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Posted by: glasshoppa Feb 10 03, 09:22 PM GMT
Hi people.

I built a basic glovebox over the weekend out of a plastic storage container and a sheet of plexiglass. I used kitchen trash bags for "gloves", which are a BITCH to manipulate stuff with, and I'll install some rubber gloves before I use it next. My box does not have a fan/filter. (Yet.)

OK, so my stuff is in the box. The same air that is in the room is in the box, so I have to do something to kill airborne vermin. I spray Lysol. Now, my box is full of fumes. I read in the archives that fumes kill spores. What kind of work can and cannot be done in a fume filled box? Is it safe to innoculate jars with a syringe, or do I risk killing my spores?

And when I get around to putting a fan and filter on the box, what guarantee is there that airborne bacteria don't cruise through the filter?

Has anyone ever wondered why we have to do all this to coax a mushroom to grow, while they willingly grow in a pile of shit out in the field?

The last question doesn't have to be answered, but some input on the previous questions would be appreciated. Thanx.

Posted by: dcyans Feb 10 03, 09:29 PM GMT
My understanding is a glovebox is an area with little or no air movement. also you have your spores covered in the box, you spray a good heavy mist on the cover ,on the walls and bottom then let the lysol settle. spray down your gloved hands and work quick. I made this one for about 8 bucks. fumes themselves will not kill spores but contact with lysol will, in my understanding biggrin.gif peace.gif

Posted by: ShroomVator Feb 10 03, 11:00 PM GMT
My glovebox is nearly identical, dcyans.


Posted by: Nanook Feb 10 03, 11:25 PM GMT
High concentrations of fumes will kill spores, even living cultures. Move quickly and deftly to minimize exposure times. I would not try to print in a closed fume filled box, but syringes are not bothered by fumes, liquid cultures are ok for awhile.

Posted by: OneDiaDem Feb 11 03, 01:07 AM GMT
Thats almost mine exactly too, mine is just a little more riddled with hot glue in place of those ring things, lol. I spray mine down and innoc the next day. I have a hepa filter(only) for air exchange. I keep everything sealed until the lysol is gone. I also keep a syring full of alcohol for wiping the needles between jars and the gloves before I start.

Posted by: groingrinder Feb 11 03, 04:23 AM GMT
Am I the only one who has trouble when the arm holes are in the front? I made one that way and it was practically unusable. I had to make one with the holes in the side.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Feb 11 03, 10:08 AM GMT
It depends.....armholes in general are uncomfortable.....if your glovebox is as big as that rubbermaid, I'd think armholes in the side would be even more uncomfortable.....In any case, when using rubber gloves, use BIG ones.....

It's safe to innoculate jars with a syringe GH, just don't OPEN things with a lot of fumes.....

If you want a GUARANTEE that the bacteria won't cruise, you will need a HEPA filter of some sort....but if your room is clean enuf, prolly not necessary....

Anyone ever think about or look into the oil technique like stamets describes in TMC? That sounds pretty interesting, but prolly messy....

Hey Eatyualive, does your IONIC BREEZE work well?
I saw an infomercial yesterday....and it seemed like a ripoff.....
but then again....they were trying to target old women
not mushroom cultivators.....

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