Ghetto compost, the way I make it....

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Posted by: Fungusmaximus Aug 05 03, 12:17 AM GMT
Ok, Im not sure you can technically call this compost...

Well sorta.

I use dung and straw. THe dung is already dried the straw can just be mixed together for sub...

Anyhow this is what I do.

First I fill my compost tub half full with dry dung.

then I fill the other half with straw.

Then I fill the tub with water to the top.

I then add compost maker,
user posted image

and allow it to soak for a week sometimes two.

The tub
user posted image

I then pull the drain on the tub and let set for two days.

After that I flip the whole tub and let drain on the ground with the tub covering it.

The tub has a softball sized hole for a drain that allows air inside while composting in the sun.

I then turn the compost twice a week for about two weeks.

By then the compost is perfect.

No stink just nice organic aroma.

Today I noticed while turning the compost, there was an infestation of mushrooms!

Inkys galore!
user posted image user posted image
user posted image

I decided to dry the compost before they consume the goodies.
user posted image

Thats it simple and easy wink.gif

Posted by: colt122 Aug 05 03, 01:39 AM GMT
Cool wink.gif cool.gif

Posted by: brainbreath Aug 05 03, 07:48 AM GMT
huh.gif where do ya' get the compost maker?

Posted by: irishndn Aug 05 03, 02:26 PM GMT
After drying and prior to use, do you sterilize the compost??

Posted by: psilli me Aug 05 03, 02:50 PM GMT
I'm guessing he pasteurizes before inoculating.

a full blown sterilization (90min@15psi) would kill many of the symbiotic organisms that he has worked so hard to germinate (i.e. composting), and therefore ruin the best parts of the substrate.


Posted by: irishndn Aug 05 03, 08:11 PM GMT
I am assuming that it is pasteurized with Peroxide???? Just wondering.. Looking to crumble some Z cakes into something like this....

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Aug 06 03, 02:02 AM GMT
Leave it outside and do nothing it will colonize fine. wink.gif

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