Fungal Gnats

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Posted by: Mycota Feb 27 03, 02:43 PM GMT


Posted by: Mycota Feb 27 03, 02:46 PM GMT

They lay eggs in dung based substrates & their larva hatch & eat myc & shrooms - alike.


Posted by: DirtyWOP Feb 27 03, 02:53 PM GMT
sunsa bitchz like to pick up spores and throw em all over the place too
damn contam spreaders

Posted by: Molester Feb 27 03, 03:19 PM GMT
Them there larvae almost look like pinheads.

Posted by: thekillermushroom Feb 27 03, 03:26 PM GMT
that is crazy i never knew that a thing like that would happen i guess that is a downfall from using dung

Posted by: 420M Feb 27 03, 03:49 PM GMT
They LOVE to eat they Hydro roots in my foaf's room too.

Bastards - The H20 store sells a natural preditor that works alright for them. I have also heard about diazanon being used with great success in Hydro - but I dont know what the results would be on compost.

Hope it Helps - 420M

Posted by: dcyans Feb 27 03, 06:50 PM GMT
little bastards devil.gif

Posted by: dcyans Feb 27 03, 06:59 PM GMT
I've found them under the manhole cover in the basement before mad.gif poured a couple of cups of bleach in there and that took care of that biggrin.gif

Posted by: Zoom Feb 27 03, 08:03 PM GMT
Nasty bastards....You're right about spreading
contams. That's all they're good for.
I had some move in on me last summer.
A real pain in the ass to get rid of. mad.gif

Posted by: Iggy Feb 27 03, 09:12 PM GMT
Would it be safe to sprinkle a little peretherine(sp) dust around to prevent/kill them? (The dust is only harmful to exoskeletons) The reason I bring this up is I have seen this once and that is what I did. Didn't seem to bother the shrooms and no more GNATS! Tried to keep it off the shrooms themselves though as I didn't think it would wash off the tissue very easily huh.gif I just lightly dusted the casing all over and they were gone in a day or two.

Posted by: BUNGHOLEO Feb 27 03, 09:35 PM GMT
HEY DC How do you keep city workers from coming through the manhole cover in your basement?LOL laugh.gif laugh.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Driador Feb 27 03, 09:47 PM GMT

Not sure if this will help or not, but you can make a syrup dilution of some diswashing liquid and some hot peppers (ie, habeneroes). Cook the peppers in a diultion of probably 6:4 water to soap. Cook them WITH the seeds in, as they contain a good degree of capscicum (sp?)..the thing that makes a pepper hot. Anyhow, do not breathe the vapors coming off this solution, unless you like to spend some time with your eyes/nose under cool water.
Regardless, after the solution cools, put it in a spray bottle and spritz your produce with it. I know in TN it kept the dreaded whitefly at bay (a big pest down there for tomatoes). Hope it helps smile.gif

Posted by: dcyans Feb 28 03, 01:33 PM GMT
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif explosives! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 28 03, 02:16 PM GMT
Kwinky dink

I was cleaning out my chameleons cage and found dozens of little wiggling larvae in the soil of one of the potted plants, GNATS!

I know where they came from too, I brought home a couple cacti, when I bought them I noticed a gnat flying around the display, I bet I brought them home in the soil... They are just waiting to sprout wings and invade some spawn, I just know it. I have had problems w/ them before, the only thing that stops em for me is a clean house and monitoring the soil of my houseplants.

Posted by: phillinwierd Feb 28 03, 05:04 PM GMT
Truly organic way of killin them fuckers is through the use of diatomaceous earth. It's razor sharp to the larvae causing them to desiccate. And it's completely harmless to us (unless you try to eat a bag). Just sprinkle it in your casing mix. peace.gif

Posted by: Archaea Aug 05 03, 03:55 PM GMT
I had a dream that flies could be defeated with cloth top bins.

Provided that the casing is basic a cloth top lid held on to a rubbermaid style tote allows light and air but no flies to pass through.

My dream ended with a couple of nice flushes before I woke up.


Posted by: Fungusmaximus Aug 07 03, 09:05 PM GMT
It wasnt a dream nono.gif
You simply had an out of body tour of my greenhouse tongue.gif
I use plant covers to keep water droplets from damaging flushes.
You can also use those polyethelene paint suits as covers as well.
They allow air/ and rh exchange, but keep out droplets and insects. wink.gif

Posted by: thrice Aug 28 03, 01:09 PM GMT
I have a lot of little flys in my indoor terrarium. Their escaping into the house and becoming a nuisance. Is there anything I can spray to kill them but not harm the mushies? Otherwise I may have to find a spot outdoors but this isn't easy. Thanks.

Posted by: Qwerty Aug 28 03, 03:36 PM GMT
In my expierence, once u have a fly infestation in your terr u wont be able to get rid of them without trashing all your cakes, casings etc. Once they lay eggs, you're pretty much screwed. You should try to squeeze the last few fruits out of your substrate and then make an out door bed with em. Then thouroughly clean your terr and your house and wait a few days so that all the flys that have escaped in to your house have a chance to die or leave. then start over. putting some flypaper up around your house might help get rid of em faster, and slow their return. The good news is that winter is a commin, and depending on where u live, flys could cease to be a problem in a matter of weeks due to the cold.

Bear in mind that I'm new to this and this might not be the best advice, just my opinion.

Posted by: WebMycelium Aug 28 03, 03:42 PM GMT
Or you go get some spiders like FM suggested awhile back biggrin.gif

Posted by: Qwerty Aug 28 03, 03:57 PM GMT
Posted by: Rasputin Aug 28 03, 05:57 PM GMT
I keep one of those "No Pest Strips" in my closet along with one of those rolls of sticky tape that hang in spirals from the cieling. No fly/gnat problems since then.

Posted by: dcyans Aug 28 03, 07:34 PM GMT
QUOTE (Rasputin @ Aug 28 03, 05:57 PM GMT)
I keep one of those "No Pest Strips" in my closet along with one of those rolls of sticky tape that hang in spirals from the cieling. No fly/gnat problems since then.

Those rolls of sticky tape that hang in spirals from the ceiling make excellent " indicators" if replaced every few days wink.gif also as Querty suggested remove the source as quick as possible, and look for other sources where they could be laying eggs such as fruit, potatoes lying around or even floor drains such as the over flow basins that most all basements have. wink.gif

"indicators" allow you to see whether your exterminating efforts are working or not wink.gif I've been there done that and i'll tell ya it's a bitch, a real bitch to get rid of them, Found the second source to be that damn basin, opened it and there were thousands just waiting for me to gas them with a fine bleach mist wink.gif

Posted by: Nanook Aug 28 03, 07:42 PM GMT
I agree dcyans... It's frequently a "second source" problem... Drains are a problem, then they come back to lay another cycle's worth of eggs on your substrate or casing.

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