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Posted by: dcyans Jul 30 03, 03:00 PM GMT

Intro to Hydro
By dcyans

This will be the first in a series of articles to enlighten the would be hydroponic gardener ;-) First of all if you are reading this, I,ve caught your attention wink.gif Great!

We all need to realize that gardening has come a long way in the last 20 years and the art of growing hydroponically has also come a long way, with the advent of NFT (nutrient film/flow technique), ebb and flow, aero-hydoponic, and aeroponics to name a few, things are looking up! wink.gif I want you all to realize that with hydroponic growing your plants will love you and will show it with unbelievable growth and quality. In hydroponics you can easily surpass nature in growth and in the density of your crops!

Now I must say if your doing vegetables or any produce for that matter for profit you will not beat hydroponics, on the other hand if your growing for yourself I've found hydroponics comes up a bit short on flavor and that is a shortfall i've heard from others also sad.gif

Now if you are growing some other kind of plants wink.gif hydroponics will open up your hobby ten fold and you will be amazed at the satisfaction of growing hydroponically
and you will never turn back, except for a few peeps that can't quite understand this concept of growing the majority will find a more satisfying and easier way to grow wink.gif

I've decided to do these articles here at Nans because of the interest i've seen lately and the experience I see I believe this information will not be wasted on deaf ears. Because of the amount of time consumed to do they articles (Nan knows best) I hope all will appreciate what I have to offer here and i already know quite a few do, and because of this I am doing this " Intro to Hydro" for you my friends here at NansNook smile.gif

The first article will deal with the differences between soil (organic) gardening and hydroponic gardening. I think the differences will be clear, why hydroponics are the wave of the future, I will also be doing some indepth articles on nutrient management and some on different types of medium (geolite, rockwool, NFT and others) and how they effect the way we grow. Remember one of the great advantages of hydroponics over soil is the ability to manipulate nutrient concentrations for enhanced growth! And the fact that the roots do not have to search for food, because the food is brought to the roots wink.gif.

Now we need be a lttle more careful as far as safety when using hydroponics.
#1 Safety concern is the fact that we will be working with water and electricity and they do not mix wink.gif so really pay attention OK?
#2 Safety concern in my book is working with rockwool, the stuff is great once you learn how to prep it, handle it and grow with it wink.gif So remember there are dangers working with rockwool!!! And here they are:
Rockwool presents several dangers to the user. Airborne particles are inhaled and splinters can pierce the skin. Rockwool consists of thin strands of spun basalt rock. These strands are very light and become airborne easily, especially when DRY. Since the fiber has a degree of brittleness, particles easily break apart and start floating in air currents. Tiny pieces can land in the lung or air passages. They create temporary small ulcers where they pierce the tissue. Once they are lodged there, the body's acid environment interacts with the alkaline rockwool, which dissolves. Rockwool strands also form splinters, which are irritating when they pierce the skin. a small proportion of the population is allergic to rockwool,and experiences rashes or other uncomfortable reactions.Rockwool flocking, which is stuffed into containers, is much more likely to lose strands than the cubes or slabs. Always use gloves when handling rockwool. Wear long clothing and a respiratory mask when you are working with the flocking. First wet it down; if you do this the fibers are less likely to break, and less likely to become airborne if they do break apart.
#3 Has nothing to do with hydroponics but I myself like to foliar feed supplements and mist quite a bit so be careful not to inadvertantly get mist on the HID lamp because it will explode!!!!
#4 Watch your ass those HID lights put out ultraviolet light which are very bad for your eyes, and even though you don't think your spending alot of time under them believe me if your anything like me you will spend at least an hour everyday under the HID lights. I test the ppm, pH and temperature of the reservoir, also checking for any pests or diseases and picking dead leaves which will drop and if they land on your medium they will rot and mold which in turn will start disease sad.gif ,but we will talk more on that later wink.gif

So sit back and take a big hit off your favorite bud, I really suggest ya read the articles twice (or more) so you will pickup on things I guarantee you will miss the first time and take that first step into the state of the art field of hydroponics. When we are finished you will have a better understanding of the dynamics involved in growing hydroponically!.....................dcyans

Posted by: colt122 Jul 31 03, 12:26 PM GMT
You have my full attention wink.gif cool.gif

Posted by: Samsara Jul 31 03, 12:30 PM GMT
Mine too! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Lugen007 Jul 31 03, 07:15 PM GMT
I'm all over this like a fat kid on a smartie!!! I was going to buy a book, but dont have much money to spend, I still need a couple more things for my room before I start, this will give me some background in hydro!! I need it... It will be my first grow, so I'm sure in about a month I will have TONS of posts here, "help me with this, what is this, etc" you have my undivided attention!!!!..............

Karma to you my friend

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