% success and this tek is a no brainer biggrin.gif Oh yeah....[B]more light[B]

Posted by: Samsara Feb 09 03, 04:55 PM GMT
I do let the substate dry out, I just take pictures after I water. wink.gif My clones have been under the humidity dome for 5 days and still look ok. Here is a pic of the clones rooting (hopefully). The pic isn't great b/c of the snow reflecting out the window, but here it is.

Posted by: Samsara Feb 09 03, 04:57 PM GMT
Here is a pic of one of the newley repotted babies (Day 67)..

Posted by: Samsara Feb 09 03, 05:00 PM GMT

And here is the pic of the garden at day 67. Notice one remains un-repotted, this is due to my extremely low budget that limits me from buying 3 4$ buckets at once. Notice the one on the right is a water container (slightly modified).


Posted by: BUNGHOLEO Feb 09 03, 05:18 PM GMT
Looks good. How warm is it in the window sill the clones are in? Not too cool is it? huh.gif

Posted by: Samsara Feb 09 03, 05:25 PM GMT
As a matter of fact it is a little chilly. I have a heat fan, think it would be a good idea to set it back a few feet from the clones and leave it on low? The temps are probably like 65 if I had to guess.

Posted by: BUNGHOLEO Feb 09 03, 09:18 PM GMT
Yea thats a little cool. Temp plays a big part in successful cloning. You really need to get the temp up to mid 70 but I perfer a little warmer than that. 80. The dry heat fan is good for temp but will suck all the h2o out of your cuttings I would think. They have limited water to start with and that might be too much for them Maybe a warmer place in the house with a little good light. Cuttings don't need that much light to root. wink.gif

Posted by: Zed Feb 10 03, 01:12 AM GMT
Yea, cuttings dont need much light at all....normal room light will do fine.

the height of your chamber worries me a bit doesnt look like u have that much height left in your growroom....remember the plants will double or even triple in size when you induce fruiting.

also, when fruiting, u might wanna take one of those flouro's down and put it so it runs thru the middle/bottom of the plant.....because when the plants start to get bushy the flouro wont be able to penetrate the bushy tops.

the plants are looking very healthy seems u have made a very good effort on your first grow smile.gif.


Posted by: Samsara Feb 10 03, 06:12 AM GMT
Yeah the height looks like a problem in the pics, but those buckets are proped up on big stacks of books. I have enough height as of right now, but I really need to start flowering soon and I need one more bucket to do so. My poorness is really screwing me.....

Posted by: newman Feb 10 03, 08:51 AM GMT
What strain are they ?
They look like a great sea of green strain, very little branch elongation(spell check)

Looks good though keep it up.

Posted by: newman Feb 10 03, 08:52 AM GMT
DHoooo ok the strain is already listed. blush.gif

Posted by: Samsara Feb 16 03, 05:29 PM GMT
OK I tied down the plants so they will have more exposed budsites and stop growing so damn tall (I started flowering on the 11th of Feb.). Anyone think this will help? I also plan to remove about half the foliage on the bottom in another week as it will be a waste for budsites. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Posted by: sinoptik Feb 16 03, 06:18 PM GMT
lookin good so far biggrin.gif

Posted by: OneDiaDem Feb 17 03, 04:01 AM GMT
They look like they recovered alright. Look forward to seeing more pics soon of buds! biggrin.gif

Posted by: newman Feb 17 03, 07:19 AM GMT
I love your grow logs wub.gif biggrin.gif wub.gif

Posted by: Nanook Feb 17 03, 04:25 PM GMT
Good job so far biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Samsara Feb 18 03, 05:14 PM GMT
It appears that my horizonatal bending method has exposed many more budsites! biggrin.gif The plants are looking extremley healthy and I have noticed that now that they are in the 5 gallon buckets, over/under watering is alot easier to avoid. Here is a pic two days from the last one.......

Posted by: Samsara Feb 18 03, 05:15 PM GMT
And here is the main future budsite on one of the babies........

Posted by: DirtyWOP Feb 24 03, 01:15 PM GMT
Those plants don't look too shabby!
Have you considered getting some more lighting for flowering?
I'll bet those plants could really pack on some bud,
if they had maybe a 150W security light supplement
along with the floros

Have you been feeding them anything?

Posted by: Samsara Feb 24 03, 05:55 PM GMT
Just miracle grow. Again, this is more an expirimental practice grow than anything. I am trying to get expirience under my belt, not spend alot of money. All that I purchased really were the seeds, everything else was just from around the house. I would get an HPS, but I plan to give up growing for a little while after I finish up with this. The cuttings are to be given to my close friend who has helped me along the way. On another note the girls are looking great. All three have shown compleltley female traits and the buds are begining to form as the second week of flowering comes to an end. I expect them to be done in about 5-7 more weeks, assuming the estimated flowering time on this strain is correct. My camera was lent to a friend so I can't post pics right now but what I can say is that budsites have been forming all over. It's very exciting to see them begin to flower. Anyone want to make an expected yield guess? Three plants (HazeXNL)........

Posted by: BUNGHOLEO Feb 24 03, 06:05 PM GMT
Electric Haze yeaa. Under flors who could guess the amount.
probably no more than 5 or 6 lbs laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
What is there u will enjoy though biggrin.gif

Posted by: spngbob Mar 04 03, 11:22 PM GMT

Posted by: Samsara Mar 05 03, 02:07 PM GMT
Update!!!!! DAY 22 FLOWERING

I'm so excited about my ladies! They have been floweing for just over three weeks and the buds are starting to get big. On two of the plants they are not very dense due to the fluros, but one has suprisingly dense colas. The strangest thing is that it is the smallest, most compact plant of the three. Almost like it was saving energy for flowering. Feel free to make any comments or suggestions. Well here is a pic of one of the big ones.....

Posted by: Samsara Mar 05 03, 02:08 PM GMT

biggrin.gif And here is my small and dense flowered baby! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Samsara Mar 05 03, 02:09 PM GMT
A close up of the top cola, not a very good pic but hey.........

Posted by: Samsara Mar 05 03, 02:10 PM GMT
And a bird's eye view of the top bud site!

Posted by: Samsara Mar 06 03, 12:04 AM GMT
About those clones I took earlier, all three rooted (so screw all of you saying I needed to take tons of extra clones b/c my cloning idea was not good). I gave two to my friend (I really did, not a foaf thing) and I am keeping one on my widowsill untill mine are done flowering. Here is a pic of the two given to my friend.

Posted by: Samsara Mar 06 03, 12:06 AM GMT
His setup is actually really neat. He uses 80 watts of fluros in a cabinent right next to his computer. No light leaks, no noise, very convinient. He plans on doing a Scrog grow with the two plants. Here is a bird's eye pic of one of the clones (no it's not yellowing, that's just the flash)........

Posted by: Samsara Mar 06 03, 12:07 AM GMT
And the other........

Posted by: OneDiaDem Mar 06 03, 12:20 AM GMT
Those have turned out real nice for what you have into it! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Samsara Mar 06 03, 12:24 AM GMT
Are you serious??!! These things are my life, I spend an hour a day with them on average. smile.gif I put alot into them, maybe not money, but lots of TLC! biggrin.gif

Posted by: simplegreen Mar 06 03, 03:20 PM GMT
Really nice flowers ya got there.

You've made a great achievement for just 'trying to get some experience'.

And I love the attitude you have of just growing for the enjoyment the hobby can give. Sure, everybody grows to get free smoke, but few grow that really do it for the enjoyment of the hobby; ya know, just getting there is half the fun.

I remember back aways you were removing the bottom half of your plant prior to flowering. I didn't get your post in time, though. Next time, try only removing the bottom few inches of fan leaves, so as to allow for good ventilation/airflow around base of plant. Taking an arbitrary 'half' will stress the plant. Stress causes cellular level chemicals that retard growth. Leave fan leaves above the base (4 or 5" depending on size of plant going into flower), until they naturally yellow, wilt, and dry. The plant will use those leaves for energy to flower, then when apropriate, they will die off as flowering progresses. Also, (you're probably already doing this, but I can't tell from pics), try to keep the surface of the medium clean from fallen leaves as this helps cut down on molds and disease.

Delta's Low Stress Training is the shit, huh? Read everything you can by this guy!
First at then at He is a God.

Posted by: Samsara Mar 06 03, 03:33 PM GMT
I actually re-thought that idea before acting. I didn't remove a single fan leave. I did however remove about four potential budsites on each plant because they were way to far from the lights. I realize now it's a good thing I didn't remove half of the lower growth because alot of nice buds have formed there. Also I am letting the leaves yellow and die on their own b/c I read that they do use the nutrients. Simple, could you make a potential estimate on when these babies will be ready to harvest? I'm so nervious that I am going to wait to long. I know they still need a few more weeks, but how many? Thanks for the help!

Posted by: simplegreen Mar 06 03, 04:49 PM GMT
Don't get too anxious and chop.

Couple ways to go.

Window of couple weeks.

Use 60X loupe (magnifying glass) and look at the crystally things (trichomes). When they are mushroomed with heads on stalks, they start clear, go to milky, then tan.

Best buzz (most THC) is milky.

Tan is body high, couch-lock, evening medicine (CBN).

-Take a bud as you see them changing to milky, try it.

If you're happy with it, then chop and hang upside down for 2 weeks (or so). Trim leaves down to buds on stalks, hang stalks with buds for another week or so, then put into quart jars, opening and tossing every day to air out. This will cure and finalize the buds.

-Or just go by trichome color and see what ya get.

Be on the lookout for hermies; if ya see that, chop.

How long they will take is multi-item thing. Genetics, environment, past stress, etc.

Posted by: Samsara Mar 09 03, 08:08 PM GMT
Another pic at Day 26 of flowering.....

Posted by: Samsara Mar 09 03, 08:11 PM GMT
EMERGENCY!!!: I found male flowers on two of the plants, luckily unopened and in very small numbers (about 2-3 per plant). I picked them off and hopefully no harm will come. Any suggestions about what to do? I am not about to pull these plants because they are 95% female.

Posted by: simplegreen Mar 10 03, 12:22 PM GMT
Picking the male flowers can save the buds.

Be vigilant.

If you start to see the calyx swell, be looking for seed pods forming.

If you open the swollen calyx and find immature seeds, then the flowers are done.

The female flowers grow larger and stickier,streching to find male pollen. If they find it, they have completed their genetic mission, and strength is put into seed production; flowers basically stop.

Sometimes near the end of flower, seed pods form that do not mature. Just keep a close eye on all the flowers, and if you see, after opening, the start of seeds, then build a tube for making butane hash oil, or cure and smoke what you get.

Seeds from hermaphradites are going to produce hermaphradites. Clones wil be, too.

And make that next order for seeds, right away.

I've seen seeds form on plants with no apparent source of male pollen...

Posted by: SomeoneYouKnow Mar 10 03, 11:57 PM GMT
SimpleGreen's Suggestions are Right On - Good Suggestions SG!

Hermies will produce hermies. . . not worth cloning or making seeds.

The buds will really start to fatten up now - just watch :-)

Keep picking off the male flowers, but honestly - they really arent that big of a deal for you. It is my personal belief that it is a rumor that seeds reduce the quality of buds ( and I have dreamed of MANY buds seeded and unseeded !! ) and not true. Also, you are not worried about pollinating a WHOLE room of plants, which could be devistating for a commercial grower. Simple pruning of the plant will not hurt overall growth too much - you can keep doing what you are doing.

Best of Luck - SYK -

Posted by: SomeoneYouKnow Mar 11 03, 12:02 AM GMT
QUOTE (simplegreen @ Mar 10 03, 05:22 PM GMT)
I've seen seeds form on plants with no apparent source of male pollen...

Yep. . me too. . .well - Kinda.

If I dreamed I dug deep enough into the seeded bud, I usually found the tell tale YELLOW 'hairs' (( really petals )) from the male flower.

Good Luck - its not really a problem unless you are breeding or NEED seedless buds or have LOTS of plants near each other.

~ SomeoneYOUknow~

Posted by: Samsara Mar 11 03, 08:36 PM GMT
Thank you for all the great help SG and SYK, you've helped to ease my worried mind. I looked in OG FAQ and it said that sometimes male flowers will appear near the end of flowering and not really affect anything. That and the fact that I went into the room this morning and one cola was nearly 2 times as thick. Many hairs are starting to turn brown, should I harvest when 75% are brown? Sound ok? Thanks Again! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Samsara Mar 13 03, 08:05 PM GMT
Flowering Day 30: When to Harvest?

Ok, I will attach pictures of the three top colas. I would like to get an estimate as to when I should harvest. 75% brown hairs sound ok. Here are the pics......

Posted by: Samsara Mar 13 03, 08:06 PM GMT


Posted by: Samsara Mar 13 03, 08:06 PM GMT
Finally plant #3.....

Posted by: 420M Mar 13 03, 08:43 PM GMT
75% red hairs sounds good.

For indo strains - my FOAF usually just goes 8 weeks of flowering with food. Another week with Ripening agent and another week PURE water - makes 10 weeks total 0r 70 days flowering.

A cycle usually takes about 100 days. Veg and Flower.

Hope it Helps - 420M

Posted by: steveoi812 Mar 14 03, 08:02 AM GMT
Damn this thread has come a great way! Good job on your first grow bro! Nice pics and enjoy that bud man!

Posted by: Samsara Mar 19 03, 11:53 PM GMT
I harvested on the 18th! I got a little impatient, but seeds were starting to grow it seemed, so I chopped. The hairs were close to 75% red. The babies are currently hanging and will be manicured in a few days. I will get back with harvest pics and weight. Thanks everyone for all the help along the way. I plan to post pics and details in an organized thread, start to finish.

Posted by: boxedhearts Mar 23 03, 05:37 PM GMT
Aww man, those buds weren't even NEAR ready. You missed a lot of yield.

Posted by: maryxmas Mar 23 03, 05:46 PM GMT
i agree, you could have gotten probably 50% more if you just had waited.


Posted by: Samsara Mar 23 03, 09:25 PM GMT
They started seeding, once that happens, THC production stops. So If I had waited I would have gotten more seeds and less THC per bud. Besides I yielded right around 2 ounces which is way more than enough for my needs. I have a bunch of final pics from the yields. Yield of Plant #1...............

Posted by: Samsara Mar 23 03, 09:25 PM GMT
Yield of Plant # 2...............

Posted by: Samsara Mar 23 03, 09:26 PM GMT
Yield of Plant #3...............

Posted by: Samsara Mar 23 03, 09:26 PM GMT
And the grand total..................

Posted by: dcyans Mar 23 03, 09:38 PM GMT
QUOTE (boxedhearts @ Mar 23 03, 04:37 PM GMT)
Aww man, those buds wernt even NEAR ready.  You missed alot of yeild.

No doubt!! watch the crystals(TRICHOMES) when (under a magnifing glass ) have little caps then you are getting close!! Most newbies really kill there potency level by harvesting to soon!!! patience is a virtue wink.gif and thats a fact wink.gif wow better luck next time sad.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Mar 24 03, 12:17 AM GMT
I forgot to say Contratulations!!!! YOu did great your fist time out!!!!

...but you did pick early. You yeilded 2 oz's.....wet.

Posted by: Samsara Mar 24 03, 01:20 AM GMT
It's not wet either, it dried for over a week, and like I said the THC would degrade if I had waited longer. Thanks for the congrats though.

Posted by: boxedhearts Mar 24 03, 02:18 AM GMT
Cool. How is it wacko.gif

Posted by: Gweedo Mar 24 03, 11:44 AM GMT
like I said the THC would degrade if I had waited longer

Yup, good choice. Nice grow. Enjoy.

Posted by: John Chimpo Mar 24 03, 11:55 AM GMT
Hmmmm you had seeds? Did you wait to long to take out the males or did you want seeds? I hate seeds mad.gif .


Posted by: Samsara Mar 24 03, 12:59 PM GMT
Chimpo - The plants went slightly Hermie at the very end of the grow. A few male flowers popped up, I picked off most, but I must have missed a few. The seeds started to swell but did not reach complete maturity because I harvested before that could happen.

Boxed - This being my first grow and all, I was surprised at how much better homegrown seems to taste and feel. The smoke seemed extremely cool on the throat, and the taste and scent are somewhat unique compared to what I have tried in the past. It is more of a lemony flavor. The high is very mellow and giggly as well. I like it a lot.

I gave the vast majority of it to a friend however as I am going to try and cut back on my smoking (the last thing I need to help with that is loads of weed). Thanks again everyone for all the help, it was an incredibly informative and rewarding experience as well as exciting. biggrin.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Mar 24 03, 06:13 PM GMT
Wow man congratulations!
Happy smoking!

Posted by: tron Mar 24 03, 07:08 PM GMT
It seems like hermes always pop up with floros. You got the basics now get yourself a light.

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