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Posted by: Propagator Jan 21 03, 06:59 PM GMT


Posted by: Nanook Jan 21 03, 07:04 PM GMT
There is more activity in a substrate jar than you seek in a liquid culture. You are going to need some air exchange in most instances I think to get the jars to 100%. It depends on a lot of variables, but especially in larger jars, you should vent them.

Posted by: Mycota Jan 21 03, 07:10 PM GMT

Drill two holes in lids, about 1.5 or 2 inches apart.

( I do one hole in the center to innoc in & one offset)

When you innoc, do it through one hole -- by rotating the syringe needle inside the jar. That has two purposes.

1. You are not withdrawing the syringe into open air & inserting it into another hole (possible contam exposure).

2. Once innoc'ed (as above - in center hole), tape that hole over (to seal the puncture in the filter material underneath the lid). Which leaves the other -- for gas exchange.

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Posted by: raze Jan 22 03, 04:00 PM GMT
Does someone have a broken space bar?

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