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Posted by: dickyjones7 Apr 22 03, 11:53 AM GMT
I grew some fine kush outdoors last year, only had a few plants because its such a pain to dig those damn holes, especially around here. This year I plan on doing about 10 purple power, and 10 kush, but there is no way in hell I'm diggin' 20 holes. What other options are there that won't cost me too much and won't be OBVIOUS AS HELL outside. Thanks for the help ya'll! tongue.gif

Posted by: colt122 Apr 25 03, 12:14 AM GMT
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Potato sacks above ground,I wouldnt have it any other way cool.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 Apr 25 03, 10:28 PM GMT
how exactly do I make potato sacks.....can i buy so lazy

Posted by: colt122 Apr 25 03, 11:16 PM GMT
In Canada I pay a dollar a bag? Have to phone a local produce supplier?
There not to hard to find. wink.gif

Posted by: bold Apr 26 03, 09:19 AM GMT
or you could just buy lots of potatoes.

Posted by: dickyjones7 Apr 26 03, 12:52 PM GMT
and you just fill these bags with soil and water them normally....anything special i need to do like drain them or anything? Thanks for the help ya'll. Also, any comments on this "purple power" strain....I've heard alot of negative about it, but I've also heard great things about it. cool.gif pce

Posted by: colt122 Apr 27 03, 03:13 AM GMT
I just wish that when I bought A strain the REAL deal would come with it.
Fact is the strain has to be grown in your are your conditions to get the no bull results. Its trial and error. Breeding was my only solution for my geography. Kush in my area wouldnt get past 2 ft.The strain I have flowers if you FART on it     Ive seen this plant flower under 24 hours of light?
Best of luck! wink.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 Apr 28 03, 06:33 PM GMT
don't mean to be pushy but i kinda need much should i fill the sacks....and what to fill them with.....soil/perlite??? or just plain old soil....can i transplant to a potato sack or does the seedling have to be started in the sack...thanx for the help ya'll!pce

Posted by: colt122 Apr 28 03, 07:01 PM GMT
Use a outdoor soil ,lots of landscaping (supply places carry different types of soil) They will have a mix: perlite, manure, peat, topsoil. The place were I go calls it the "No 4"? I've grown in pure cowshit, works great get it from farmers, let it dry sift it thru a screen, you don't need to pasteurize it. Fill bags 1/3 to 1/2 way, add 1/2 to a cup of "Dolomite lime" to help adjust the PH! Buy a 5 or 10 lb bag at the greenhouse supply, Home depot, etc.. Plant your clones from beer cups or "Pepsi bottles (they work great!) Directly into the bags. You should read up on "Hardening off the plants" If you use lots of cow shit to grow then you do not need nutrients till flowering starts, then add 10-52-10 nutrient mix, That's all I can say for now, Later cool.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Apr 30 03, 11:41 AM GMT
Hard work pays off......
digging holes isn't quite as bad as hauling 100s and 100s of lbs of soil or manure to your grow spot.....

I plan on growing in bushel baskets this year(soil is way too clayey) should be fun!

Posted by: free spirit May 02 03, 12:32 PM GMT
where i dont feel like digging or where the soil is bad (ie pine forests) i like to use grow bags... like 40 cents a pice for 5 gallon ones at local grow shops...
almost like a reinforced black small trashbag... but cheap.. effective.. black so you can cover fairly easy with local foliage.... i personally like to set them into thickets... or other nasty places i wouldnt want to dig in...

potato sack would work too im sure...

one bonus of having a nice flexible semi soft container is the roots can grow through rather easily... i like to put a bit of good soil under each growbag to facilitate this....

Posted by: colt122 May 02 03, 01:26 PM GMT
I had lots of problems with the "bags" I use them for indoor. Outdoor they are too noticeable! Just like freshly turned soil. wink.gif Roots also have no were to go?
The potato bag is tried tested and true! Those potato bags let the roots grow into the ground, sometimes 10 ft or more! Plastic also doesn't allow for air exchange! biggrin.gif

Posted by: free spirit May 02 03, 02:03 PM GMT
must have different bags than i...
not slamming your potato sack my friend...
but the bags i have have 24 fairly large holes through the base... many a time when I harvest a plant i try to pull the grow bag up and find that the entire bottom has been overwhelmed by the roots and they had actually tapped into the local water table ( I didn't need to water only feed after two months)

I've had 10 footers in bags too.... and some that woulda been higher had i not topped and supercropped... i also find them fairly easy to camo.... just use local flora and fauna

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 06 03, 02:55 PM GMT
ahhhhhhh.....finally found 'em....90 cents each for size 54 burlap...that sound right...gotta drive 2 hours to get em.... cry.gif

Posted by: colt122 May 06 03, 05:01 PM GMT
Yep you got them wink.gif 1/2 cup Dolomite lime per 1/2 bag of soil mix, try to get a Manure mix, you'll do better in the long run. biggrin.gif It snowed out here last week mad.gif ,My foaf doesn't put them out till July sometimes? I've also seen him pour pure 10-52-10 mixed as thick as syrup and he pours this on the soil? Indoor plants disintegrate at that rate, you'll have to play but the manure will take care of Veg state very well. Let me know how it goes cool.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 06 03, 09:44 PM GMT
now the hunt continues for #4, or any other acceptable medium

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 08 03, 11:47 AM GMT
Sunshine Mix #2......that's the closest I could get.....made up of peat, lime, perlite, vermiculite, and compost, and a couple other things I can't remember.....they said that the mixture is extremely dry and when you add water it expands......does this sound like the right stuff?? These Kush seedlings grow like mad, leaving these Purple things in the dust....there about 8 inches now, almost ready to go out. These seeds came from a female last year, I'm just hoping and praying they are feminized, almost positive they are considering there was no male influence...I did stress them a bit so that might explain the seeds....thanks for the help and I'll keep you updated. biggrin.gif

Posted by: colt122 May 08 03, 12:35 PM GMT
Your first big big mistake would be to use "Sunshine mix" I've used that soil for years and years (indoor) Hard to believe they almost corner the pot market, They do out here in Can. My landscape supply company can be found under "landscaping supplies" "Soils", etc. These companies try to replicate the "NO.4 Sunshine mix" the only difference is there is topsoil in it, and manure. Its meant for outdoor flower beds, and its a lot heavier than Sunshine Mix. Believe me it dries out way, way too quick. Sunshine mix is an indoor soil only, No matter what you hear. wink.gif Look for pure cowshit if you can, most farmers give it away, Companies buy it from farmers to use back on the fields as fertilizer? Keep hunting!

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 08 03, 03:20 PM GMT
FINALLY.....I think I found it this time...Luck Stone Quarry.....It's called a "topsoil mix" and it contains papermill compost, screen soil, and quarry dust to retain moisture...50 bucks a load......that sound right?? cool.gif

Posted by: colt122 May 08 03, 03:57 PM GMT
Sounds a lot better biggrin.gif Im going to go to A place something like "HOME DEPOT" and buying a bunch of steer manure$1.80 a bag Canadian 20kg,if you buy 3!,they also have sheep manure, its all good, throw a few bags in if your not sure! Got the Dolomite lime yet? nono.gif Its a must for good taste wink.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 11 03, 03:04 PM GMT
i had a quick germination problem i thought i'd ask method is to use those little containers with a bunch of little sections to put each seedling, i use fresh soil and just put the seeds about a half inch down...i then cover it with plastic wrap to keep humidity up and put a light directly over it....once they pop up, i just remove the plastic....this method works great.....14 out of 14 kush sprouted this way in about 2 days, but only 4 of 10 purple power sprouted. I dug up the non sprouted seeds and soaked them for a bit...they immediately sank which i hear is good, and then i put them in a wet paper towel for about a i dried them and retried the old faithful method and once again...NOTHING....are these seeds ruined, or should i try something else. Thanks man. cool.gif

Posted by: Samsara May 11 03, 06:55 PM GMT
If your seeds haven't sprouted in over a week, I don't think they wil have much of a chance sadly. sad.gif Sometimes you just get unlucky and get a few duds. Your best bet (if you still want to try) is just to stick them in some soil and continue to keep them wet. If they don't sprout in another week than they are spent for sure. The way the cookie crumbles I suppose, good luck with your succesful sprouts! biggrin.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 13 03, 07:58 PM GMT
"Dolomitic pulverized lawn and garden limestone" that the stuff, looks white and powdery. Picked up the sacks yesterday and am planning on stuffing them this weekend. My plan is to get a full pickup load of this "topsoil mix" from the quarry, mix in maybe half a bag of lime, and thrown in a few bags of fresh manure, mix it all around, maybe moisten it a bit then just fill all the bags from the bed of the truck. That sound like a decent plan? cool.gif

Posted by: colt122 May 13 03, 11:38 PM GMT
Sounds like the SHIT!! wink.gif Were I go there are Mountains of different soils big trucks are always in there, I take my shovel and I put 3 scoops in each bag and keep piling them. Drive out to my spot dump the bags, walk back ,drag them in, set up shop! when transplanting in the bush you can leave them in bear cups or whatever there in and let them "harden off a bit" then about 3-5 days later transplant, Mix the lime in 1/2 cup per bag mix then add clone then water. Tip: Pectin (like clear jello) you can buy it at a grocery store cheap. Add water nutrients and let sit until it gels like jello, cut in cubes and put the chunks around the stem covering it with the end of the sacks. This will help add water when needed! wink.gif Keep me filled in, good luck!

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 14 03, 12:11 AM GMT
its weird these seedlings are beginning too smell a bit funky, there almost 10 inches tall now, lots of foliage, nice large leaves....the stems are purple on those for PP plants....should i put them out soon......should i keep 24 hour light or give it a few hours of darkness? Thanks for the help man cool.gif

Posted by: colt122 May 21 03, 12:23 AM GMT
Start hardning them off,introduce them to natural lighting if possibble for a few hours a day for a week then put them out,they wont shock as bad,you have plenty of grow season,I wait 2 more weeks yet!Done 15 Sept. wink.gif

Posted by: colt122 May 21 03, 12:25 AM GMT
cool.gif Heres one!

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 23 03, 04:51 PM GMT
well today i put 10 outside....i made the mistake of filling the bags w/ soil BEFORE taking them to the site....NEVER AGAIN.....those damn things were so heavy.....anyway, im hoping i filled the bags enough, about 1/3, it just doesn't seem like enough soil, but i assume the roots grow out the bottom and straight into the ground? anyway, it is very rainy today, they were drooping almost on their sides becuase the water weighed them down, plus there a little too tall(shouldn't have grown them 1 1/2 feet in dixie cups), but im hoping with tommorrow's sun they'll perk right up. Unfortunately i was so exhausted and worn out that I didn't have time to put any cowshit in the bags, I filled them with just the topsoil and a little trough-scoop of lime....I mixed the lime as well as i could, the soil was just so heavy and compressed in the bag i had a hard time turning-over and mixing. I mixed until the white dissappeared and i hope thats enough. Is it bad for the plants to droop over?.....the rainwater in just too heavy. Thanks for all the help man, and im gettin' a digi-camera so i will have some nice pics (hopefully) of these purty kush plants basking in the sun. cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif

Posted by: colt122 May 23 03, 05:19 PM GMT
If there root bound then your fucked. The only way to get the bags to my site is to carry each one ! ohmy.gif If you do it after it rains then there a bitch. If you can drive a vehicle in then you have it made. If you can run water then your almost God laugh.gif I go to a 2l bottle "Pepsi" they slide out easy and there still portable, and I've grown them a good 2 feet in those and they turned out. You see were I'm I wont be out for 2 more weeks min. Mine are in beer cups, pinch the top once to hold them back and let them branch, if they get like a foot in beer cups I would be worried, but my grow season is short, but I can still put them out at 6 inches in July and they can get 20 ft! ohmy.gif Hopefully they will work because of your long grow season! Strain is important, many will not work outdoor period. They are made for artificial lighting, and many other factors, make sure your strain is proven and go with clones off a female mother plant next year, your turnout will amaze you!

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 23 03, 06:05 PM GMT
well they were a little root bound, but surprisingly little roots for how tall the plants were. but before i transplanted them, i pulled the large roots that were swirling around the bottom of the cup and pulled them not really worried about root boundness, these plants are sooooooo hardy, last year i accidentally just left one outside in a small, say 1.5 gallon plastic planter. I wasn't taking it all that seriosly last year so i just left it there until the plant was just about to flower(almost 5 feet tall)....i practically had to pry that thing out, there was no visible dirt when i pulled it out, just a hurricane of bound roots....the most rootbound damn thing you'll ever see, but i threw it in a half-assed hole and sure enough, after about a week of shock, got about 3 o's of fresh kush..........I'm more worried about these things surviving all this rain and no sun, I can just see them now laying sideways on the ground in the mud bleah.gif , that is only if there is no sun tomorrow laugh.gif Thanks for the help and I'll be prayin' for those baby's tonight. cool.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 25 03, 12:59 PM GMT

Posted by: colt122 May 25 03, 02:28 PM GMT
cool.gif wink.gif shh.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 May 29 03, 11:08 AM GMT
well i checked on them today, after 4 days of straight rain, maybe 12 hours of sun tops and they actually look great! I put 4 more out today because we are expecting lots of sun and temps in the 80's tomorrow smile.gif . Once again, I am only filling these bags about 1/3 full, half way is just too much, too heavy to drag....but I assume it doesn't matter becuase the roots grow through the bag and into the ground....maybe should i did small holes and drop the sack like halfway down in the holes maybe to conceal better and give the roots more soil when they poke through the sack??? I'm going to add some manure to surround the base of the plants in the bags, just to give em' a little juice....once again, pics are coming soon and i think you'll be impressed...Thanks for the help Colt! cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif

Posted by: colt122 May 29 03, 12:49 PM GMT
When it rains it pours! m still a week away and in beer cups, no rush, dont want to carry a ladder to cut down! laugh.gif When I get out there its the dry season, so I pray for rain! biggrin.gif
O yeah the pics!!!!!!!Cant wait! wink.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 Jun 01 03, 03:59 PM GMT
so i went out to check them today after all this great sun, and I was surprised, and a little discouraged at what I found.....firstly, they look great, leaves twice the size of my hand, like i said Kush is a very beautiful plant, and they are all very healthy.....the bad news, one of the PP plants looks to be developing MALE FLOWERS!!!???!!!????? mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif cry.gif for one it is way too early for these suckers to start budding there only 2 feet tall, two it's definitley MALE FLOWERS!! I've only seen the flowers of a male plant in real life once or twice, but i can't be looks like a miniature cluster of grapes or somethin' hanging off the top of the plant where the new groth is coming in, but the flowers are not appearing anywhere else on the plant, just at the top where new growth is coming in, it is very strange and this one plant is the only one budding. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? I'm thinking just chop it down and put another plant in it's sack, but I'm just not sure, maybe chop off all the new growth at the top and maybe it will continue to veg normally??? Who knows, i have no experience with something like this, please help!! huh.gif huh.gif

Posted by: colt122 Jun 01 03, 08:41 PM GMT
Chop it off or replace that's the only option, Some plants will hermaphrodite on only certain parts of the plant. If you cant watch it closely pull it unless you want male pollen for cross-breeding purpose? This can be collected and stored in Gel capsules in cool temp? Talk to you again wink.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 Jun 02 03, 03:50 PM GMT
i just chopped the top branch today and put the rest out, that makes 16 total (one fell over in the car and snapped ohmy.gif ). I just wonder what would make that plant start budding so early, i've never seen something like that before huh.gif huh.gif

Posted by: colt122 Jun 02 03, 06:50 PM GMT
Mine bud if you fart on them under 24 hours of light wink.gif Usually means a good outdoor strain, just stabilize your growing factors cool.gif Talk to you soon, Mine still are in Beer cups cool.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 Jun 09 03, 09:25 PM GMT
made a visit this afternoon...yet another one has began to flower male, that's 2 so far mad.gif ...but otherwise they all look nice....i get my camera back on friday so ill have some pics up soon depending on how long it takes to learn to post pics.

Posted by: colt122 Jun 09 03, 09:41 PM GMT
Sounds like things are still good, I'm going tomorrow to do my main one, They are still in beer cups! And doing just fine they haven't even overgrown the cups! So tomorrow my trip starts cool.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 Jun 19 03, 11:49 AM GMT
haven't been out there in about a week and I checked em out today, yet another male has shown it ugly's not lookin like I'm gonna have any female PP plants this year cry.gif I have one remaining that looks to be shooting small white pistils from the top, that's promising, but I was thinking, could I clone this last PP plant if it turns out to be female? Will there be enough time for the clones to finish out? How would I go about cloning? I just want more plants without starting more seeds. Thanks man. cool.gif

Posted by: colt122 Jun 19 03, 02:24 PM GMT
Sorry to hear that ohmy.gif Try to save a clone cool.gif

Posted by: dickyjones7 Jun 26 03, 10:00 PM GMT
i'm going out tommorow with my friends digital camera to take some pics and take a few cuttings from one of the females. I was wondering if it would work to take the cuttings even though the plant has already begun flowering. and would it hurt to put the clones back inside and veg for a little then put back outside???? The grow season here is sooooooo long I have all the time in the world. By the way, a few of those kush are already pushin' 5 feet!!!!! I may see my first ten footer this year ohmy.gif You'll see for youreself tommorrow. Later cool.gif

Posted by: colt122 Jun 26 03, 10:14 PM GMT
ohmy.gif 5ft wow My buddies in Ontario , have been out a month and are only 1ft tall so far! Good going ohmy.gif lets see those pics! And Yes, you can revert the clones back into veg and they will usually snap out of it wink.gif Takes a little longer use 24hours on the clones of light. cool.gif

Posted by: nhdevildog Jun 26 03, 10:18 PM GMT
Burlap sacks hoisted to the top of a tree. Spread out a good distance. The only thing is you have to lower them for watering. But no one will find your crop. They blend right in if done right.

Posted by: colt122 Jun 26 03, 11:52 PM GMT
I could see a few places that would be useful, But you would have to water a lot more due to the roots not being able to tap the ground, Mine sometimes grows 5 ft down ohmy.gif But I could definitely see me doing that wink.gif

Posted by: Twista Jun 27 03, 03:37 PM GMT
QUOTE (nhdevildog @ Jun 26 03, 11:18 PM GMT)
Burlap sacks hoisted to the top of a tree. Spread out a good distance. The only thing is you have to lower them for watering. But no one will find your crop. They blend right in if done right.

That's dedication. clap.gif

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