Invitro Question - Drop Temps?

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Posted by: raze Nov 13 02, 01:03 AM GMT
Ok, my jars are nearing completion (and I'm getting more and more excited). I'm planning on growing invitro this time around for stealth reasons.
When they hit 100% should I drop the temp to initiate fruting, or is that not needed? They've gotten lots of light (I usually check them 2x a day). Do I really need a light bulb or anything in there? T hanks

Posted by: Chronic007 Nov 13 02, 01:12 AM GMT
By invitro I take it you're talking about leaving them in the 1/2 pints. As for temps you should drop them to around the mid 70's, the pins will start before you drop the temp but they will grow faster and the cakes will retain more moisture at a lower temp. As for light, indirect light will be fine, it only initiates pinning and guides the growth direction of the shrooms but yours will be crawling around the sides of the jar anyhow. Hope that helps. Keep us informed.

Posted by: raze Nov 13 02, 02:31 AM GMT
Vitro being latin for glass, thus "in glass"

But thank you for your response.

Posted by: Chronic007 Nov 13 02, 07:16 AM GMT
Yea I was actually refering to all the different ivitro teks and wasn't sure which one you were doin

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