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Posted by: Jade Nov 24 02, 09:24 PM GMT
hi, im going to do a combination of the 9er tek glovebox and nans positive pressuer glovebox...

right now i need to know what an appropriate fan(s) for the setup would be... somethings im confused on is...

1) 12VDC --how do i make this into something i plug in? is there a link somewhere on how to do the wiring

2) Locked Rotor Protected
Bearing : Sleeve and Ball Bearing

im not too sure what that means, but is that the kind you can use for a glovebox? also, it says its a 'brushless' fan...

lastly, whats the total cfm the two fans should have, together? just want to make sure im looking at the right strength.

thanks for any advice/info/links wub.gif

Posted by: Nanook Nov 24 02, 10:11 PM GMT
OK... I have found the power supply fans from computers work very well. You can use larger heavier fans... these fans work great.

There are some wiring tips in the thread below...

Nan's Glovebox

Basically it works like this: You get a 12 volt power supply: 12v car battery charger, 12 power adapter, 12 volt bus from a computer power supply, even a 12 volt battery pack.

You hook the positive lead from the 12v supply to the red wire on the fan. The brushless motor is what you want, ball bearings are better than sleeve bearings. I do not have CFM specs off-hand, but if it blows like the fan on the back of a desktop computer it has enough capacity unless you use a very heavy filter.

Vitti found that using a dimmer switch wired to a hair dryer fan would push air through a HEPA and made a first class box wink.gif

Posted by: Fuz Nov 25 02, 02:26 PM GMT
I think I would make sure it is brushless, I think maybe brushes would spark.When I fired mine up for the first time,full of lysol fumes,I was holding my breath. ohmy.gif

Posted by: Nanook Nov 25 02, 02:29 PM GMT
Gloveboxes do explode. The computer power supply fans are brushless. No sparks wink.gif

Posted by: Jade Nov 25 02, 02:33 PM GMT
wow.. gloveboxs can explode? lol, i dont think im looking at them the same way ever again.

btw, how would one go about using batterys? would i have to find a plastic thing that batteries go in and then put the wires extending the fan on the metal plates on the plastic thing? man, physics was way too long ago lol.. this stuff is confusing wub.gif

Posted by: Nanook Nov 25 02, 05:46 PM GMT
Get 2 six volt lantern batteries and some scrap wire.

You hook the Plus from one battery to the Minus of the second battery.

You hook the red wire from the fan to the remaining available Plus and the black wire to the remaining Minus terminal.

Congratulations... You have made a simple 12v series circuit! wub.gif

A little tape is all that's needed to hold it together wink.gif

Posted by: 420M Nov 25 02, 06:32 PM GMT
Sorry if this is off topic a bit. . .

but is a flowhood still considered superior to a glovebox?

Thanks in Advance,


Posted by: Nanook Nov 26 02, 12:01 AM GMT
Yes... Not because they are cleaner... But because they are less stressful to use.

Posted by: Toad Nov 26 02, 09:31 PM GMT
There are fans that are 110 ready, they cost a little more but can be found. They are the computer variety as Nan spoke of. Strip the ends off of a lamp cord, tape together, that's it.

PM me Jade I have a spare now that I have a new flowhood. biggrin.gif smirk.gif

Glove boxes do explode esp. when you try to light an alcohal lamp in a freshly lysol sprayed container. Singed all the hair off my arms and I threw the glovebox across the room. SMASH!
That was back when I was a teen, I had to learn alot of this the hard (or stupid) way. No one to give advice. Experience can be a stern teacher.

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