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Posted by: raze Nov 29 02, 02:29 PM GMT
I'm in college adn I go home for the weekends, and I have a problem with not being able to fan on saturdays. Do you think it matters if every week the cakes dont get fanned that one particular day?
Mine just started pinning a few days ago, I half expect to see some full size mushies when I come back sunday. But I'm worried excess CO2 will be a problem.

Posted by: scotsman Nov 30 02, 02:45 AM GMT
you cant give your cakes to a friend ?or get 1 to visit?

if not , 1 can but try unsure.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Nov 30 02, 11:15 AM GMT
if the cakes already have mushrooms going, it's fine.....
but it's really important to not let CO2 build up if you are trying to initiate pinning

Posted by: Nanook Nov 30 02, 12:45 PM GMT
Some would say the reverse....

I think the biggest danger is stagnant air and contams... It suffocates the shrooms and gives contams the edge. A day without fanning is not going to kill them, but give them 2-3 good fannings spaced apart a bit when you return.

Posted by: raze Dec 01 02, 12:30 PM GMT
I would never trust anyone with my mushrooms... the only person who knows is my room mate. And still, he doesnt have the keys to get at them.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 01 02, 12:41 PM GMT are right
I just meant that shrooms just won't start growing without lots of air

and I've found that if the shrooms are already there, high levels of CO2 just make them grow up faster, but like you said, that is letting contaminants get hold....

Posted by: Iggy Dec 01 02, 12:47 PM GMT
I believe I would work on a automated air exchange. Just go buy a air pump for fish aquariums, some tubing, and an airstone (not required, just the tube will work alone wink.gif ) Put it on a timer, place on top of a nice thick pile of polyfill (the air intake on mine is on the bottom) to cover the intake. Set it and for get it. Too much air exchange can greatly reduce humidity so don't leave it running constanly without some humididy attatchment. I have a mason jar that I drilled 2 holes in the top of the lid. Placed one tube going through the lid all the way to the bottom of the jar and comming from the air pump. the other just barely through the lid and running to the terrainium. I used poxy glue to seal around the tubbing entrances and exits to provide nice strong foundation capable of handling the pressure wink.gif This should get you through a weekend biggrin.gif But don't leave this running constanly either. Maybe like once every 4-6 hrs. Hope this gives you some options I'll come back and post a pic of the jar later.

Posted by: bigslick Dec 01 02, 01:07 PM GMT
I started some cakes last december using the pf-tek misted and fanned like 3 times a day and the shrooms grew nicely. I was all excited I enjoyed seeing my shrooms. After the second flush the shroom output per cake really tailed off and it wasn't so exciting. I would miss some times on the fanning and misting. My cakes weren't getting the premium care they deserved but hey I got a life outside of shroom growing you know.

Then came along this guy named chronic and he had this way you could grow shrooms without misting and fanning. It wasn't even called chronic tek then, it was just some way this guy figured out how to grow a lot of shrooms with little effort.

Well I tried this procedure on my newly colonized cakes and it worked extremely well. Then I put my cakes from my pf style terrarium that had already been through 3 flushes into qt jars chronic styly and they proceeded to produce fruits.

I think one day per week without fanning would not cause considerable harm but you might wanna consider...

The chronic tek laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif no misting no fanning laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif forget them for days at a time laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif you've been tripping for practically 2 days straight laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif you look at your cakes, new shrooms have matured and sporilated all over your cake laugh.gif laugh.gif oh well no big deal. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: Nanook Dec 01 02, 05:03 PM GMT
Chronic's Tek

Posted by: raze Dec 01 02, 11:04 PM GMT
I cant have any elaborate setups with air exchange, as I'm growing in a small filing cabinet and am focusing on STEALTH.
But I just got back from the weekend home and my one mushie did fine. A few others sprouted as well. Hopefully a day w/o fanning every weekend wont do any harm.

Posted by: Chronic007 Dec 01 02, 11:22 PM GMT
Nothing elaborate about the Chronic Tek that's for sure. In fact it's designed for your exact situation. Take a look at the link Nan posted.


Posted by: EvilShroomer Dec 07 02, 11:21 PM GMT
well , i dont know , but ive got this kewl little device , i dont know where i got it , but you can set it for a certin time of the day , and it allow electricity go into whatever connected to it at a certin time , and then disallow electrcity to it at another certin time , so it got a automatic on and off switch timer , it kewl , hook up a fan and youll never have any probelms about fanning agian , heh , i wish i could remeber where i got it , i think someone that grows , and couldnt always be home , like you , would love it , ill tring to remeber where i got it , and tell you man

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