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Posted by: Lugen007 Jul 23 03, 12:07 PM GMT
In a couple months I'm going to be ordering some female seeds, prob from dutch passion seeds. I was looking at power plant, durban poison, and then was thinking maybe mazar or oasis. I was wondering what are some peoples favorite strains out there. I'm looking for something with ease of growth, yield, and a good high.

Any thoughts??

Posted by: spawnbag Jul 25 03, 12:23 PM GMT
Growing indoors or out? Durban poison kicks your ass but a little harder to grow. Indoors i like a nice short indica for growing. Afghani or an afghani cross i find to be the sweetest. Not the most potent weed out there but almost all bud material and quick turnover.

good luck whatever you decide wink.gif

Posted by: Lugen007 Jul 25 03, 01:41 PM GMT
It will be indoors. I'd really like to try durban.........Any other suggestions?

Posted by: Millet Jul 25 03, 02:17 PM GMT
DP's nl #2/oasis is nice. The plants produced dont seem to herm, like some of their other fem seed lines.

Posted by: 420M Jul 27 03, 04:15 PM GMT
QUOTE (Millet @ Jul 25 03, 11:17 AM GMT)
DP's nl #2/oasis is nice.  The plants produced dont seem to herm, like some of their other fem seed lines.

Yeah - listen to Millet.

Playing with Feminized seeds in kinda dangerous.

Plant genetics have not been figured out to an exact science yet and when you start to mutate genes you can get some funny results.

Fem seeds are really for outdoor growers who go and plant 200 seeds to pull up 110 males at the middle of the season.

If you are looking for an indoor plant - just go through a couple of packs of seeds ( you can buy several packs of regular seeds for the Fem price ) and choose a mother you like and keep her.

Up to you - but be careful - just because it says FEM on the outside of the pack doesnt mean that you wont find a couple of penises in your growing (( word to the wise from a lesson learned the hard way ))

BTW - What's up brother Millet !! Long time no hear - how are your projects going?!?!?

PM me - lets talk !!


Posted by: flatalbert Jul 28 03, 12:12 AM GMT
I was under the impression that to get the females to occur more often, they mixed hermies with females. The unstable cross also makes it more likely that they would be females, but also hermies. Like they said in this thread. . . dangerous for the average small grower.


Posted by: spawnbag Aug 01 03, 01:52 AM GMT
I feminize my seeds by stressing them with light schedules. The seeds are all female, but any damage to the plant in it's vegetative stage will make it go hermie. If you grow from seed it's the way to go, but just watch for any mutants and cut back the pollen sacks down to where they don't show and they might not grow back. To be safe, or if plants are in close proximity just pull the ones showing male attributes. No sense risking a seedy crop. Gotta stay on top of it though, only about a weeks window to sex the plants and separate the good from the bad. wink.gif

Posted by: shrum Aug 01 03, 11:10 AM GMT
what is your lighting regimen to "feminize" them?

Posted by: 420M Aug 01 03, 01:14 PM GMT
QUOTE (shrum @ Aug 01 03, 08:10 AM GMT)
what is your lighting regimen to "feminize" them?

Usually if you add light during the night cycle - that will stress them enough to cause them to go hermie on you.

But that is NOT what you want to do. . .stress the plant into mutating itself into a different sex and producing seeds? WHAT? If you and your wife really wanted a baby girl - would you squash your left nut with pliers to stress your ballsack into producing only female sperm?!!?!?!

It's not that hard to choose girls from mixed seed. It IS hard to watch Hermies for a TINY ballsack HIDING INSIDE a bud or something that is going to turn your personal head stash into seeded trash!

The ONLY time this matters - is when you are growing OUTDOORS and you invest MONTHS carrying large amounts of heavy water to plants and creating LARGE veg plants - only to find out that 40-60% are males when October comes around.

INDOORS - this is not a concern.

You are playing with fire here people. Why risk ending up with seeded buds of weird quality and genetics?

Again - Up to you - but I think your money is better spent on other genetics - you could buy MUCH better seed for the money you will spend on feminized seed.

Or you could try taking advice from Colt !

And if you STILL want to buy them, I got some swampland in Florida cheap, some light-rails, expensive chems, and 'female' seeds --- if you would like some stuff to spend your hard earned money on.


Oh yeah - and by the way - the way the pros do it - is NOT to stress the plant with light cycles to create pollen on a female plant, it is by the use of a chemical to induce a single male flower on a stem.

Posted by: shrum Aug 01 03, 04:23 PM GMT
OK, you forced me to admit it - i was waiting to see what spawnbag was going to recommend for "feminizing" seeds, because i am quite sure such a thing is NOT possible.

like you said, stress (photoperiod or otherwise) often induces hermaphroditism, but i have never heard of plants being stresssed into 'female-ness'

Posted by: 420M Aug 01 03, 10:09 PM GMT
QUOTE (shrum @ Aug 01 03, 01:23 PM GMT)
OK, you forced me to admit it - i was waiting to see what spawnbag was going to recommend for "feminizing" seeds, because i am quite sure such a thing is NOT possible.

It doesnt really feminize them per say.

What it does do is to creat pollen sacks on the plant with ONLY FEMALE GENETICS.

Problem is - they are shitty genetics when you stress them like that.

So they are not REALLY female seeds. - just 'feminized'

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