Making A Spore Syringe

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Posted by: Zoom Jun 29 03, 10:28 PM GMT
This is how my Foaf does it:

1-Take print on sterile petri dish
2-Sterilize syringe when making jars
3-take a needle and heat the tip
4-poke 2 holes in dish, one over the spore print and one at edge of dish.
5-inject sterile water and scratch spores on plate with needle tip
6-put syringe in hole at edge of dish and suck em up

You can make several clean syringes like this,
depending on size of the print. Foaf hardly
ever has any contams using this method.
On the last run, he made 36 jars with no
contams. wink.gif

Posted by: Malformed Jun 30 03, 01:16 PM GMT
all i do is fill one jar with distilled water & put the lid on it.
put a lid on a second jar with square or round piece of aluminum cut from a soda can.
wrap both in foil.

pc both.

take the print in the empty jar, on the aluminum.

while the print is still fresh & wet, drop it right into the jar of sterilized water and shake well.

fill the syringes through a hole in the jar lid.

i have done it with out a glovebox and have had no problems.
its simple, fast, and reliable.
i take 10 to 13 syringes per halfpint. the syringes i use are 12cc size.

the more simple it is, the less chance you will screw it up somewhere in the process.
extra steps = more work, more chance for contam.

Posted by: Zoom Jun 30 03, 08:01 PM GMT
Damn good tek Mal.
My foaf will have to give it a try!
Thanks! biggrin.gif

He only gets about 3-4 good syringes.
If you can get 10-15, well, you do the math. wink.gif

Posted by: ShroomZilla Jul 01 03, 12:17 AM GMT
everyone has thier own unique methods really, there are so many ways to do
things that it makes your head spin...

It boils down to being clean and precise. If you are that, chances are you wi9ll succeed.
If you are sloppy and hasty, well, you get whats coming to you.


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