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Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 21 03, 09:30 PM GMT
Here are a few pics of a FOAF's first time out. Let me know if these should be posted elsewhere im new. A portable closet with a cool mist. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Sorry the pics were taken with a crappy camera.

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 21 03, 09:34 PM GMT
Heres a pic of the coolmist connection to the chamber. My FOAF thinks he need to do away with some hose to increase humidity.Right now its like 87 to 89 RH with misting. Or the hygrometer isnt working right, He's not sure which.


Posted by: Nanook Jun 21 03, 09:36 PM GMT
Keep em coming, show us more details and flush it out with some more text and I will see this thread has a place in the archives... Looks tight wink.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 21 03, 09:42 PM GMT
Here is a closeup of one of the casings. This is GT cased in 60/40 coir vermiculite with an oyster shell buffer. Cased with WBS spawn on 6/15 incubated at 82-86 degrees until about 20% colonized in the casing layer(two days). It has been in the fruiting chamber since then on a 12/12 light cycle with blue spectrum bulbs. I know this pic isnt very good but does this look OK? When should my FOAF start looking for pins?


Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 21 03, 09:44 PM GMT
Thanks Nan! My FOAF is terribly eager with anticipation. drool.gif biggrin.gif wink.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 21 03, 09:54 PM GMT
Heres the positive pressure glovebox.

My FOAF wanted me to send special thanks to this wonderfull community and everyone who makes it possible. wub.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 21 03, 10:03 PM GMT
A close up of the fan unit.

Nothing original or new here just following directions. wink.gif

114 Quart sterilite rubbermaid container (wal-mart)

35 cfm 110 volt electronics cooling fan (radio-shack)

Hepa filter replacement unit (home depot)


duct tape

rubber chemical handling gloves (hardware store)

If you notice the fan is crooked in the pic. My FOAF tried to cut the holes in the container with a razor knife and cracked the plastic. He resorted to using a soldering iron to melt the holes(he said it really smelled terrible). He thinks a hole saw attachment fro an electric drill might be a better idea next time.

Posted by: lil'MushMan Jun 21 03, 10:06 PM GMT
wow man that is some 'high tek' shit!! ohmy.gif drool.gif

well... compared to my perlite humidified rubbermaid tongue.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 21 03, 10:29 PM GMT
Thanks lil'MushMan . biggrin.gif My FOAF said he found most of the required information to begin his research in the archives. I have read that alot of people prefer perlite and hand misting and have wonderfulll sucess with it. It definately is interesting.

OK one more pic This is a GT cased on 6-15 with the same mix as above but with popcorn spawn. This one is colonizing slower then the other one it has been in the fruiting chamber for two days because of worries of overlay. You cant see it in the pictures but all the mycilium has finger like structres reaching out of the casing. Is this good? Any feed back? Sorry the pictures suck so bad my FOAF promises to get a better camera. Thanks


Posted by: Nanook Jun 21 03, 11:01 PM GMT
Did you get it wet enough?

Water Delivery to Casings

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 21 03, 11:15 PM GMT
My FOAF has been following your Tek to the letter I think he stopped spraying most of the casings yesterday. Hopefully they will start pinning soon. All casings have been moved to the fruiting chamber after seeing signs of myc poking through. I hope he doesnt get overlay.

Posted by: Nanook Jun 21 03, 11:25 PM GMT
It's just a matter of fanning, stable humid conditions, and a few days wub.gif

Posted by: Dell500 Jun 22 03, 01:16 AM GMT
FOAF was about to make the same setup. Remove the humidifier and get a fogger or something of the sort. But question is, was the closet purchased at walmart or some equivalency?? Thanks, peace.

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 22 03, 11:21 AM GMT
My FOAF got it at either K-mart or wal-mart whichever has the Martha Stewart collection. Its a portable Martha Stewart closet 60"w x 57" h x 20"d it seems to have a very durable zipper which seemed to be a concern in discussions I read about this method. The closet was like $49.95 I think. They have ones that are half the size as well. Do a search on Ebay for "portable greenhouse" I think my FOAF would have gotten one of these in hindsight.


Posted by: rooster Jun 22 03, 12:37 PM GMT
nice space brother. ohmy.gif you could probably get some bigger trays and still have plenty of room!

Posted by: Dell500 Jun 22 03, 12:44 PM GMT
BTW, is the humidifier accually the only thing keeping that "terrarium" rH up?? If so, congrats. FOAF humidifer sucks and doesn't do that good of a job. Has to have perl on the bottom. Nice work.

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 22 03, 12:55 PM GMT
Thanks, The RH is also boosted by hand misting with a spray bottle a couple times a day on the side of the tent.He is going to cut about a foot off the hoses today to see if that bumps it up a little so he doesnt have to mist. I will tell my FOAF about the larger trays thanks for the suggestion. biggrin.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 26 03, 12:26 PM GMT
My FOAF looked into the chamber this morning and the first two casings from the 15th have pins all over them!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Hoooray! I have been dying with anticipation to see how this project works out. Hopefully in 4-5 days it will be time to get freaky. drool.gif He was a little concerned not having any experience in these matters but it looks like babies are on the way.

Posted by: highroller Jun 26 03, 05:36 PM GMT
Congratulations to the new daddy! laugh.gif

That's a tight setup your friend's got goin' there.
When I saw how good the casing looked in the first couple of pics I knew the pins would be following soon. biggrin.gif

Good setup for the archives.

Posted by: InfamousAppleJacks420 Jun 26 03, 07:41 PM GMT
holy shit is this guy hardcore of what? he goes all out! I like it and it's very impressive!!! wacko.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 26 03, 08:37 PM GMT
Wow thanks, I can't stress enough how grateful my FOAF is to everyone who makes this site possible. Unfortunately the crappy camera he has can't do closeups. He's trying to borrow a camera but will at least take some pics of the first flush, those should come out ok. I looked in the archives but didin't see a portable closet setup. This was really an easy system to build and maintain (so far). My FOAF can't wait he just ordered the instrument grade hygrometer that he saw in another string. Now he will be able to fine tune the RH. It is so stressful relying on a crappy plastic hygrometer that is basically useless from what I have read.

Posted by: Zoom Jun 26 03, 08:43 PM GMT
Have a cigar....You're gonna go far! wink.gif

Probably the best newbie setup and run
that I have seen. Good job! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Posted by: John Doe Jun 26 03, 11:50 PM GMT
WOW I thought that I had the Best newbie set up cry.gif Very well done.

Posted by: Molester Jun 27 03, 12:14 AM GMT
Popcorn and shelves... way to grab the bull by the balls! Smart FOAF you got there, saving a lot of time wink.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 28 03, 11:50 PM GMT
My FOAF thanks you for the compliments! He got his digi hygrometer today and just in time. The RH was up close to 100% . He dried all the standing moisture out of the chamber with sterile rags. There are ten casings in the chamber at the moment all sprayed per Nan's spraytech. The humidity climbs to over 95% every time he closes the chamber even with the coolmist off (all day). Now he has it unzipped a little with the cool mist off and a hepa filter running 24/7 in the room. The RH is staying between 87 and 92. The casings have hundreds of pins on them that are getting rather large now. Can this amount of casings in this space cause the humidity to stay so high? He checked the calibration of the hygrometer and it was right on the money. He just doesnt know what to think after reading about so many problems maintaing humidity. Can excess humidity cause growth to slow? Thanks for any input you may have ! wink.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jun 28 03, 11:59 PM GMT
Yes casings self-humidify to a large degree... That's another reason they need all that water early in the fruiting cycle, and misting support until the pinning starts. The casings warm up due to biological activity and they are transpiring a lot of water wink.gif

Excellent job, it sounds like your first flush is gonna make you proud biggrin.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jun 29 03, 12:04 AM GMT
Tell you something else... No matter how long I do this, I never tire of the thrill of helping some guy nail a whopper flush on their first effort. It's got to be one of the most rewarding experiences I get out of life... I get that first flush thrill over and over... While some new guy does all the work wink.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

You worked hard too Shakey, you earned kudos on this clap.gif

Can't wait for pics biggrin.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 29 03, 12:25 AM GMT
You and everyone else who does tireless research and devotes so much of their time to sharing it with others have my deepest respect and admiration. wub.gif Following directions to the letter was easy. The accumulation of the directions and all the time spent writing them is where the kudos should go(but thanks so much).Hopefully by posting all of this someone else will be inspired to try something new and ambitious and the circle will continue. My FOAF hopes you are right about the first flush. This really one of the most incredible experiences he has ever had. Pics should be on the way in about 4 or 5 days I would imagine. Oh yeah and if you like this wait until you see the outdoor. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jun 29 03, 01:41 PM GMT
I know exactly what you mean about good, detailed instructions. We have been teaching newbies for years on-line, and the directions have evolved over time into a stand-alone teaching tool. The archives are throughly user tested and approved. They have been read so many hundreds (thousands ?) of times... quoted from, discussed & debated... That I have been able to go back with an editor and "fine tune" the instructions to smooth out the bumps and ripples. Tek has been edited and refined, comments added, and there is some intuitive rating system in built in there, more links point to the better tek, you can't miss them... While poor tek that is included for completeness is linked too less often... I tried to go in and "point the way" sort of speak.

Thank our members for their input, the time and effort they invested in testing and reporting back to us, the positive responses which told us we were on the right track in building the Archives as a teaching tool, and most importantly... For coming on and putting up the best of their tek to be shared by all and added to the knowledge base wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

It truly is a site effort biggrin.gif clap.gif dance.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jun 29 03, 02:21 PM GMT
It truly is an honnor. I tried forever to make something worthy of the archives. Took forever but I made it tongue.gif
Ive always been about illustrating tek for those interested.
Im a visual person I learn from the the things I see allot easier than written directions. Thats why I always try to take pics of each step, for those of you who are "visual" as I am.
The archives are seriously, history. THey will be around forever, someday maybe a book!?
Gotta love Nan for all the work he does to put em together and keepin em updated wub.gif biggrin.gif


Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 29 03, 11:09 PM GMT
Thanks FM, very thought provoking setup indeed!! Finally my FOAF got a decent camera. Here is a pic of the first casing from above. The casing feels alot lighter than others in the chamber but it is also the farthest along. Man it feels light though and the edges are pulled away from the pan. This humidity thing is tough to get a handle on. Could this casing be to dry ??? After four days of spraying and being at 100% rh for like four days in the fruiting chamber. Is this normal?

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 29 03, 11:56 PM GMT
Another biggrin.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 29 03, 11:59 PM GMT
Casing two from earlier in the post

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 12:03 AM GMT
A Gulf Coast just getting started.

Posted by: Nanook Jun 30 03, 12:03 AM GMT
That flush is going to squeeze that casing dry... It's already starting to pull away from the sides of the pan. Those rhysomes sticking up will drink... Get a syringe or wash bottle, and get some more water on that white mycelium popping up while avoiding getting those pins wet. Another shot of water here will help support those shrooms wink.gif

Try to get that casing wet again.

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 12:07 AM GMT
Here's where they were born.

Posted by: Nanook Jun 30 03, 12:08 AM GMT
Very Nice biggrin.gif wub.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 12:09 AM GMT
should my FOAF inject it or just wet the surface?

Posted by: Nanook Jun 30 03, 12:11 AM GMT
Dribble it on there wink.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jun 30 03, 12:14 AM GMT
Increase the humidity a tad too to retard further drying bulb.gif

The last casing looks pretty good, the first looks a tad too dry for this stage. Water won't hurt them now, it would have been best a couple days ago, but the idea here is to wet the casings without leaving water drops on the pins. Some splashing is ok, and I have soaked pins without a big deal, just fan a bunch of times till they dry off.

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 12:14 AM GMT
Cool, how much can he apply? Should he make the pan heavy again? It is already sucking it dry for sure. Only the first one is really dry the rest are still fairly heavy. I will tell my FOAF to get right on it. Thanks Nan ohmy.gif

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 12:18 AM GMT
He set the coolmist to run 15 minutes every two hours as soon as he noticed this problem. He figured better higher than reccomended humidity then dry casings. sad.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jun 30 03, 12:19 AM GMT
It's hard to say exactly how much... That first casing can use enough to put some weight back in it for sure.

Dribble a little on the others for good measure, the last one looks bout perfect.

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 06:20 PM GMT
Thanks Nan for the advice. My FOAF tried to dribble but the water would not penetrate the top of the casing. He opted to spray a small amount of water with a syringe into the crack where the casing pulled back and carefully observed it to see if it was absorbed. It seemed to soak into the bottom of the casing immediately. He proceeded to moisten the two dryest casings using this method. The others took moisture in the areas that the top layer wasnt fully colonized. All casings are nice and heavy again with the cool mist running 15 on and 15 off to avoid evaporation. This seems to be working well here are some pics from today.

GT casing #1

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 06:23 PM GMT
GT casing #2

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 06:26 PM GMT
Gulf coast casing from above

Posted by: shakeyjake Jun 30 03, 06:44 PM GMT
 One more pic a fatass B+ pin biggrin.gif I hope im not clogging up the works here.

Posted by: shakeyjake Jul 01 03, 11:24 PM GMT
OK here it is last post in this string unless anyone has questions. First casing first flush - 375g wet biggrin.gif Seems like a pretty good yield. My FOAF wanted me to thank everyone for all their help and nice comments !!! Looks my my Forth will be a good one!!!

Posted by: Nanook Jul 01 03, 11:42 PM GMT

wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Nailed it wink.gif

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