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Posted by: Maliki Nov 24 02, 07:30 AM GMT
I supose I should already know the answer this but allas I do not ....
All my suplies are still in storage . Its outside storage in a building ....
but there are no tempreture controls and the temps here have been down in the single digits for a few days at a time plus below frezing for a few weeks as well ...... There dry prints on wax paper and a dextrose culture .
The dextrose doesnt frezze because of the sugar water......But I asume its toast anyway . My question is this what do you guys think my odds are of having any of my prints still viable ???????
I would hate to lose 6 diffrent cubieis.................
My move was suposed to be done by july as of yet nope its not......

And Nan I like the new board much better then that other one.........
Nice job brother nice job to all who make this place posable and contribute what its made of.......

Big Kiss to PAMY

Posted by: pixie Nov 24 02, 07:47 AM GMT

fresh sprinkles for you~

Posted by: Nanook Nov 24 02, 08:20 AM GMT
This is an old question... I do not think it has a really good answer yet.

The dextrose is fine if it did not freeze solid. Even partial freezing of the liquid culture will not kill it. I have never frozen one solid tho.

On the print... Some spores can survive. I would use more spores than normal, but you should be able to get some germination.

There is an archived thread on frozen syringes... Spores frozen in water do still germinate sufficiently to inoculate.

Frozen PF Syringes!!! - These guys shot from frozen spore solutions and germinated OK later in another thread.

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