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Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:11 PM GMT
Here is my new greenhouse, I finally got the time to get it done!
Wasn't too hard just allot of thinking, I'm not used to that LOL.
First I had to figure how to modify my new humidifier to fit some pvc. I elected a method I have been using for sometime now without problem.
I took some medical tape, like the stuff in the first aid kit to tape gauze to to your skin. I secured the pipe w/ this. Then take some liquid nails a nd throughly coat the outside with a thin layer. wait till it dries and apply a thick coat. When its all dried you have a water/air tight, flexible output connection. The flexibility comes proves very useful at times.
Here are some pics.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:12 PM GMT

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:12 PM GMT

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:14 PM GMT

The cut dosen't look very neat cause my saw gets hot and melts the plastic.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:16 PM GMT
mounting the pvc

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:17 PM GMT


see the liquid nails covered seal

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:18 PM GMT

here is the female connector for the humidity hose

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:20 PM GMT

The inside RH inlet

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:20 PM GMT

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:21 PM GMT

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 04:22 PM GMT
How is that? unsure.gif

Posted by: HapplyDeranged Dec 23 02, 04:45 PM GMT
nice work....... biggrin.gif if i had more room id have like 8 of them bad boys

Posted by: OZZ Dec 23 02, 04:46 PM GMT
Good for you ... but at the same time, DAMN !!! LOL ... still waiting on my humidifier and I had a casing that was ready today so I guess Ill just have to mist unsure.gif

Anyway I notice that you do not have a filter over the intake on the humidifier but instead place one at the point the hose connects to the you think the moisture will cause problems with that filter possibly causing a mold or bacterial buildup ?? What are you using for a filter ??

Posted by: OZZ Dec 23 02, 05:06 PM GMT
Here is mine, lonely awaiting its humidifier lover ..... OK that was cheesy as hell I admit.

One thing that I did was zip tie floruescents to the underside of each shelf. I didnt trust the ambient light in the room to keep the mushies growing straight up as I like them, and putting a single flourecent at the top, on the outside of the greenhouse wouldnt do anything for any of the shelves other than the top one, assuming it was filled. So I ziptied some cheap, enclosed flourecent strips as shown, then ziptied all the cords together and ran them down the back and out the bottom. biggrin.gif

Posted by: OZZ Dec 23 02, 05:06 PM GMT

Posted by: steveoi812 Dec 23 02, 05:30 PM GMT
man I gotta get me one of those to put in my closet. Seems like it would be great for casings, probably be pretty good for a few cakes here and there too. Thanks for the photos you guys. wub.gif

Posted by: Fred Garvin Dec 23 02, 06:27 PM GMT
Pretty righteous setup. I'd like to try something similar. Can you post the link for that greenhouse? I can't fing the original thread.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 07:40 PM GMT
What type of humidifier is it awaiting? How are you planning to hook it up. I had difficulty thinking of a way to properly modify and connect mine and utilize all of the humidifier's power. My greenhouse is a shelf shorter than yours and fits into a fully illuminated closet space about two feet off above the floor. But that was a good move on the lights for each shelf. Only thing I don't like is having extra things inside the greenhouse, but in your case its definitely necessary, unless you rotate the trays during fruiting, which would be more work/risk of contamination.
Yeah I still haven't put the hepa over the back, I know, its coming soon.
The closet that it is in also has a hepa I might be able to get away with a makeshift filter over the intake.

Posted by: Nanook Dec 23 02, 07:52 PM GMT
Some nice projects wub.gif

Posted by: EvilShroomer Dec 23 02, 08:39 PM GMT
hey man , 2 of those green house togeatehr , make a nice clean rooom ......

Posted by: ion Dec 23 02, 08:47 PM GMT
Very nice work, fellas!

A couple thoughts from the guy who has to stick his nose in everything tongue.gif :

Max, watch for water dripping out at the lower lip of your inlet pipe. Have a catch pan with a drain leading out of the greenhouse... or just make it so the floor plastic comes down in an obtuse cone with a drain tube. This will take care of wall condensation that drips down when the outer temps drop.

Ozz, be careful of fires, man! Those fixtures are not designed for such an environment. Electrical short city! ohmy.gif
Besides, the heat produced from them would counter optimum fruiting temps...
One word... Mylar. Line the closet with it. use a single light hanging above the greenhouse. The mushrooms will grow up and outward from the casing pans (toward the reflective walls), leaving nice spreads for more mushies wink.gif

Just 2 pennies in my nose...


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 23 02, 09:14 PM GMT
I was thinking of putting another elbow piece on the inlet and facing it upward. Thanks for the tips Ion.

Posted by: OZZ Dec 24 02, 07:16 AM GMT
Ya I noticed that the temps were soaring a little to high but Im not willing to line the greenhouse with any kind of material, to me it just defeats the simplicity of this idea. I guess Ill have to feel it out, I had thought of the risk of electrical around high humidity but I think it would be fine seems how the lights will not be in direct contact with water, that and also that they are flourecents designed to be hung above a sink (not sure if this helps the cause any), also, they do have protective coverings over anything electrical .... with the sole exception of the on/off switch. Ah well ..... back to the drawing board.

Fungus ... its a cool mist humidifier, and I just got it in last night after I posted. I will be connecting it with just plain old large diameter plastic tubing, Im thinking 1" in diameter and will let it run for a half hour every four hours to start .... and make adjustments as necessary, the only problem is that I have a casing now that needs the fruiting chamber and I havent made any of these "tweaks" I need to, so Im going to have to keep a extra close eye on the temps/RH % and so on until I get it up and running properly.

Definately open to any other suggestions as to how I could make this better, especially the lighting issue.

Posted by: OZZ Dec 24 02, 07:23 AM GMT
This is the hummer Im using ... vicks cool mist humidifier, it already has a filter over the intake that is said to remove dust, pollen and tobacco smoke so I think it should be sufficient.

Posted by: OZZ Dec 24 02, 07:24 AM GMT


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 24 02, 09:50 AM GMT
Id still add a wad of poly fil over the intake.

Posted by: steveoi812 Dec 24 02, 07:52 PM GMT
how much would a humdifier like that set me back?

Posted by: OZZ Dec 24 02, 10:29 PM GMT
I think I paid $25 or so for it ...

Posted by: OZZ Dec 25 02, 08:54 AM GMT
OK having problems here ... I got my humidifier and hooked it up as you can see in the photo, added water and set up the timer which has 1/2 hour increments, for some reason it doesnt seem like it is working. All of the threads Ive read state that 10 - 15 minutes every 2 hours or so is about right, well I turned it on and let it run for about 10 minutes and it didnt seem to increase the humidity at all ??? It blows air out the tube that you can see, and with enough pressure to kind of "puff" out the greenhouse skirt even, but it doesnt seem to be very moist ... maybe its just me but when I put my fingers in front of the hose for a bit it seems that I would need this to run for like a half hour every hour or so. I guess I just need to keep playing with it until I get it right but I have a casing in there and hate to mess it up trying to "tweak" the greenhouse.

Is it possible all the humidity is getting lost on the inside of the hose before it reaches the greenhouse ??

Any suggestions ??

Posted by: OZZ Dec 25 02, 08:54 AM GMT
This a pic of annos setup, notice I have the same humidifier, he said that ay 10 minuts every 2 hours it was keeping 95 %. I wonder whats the deal ??

Posted by: repobob Dec 25 02, 12:31 PM GMT
Could it be because of the different size?
Perhaps you will have to leave yours on longer because it is a lot larger than Anno's. Looks like you are using 1 or 1 1/2" pipeing, Anno had tubing. I would think it will just take a little longer to build up the hummidity.

Don't know for sure, but I hope this helps
Tweeking is the fun part.


Posted by: Mycota Dec 25 02, 02:15 PM GMT
All hummers are not equal. As RepoBob suggests: Just tweak it, let it run, see what it does & adjust accordingly. If it "puffs up" the skin a bit, you have postive pressure (a good thing). If the hummer is producing humidity (?), it should build up inside.


Posted by: OZZ Dec 25 02, 03:37 PM GMT
Thanks guys !! Ya it is producing humidity because I tested it before I rigged it up and the output was most certainly moist, its just that the output that I felt before I rigged it up and the output at the end of the hose now that it IS rigged up is substantially drier, not near as moist, but then again Ill just have to tweak I guess.

Thanks again Mycota for all your help and that goes to everyone else also. Merry Christmas !!

Posted by: repobob Dec 25 02, 03:47 PM GMT
Just a thought, but could you put a computer fan where the tube enters your greenhouse. This, I think, would help pull the humidity through your tubing. The only possible problem I see is I wonder what that humidity would do to the fan motor. The one I have here seems sealed pretty good.
Its fun to tweak along with you.


Posted by: Mycota Dec 25 02, 05:07 PM GMT
Possibly, because the hose you are using is shaped sort of like this:

[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

Rather than smooth & the inside & outside temp differs, the humidity generated out of the hummer orfice is in part condensing on the ridges inside the hose, as it travels the length of the hose & (if so) dripping back into the hummer?

Which may decrease the the rh of the air venting into the green house.

Is there anyway you can pull the hose off the bottom (without a lot of work) & check to see if there is a lot of condensation inside the hose.

If so (?), you may need to either go to a smooth hose - or - get some of that styrafoam type pipe wrap & insulate the hose.

Just keep tweaking & tinkering and you will get it right. No doubt.


Posted by: OZZ Dec 25 02, 09:50 PM GMT
Thanks yet again, Theres definately a prob though because Im noticing it seems the humidifier is actully drying out the inside quicker. Example, I can mist the entire inside with a spray bottle and it will stay at 100+ for about 4 - 6 hours, I can mist the inside exactly the same and run the hummer on different schedules up to a full hour at a time and come back and its almost dry, it must be the tubing Im hoping ?????????

Hmmm Im just going to manually mist for now until after the holidays but I will keep tweaking for sure.

Posted by: repobob Dec 25 02, 10:09 PM GMT
Mycota you had me wondering about what you said, and the more I thought about it it makes sence. Its simply more surface area to condense on. I went to several boards and looked at hummers and how they are hooked up. Everyone I seen had either plastic tubing or pvc pipe (all smooth). I'll bet that makes a difference.
I wonder if some type of insulated hose, like the stuff they use for floor heating only larger diameter would be of any value here.


Posted by: Mycota Dec 25 02, 10:25 PM GMT
It could be that. If so, I would just go to 1 or 1.5 inch pvc pipe & elbows. Just jammed togather without glue, to give you a little flex. If you want more flex in it. Just add a short piece of hose, where ever needed.

It might also be the type hummer. If it is a wick type (?), it might be pushing to much air & not enough humidity. If it goes into an open room, it would not build pressure. Going into a pipe, it seems it would. The pressure may increase the flow velocity & decrease the evaporative effect (if it is a wick type).

OZZ, is that an ultrasonic, or wick type hummer? I believe an ultrasonic, will push out more humidity. As it does it mechanicaly.

Check GoodWill, Salvation Army & local thrift stores. You can generaly find all kinds of real nice hummers, for dirt cheap (like $5 - 6 bucks ea.)


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 26 02, 01:44 AM GMT
Hey Ozz, I have to let mine run overnight continuously and check it in the morning. If there is no water beaded up inside then you have a problem for sure. After that 15-30 mins every 2-4 hrs. What Mycota is saying is very true IMO about the ridges inside the tube mine does it too. Let it run for a long time, it has to build up inside. That is what has worked in most of my humidifier setups. wink.gif

Oh, and shorten that thing up a little, notice mine isn't stretched, thus reducing the amount of ridges inside. wink.gif smile.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 26 02, 04:08 AM GMT
Hey Mycota,

Im going to use my humidifier on anther project.
Which ultrasonic fogger set should I buy for my greenhouse @ that link you provided ?

Posted by: Mycota Dec 26 02, 04:40 AM GMT
The first one (Item: M001) would fog up a space that size, like a cloud bank. You would also need the buoy (Item number: K011)

But, there are some problems, with an application like that. Those are for pond aplication. Meaning, in water & have no fan. They create fog like a mofugger & would need to sit in a container of water. It would also need a very short duration timer. Ponder all that before you buy one.

If I had known what you & OZZ were going to do, (before hand).

I would have suggested you both simply place any small (like 2 gallon) ultrasonic hummer (Holmes brand - for instance) INSIDE the greenhouse, on the top rack. It is simple to just run an extension cord to it.

Then, figure out one of several ways to create air exchange. Either with the hummer inside, by taping a hose over the intake (on the hummer), running that outside the chamber & covering it with some filter material.

Or, bolting a (timed) computer fan (w/fiter disk) to a plate & fasten the plate to the skin of the chamber.

Sorry I didnt make that suggestion, before both of you started on them.


Posted by: 420M Dec 26 02, 05:26 AM GMT
Bitchen work guys!!

I've been busy taking notes.!!



Posted by: OZZ Dec 26 02, 05:53 AM GMT
You know Mycota, I was thinking of doing that anyway, that is, putting the hummer inside the greenhouse with a hose over the intake !! Im all over it and shall report the results for sure. .... hopefully it will produce better.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 26 02, 04:01 PM GMT
Yea, just reverse the whole thing w/ less hose.

With those ultrasonic foggers,... would a fairly shallow tray, say 4-6 inches deep suspended at the top of the greenhouse be sufficent? You would have a waterfall of mist cascading down over your trays, I would think.
How much h2o do they normally use? And how thick is the mist? Will it easily ruin, meaning do they break easy? Last, would you? unsure.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 26 02, 04:08 PM GMT
Im trying to come up w/ a humidity system to supply about 5-10, 35gallon tubs, somthing like "scaleable homer tek" where the humidity has a central source and then divdes to seperate bins. Ive got fans 3 or 4 humidifiers, tubs galore, aq bubblerS, PVC pipe, water hoses, rubber tubing, etc... Im going to go draw up some plans and Ill upload them to get some opinions, but until then, any ideas would be great! smile.gif

Posted by: Mycota Dec 26 02, 05:09 PM GMT
QUOTE (Fungusmaximus @ Dec 26 02, 09:01 PM GMT)
>>>>>>>How much h2o do they normally use? And how thick is the mist? Will it easily ruin, meaning do they break easy? <<<<<<<

Those little hummers SPEW a THICK FOG OF MIST. That is why they even sell a "slash guard" for them. Because if the water source gets shallow, they actualy spew a drizzle like mist upward (rather than a fine fog).

They last a LONG TIME. IF (big IF)......... you supply them with ...................SOFT - CLEAN ...............water. I would suggest buying one of those pitcher type water filters & filter the refill water.

As for how much they use. They can go through 5 gallons a day EASY, if ran full blast - full time.

You will need a good timer (as in digital or electric type setting - not manual pin type). About 2 minutes an hour should be a starting point - for timing.

You can tone them down, with a REOSTAT, wired into the plug (couple bucks at any hardware store).


Posted by: OZZ Dec 26 02, 05:20 PM GMT
Sweet Idea, I might consider that as a upgrade here in a few months. cool.gif

Posted by: Mycota Dec 26 02, 06:54 PM GMT
QUOTE (Fungusmaximus @ Dec 26 02, 09:08 PM GMT)

>>>>5-10, 35gallon tubs, somthing like "scaleable homer tek" where the humidity has a central source and then divdes to seperate bins. <<<<<

Just get one of those pond foggers & place it in a TUB of water. Then, rig a fan driven pcv air pipe system from that tub, to the others. I would have some kind of asir filter material in front of the fan intake, to keep possible contams -- out.

Instead of all that plumbing & rigging, putting a walk in grow room togather is cheap, easy, simple & effective. If you have the space & privacy?


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 26 02, 08:32 PM GMT
"Instead of all that plumbing & rigging, putting a walk in grow room together is cheap, easy, simple & effective. If you have the space & privacy?"

sounds good


I will definitely construct this humidity system a.s.a.p. I thought it just seemed to easy and I didn't have enough knowledge of foggers to make it work.

OH! and those things come in twos right? I could use one somewhere else
(chameleons cage). I think she might get a bit jealous if I didn't get her one too! tongue.gif

Posted by: phillinwierd Dec 26 02, 09:05 PM GMT
It is very possible that the moisture is condensating on the inside of your supply hose and running back to the humidifier. I had a similar situation. I would recommend keeping the supply hose as short as possible or constructing a shelf and mounting the humidifier right to the side of the tent. Also you may want to hook up something on the inside too. What I'm getting at is the trays on top are going to get overly wet in order to keep the environment humid enough for healthy growth. Hook up a plastic hose-like deal which has inch or so holes every foot or so and run it down the back so the moisture is distributed evenly. (manifold?) Similar to the inlet fans in the peak of a greenhouse we use a big cylindrical plastic sheet with holes to distribute the airflow evenly. Just my humble $0.02 worth.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 30 02, 07:40 PM GMT
Hey OZZ,

This is the best way to set it up, check the new seal.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Dec 30 02, 07:41 PM GMT

Posted by: eatyualive Jan 04 03, 05:01 PM GMT
i have that same vicks humidifier attached to my old setup. works great you may have to adjust the airflow bc at times it drys out the cakes. also, i run mine 30 on 30 off 24 hours.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jan 05 03, 03:32 AM GMT
No cakes in the greenhouse, just spawned subs.

I am going to NOT RECCOMEND the pictured humidifier, it sucks, better yet it blows, dry for that matter. It wouldnt produce the desired humidity, no matter what I did. So, I broke out old faithful! This antique piece was made in the early 80's and has been through a whole lot. It aint pretty but it blows a mist that will saturate, this is the one I had always used before the greenhouse (been awhile).

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jan 05 03, 03:33 AM GMT
here it is

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jan 05 03, 03:35 AM GMT
I put tape on the outside to hold the great stuff foam while it dried.
Man that stuff is the shit!

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jan 05 03, 03:36 AM GMT
yes Im going to filter it...Polyfil 1st

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jan 05 03, 03:37 AM GMT

then a 6$ almost hepa filter, made for a small "Pollenex" unit, to be sealed w/the "stuff"...

sorta looks like an armored tank.

Posted by: Nanook Jan 05 03, 03:57 AM GMT
More kewl wink.gif

Posted by: Kermit_The_Frog Jan 05 03, 04:33 AM GMT
I just saw the exact greenhouse that OZZ has (taller than maximus's) @ Hobby Lobby for $49.99. It was in the section with the Christmas trees.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jan 06 03, 08:28 AM GMT
got it pumpin a fog like mist, its ready!

Hey Ozz, how is it comin?

Posted by: Mycota Jan 06 03, 09:30 AM GMT
Lookin good, guy. Mycota

Posted by: Samsara Jan 06 03, 07:17 PM GMT
Wow this is a great thread here. I have learned so much from everyone, I am somewhat new to shrooms and thanks to all you guys I've been learning alot. Great setups everyone, keep it up! By the way, where did you all get those fluros, and the greenhouses for that matter? Post a link if you don't mind, or a store. Thanks again

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jan 06 03, 07:37 PM GMT
QUOTE (Samsara @ Jan 06 03, 06:17 PM GMT)
Wow this is a great thread here. I have learned so much from everyone, I am somewhat new to shrooms and thanks to all you guys I've been learning alot. Great setups everyone, keep it up! By the way, where did you all get those fluros, and the greenhouses for that matter? Post a link if you don't mind, or a store. Thanks again

Wal mart, king of mushroom supply. Lights 6$ ea. greenhouse 20$

Posted by: eatyualive Feb 16 03, 11:06 PM GMT
with all this green house talk i had to pull this thread back to life!

Posted by: your_imagination Feb 16 03, 11:52 PM GMT

Here is how i got it work'in!

I won't post the others since i already have them uploaded:::

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 17 03, 02:20 AM GMT
QUOTE (eatyualive @ Feb 16 03, 10:06 PM GMT)
with all this green house talk i had to pull this thread back to life!

laugh.gif I'm honored blush.gif

Posted by: Peroxide Feb 17 03, 07:52 AM GMT
This Humidifier By honeywell for 70$ "Kenmore Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier " from sears. (their website won't link right) Has a built in humidistat, that can be set from 10 to 90% rh, all digital and stuff. The fan also is always on, and has 2 speeds.

So I saw this friend who has taken this unit and moved the humidistat from inside the unit to inside his greenhouse. It was apperantly a matter of undoing a couple of screws and popping the tiny pcb out. THe whole unit is modularized inside. put together like a computer really easy to figure out.

So with the hepafilters and a little caulk, the unit automatically maintains 90% rh, and a constant gentle clean airflow. In the fast or normal mode I think this thing could adequatley fog at least 2 of these greenhouses. The hose he used was 3" vinyl dryer ducting, and it runs straight up 5' from the humidifier to the top of the greenhouse.

At some point in the future (once a camera is found) I might be able to convince them to let my photo all this stuff and do a write up.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Feb 17 03, 11:09 AM GMT

We need to get our brains busy.....
I think humidistats could solve all the problems
involved with ultrasonics......and automation
automation is something everyone wants
and ideal setups
that aren't huge expensive growrooms
are hard to come-by

I wonder how one could rig a humidistat(s) to a big hummer......
could make automation a breeze.
That along with easy temp control,
which is another factor we should figure out.
because most ways of delivering heat
cause drying probems
and fishtank heaters are expensive and problematic

What ever happened to Zilla's terrarium for
the lifetime cultivator?
huh, huh?
Where are you zilla?

anyhoo.....I need some ideas.....
I want a setup that doesn't make me it's bitch
help me someone!
lets brainstorm!

check out the heat system in this pic
would that kick ass!

Posted by: DirtyWOP Feb 17 03, 11:18 AM GMT
Somehow, using an undertank heater instead of fishtank.....pumping warm water thru pipes under each shelf of the greenhouse, somehow set on a thermostat, to maintain perfect temps.....

and piping ABOVE each shelf with HEPA filtered entrainment humidity from a ultrasonic, set on a humidistat.......with a high enough powered fan and a SMALL filtered CO2 vent.......

WOULD be the IDEAL setup
for a hobbyist cultivator, IMO

if only I knew how to make it happen
and make it work huh.gif unsure.gif
tinkering in order I suppose
but I have a tendecy to spend a lot of money
and never seem to come to any good conclusions tongue.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 17 03, 12:51 PM GMT
Well I had to do some remodeling...
Since Eatyu revived this thread I thought ,why not?I ditched the humidifier and busted out the FM fog unit ohmy.gif biggrin.gif Fornicated my greenhouse with it smirk.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 17 03, 12:53 PM GMT


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 17 03, 12:53 PM GMT

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 17 03, 12:54 PM GMT

Posted by: el.jefe Feb 17 03, 12:58 PM GMT
hehehehe...that's what i like to see! i love fog! one time...i got lost in a SMALL park by my house that was DENSE w/ fog ohmy.gif i thought i was on another planet or something! how psilly of me biggrin.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Feb 17 03, 04:58 PM GMT
I wonder if there would be a way to have a filtered CO2 vent at the bottom, and humidity hooked up to a large fan blowing a heavy load of humid air at high speeds thru the I can leave the ultrasonic on constantly w/o need for a timer, and keep constant air circulation w/o dead air pockets........I think you could dial it in properly by the size of your CO2 vent.......although it would waste electricity......

What do you think?
Would it stay humid?
I have a timer that does 1/2 hour intervals....could I use an ultrasonic with this?

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 18 03, 12:40 AM GMT
It would stay humid, but I dont think you want the fogger running constantly 8hrs is max. recommended time for them to run. Plus, I ran mine for a few hours, and it soaked the floor. Good thing nothing was inside wink.gif If you has a filter for it it would need to be water proof, cause its gonna get soaked. If you have a double lining like mine you could run a semi humid fan constant, and create positive pressure by reducing the bottom opening but still allowing it to drain. If ya need some blueprints holler. I got a good design program to make em.

Posted by: your_imagination Feb 18 03, 10:48 AM GMT
my friends dog runs his 24/7 ( vicks that is ) pic above..

the door is made of drooped plastic not sealed as the air from the vicks pushes stale air out of the door, prevents dust from entering the room!

also a hepa filter is on when ever he gets in there! just in case!

All she has to do is refill the hummer once a day with 2L of water.

Posted by: killdannow Feb 18 03, 11:26 AM GMT
im glad to see that homemade ultrasonic forced hepa humidifier back fm, I thought something bad had happened, after seeing you make it, then not seeing it for a while. I mean that thing pumps some bad ass humidity right or wrong. Plus the hepa and you can leave the hepa on all the time.

I forgot who said it, but we do need a practical way to use humidistats in greenhouses. I gotta make one of those fm humidifiers too.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Feb 18 03, 12:28 PM GMT
I know nothing about electricity
but maybe there is some kind of switch that
you could wire both the humidistat and humidifier wire to,
making it shut off the humidifier when the humidistat tells it to.....
btw, I have the IQ of a rock
so if you know how to do it,
with your everyday joe humidifier
please let me know
in stupid terms please clown.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 18 03, 01:46 PM GMT
Here is the fogged out greenhose, and this is my 1st flatcake smile.gif
16inches in diameter, and its already pinning!

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 18 03, 01:47 PM GMT

over head

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 18 03, 01:50 PM GMT
And here are #1's brothers and sisters. The one closest is #2 Z, 3rd flush invitro cakes spawned to straw dung, the other is #3 malabar, spawned to straw dung, and the biggun is#1 EQ, 2nd flush spawned to dung straw then again to Mycotapro compost biggrin.gif

Posted by: eatyualive Feb 27 03, 05:53 PM GMT
jesus! nice job! kinda urky seein the fog, reminds me of pickin in the field

Posted by: anti-hero Feb 27 03, 11:21 PM GMT
How do u air it out, or does it do that by itself?

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Mar 13 03, 06:46 AM GMT
Bringing this back to life, for all those who keep asking.... wink.gif

Posted by: dodder Mar 13 03, 07:46 AM GMT
since you brought it back to life.. how are those flat cakes doing?

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Mar 13 03, 11:53 AM GMT
fruited em out as a matter of fact I picked the last of some neglected EQ this morning.Its empty now. I got some 6-12 inch deep tubs of l00% colonized sub ready to go in next biggrin.gif
Here are some dry ass EQ, the mist maker was low on H2o and auto shut off. See how dry they are....

Simple Homer System : Fogger System : Shroom Glossary