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N,N,dimethyltryptamine Extraction By: Don Juan CornelliusN,N,DMT Image


Are you ready???

Please read through entirely before attempting.

You may also want to read this for a reference of sorts: QT's DMT Extraction

Disclaimer: All information is intended for informational purposes only. One should never add household chems to anything they intend to consume.

The first thing you will need is supplies:

Listed here are the elements used. In no way should these be the only ones applied to this tek where legal. Other, perhaps better chemicals may be procured. One might also look to LAB GRADE glass and equipment. Always find the best chems available and test them befor hand.

Non-corrosive pots (2 3).........5 - 10 liters

Mason jars (4-8).....................1 pint - 1 quart

Small to medium sized funnel Turkey baster

Eye dropper

pH papers (full range) or pH Meter

Pastry Cloth or Cheesecloth Coffee filters

Non-corrosive Glassware (cake baking dish of some sort)

Non-corrosive stirring utensil


Small fan

Razor Blades

The substances used in this extraction are as follows:

Distilled water ........................3 - 5 gallons

Hydrochloric acid, muriatic acid ( 34.45% )

VM&P Naphtha.........................1 gallon

Red Devil brand lye crystals

Now we will try and explain this simple process which is based on many of the existing methods plus a little twist. With these next few paragraphs we will outline and discuss an extraction that will not take 1 - 4 weeks to accomplish but 10 - 12 hours. So if you start at 10am, you should have a freebase form of N,N,DMT by 8 - 10pm. This tek has been proven to work on a few plants so far.

Now the basic theory behind this is to pull the alkaloids from the plant material. This can be accomplished a few ways:

1. Grind plant material...soak in a mason jar with 2 times amount of distilled water to plant material...pH adjusted to 1...let sit for a week...shaking it once or twice a day 2. Grind up plant material...put in a large pot and alot of water...3 - 5 times the amount of distilled water to plant material...adjust pH to 2 - 4 and cookdown a few times 3. Ask someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you.

This tek will concentrate solely on #2. This tek employs the idea of the ayahuasca brew. The shaman (brujo) will cook down plant material in large amounts of water to extract the necessary alkaloids for use orally. It's simple. Take a large pot, place shredded plant material in it. Then cover plant material with enough distilled water to cover it fully and then some. Add enough HCL (muriatic acid) slowly to drop the pH to between 2 and 4. This will cause the alkaloids to form there 'salt'. This is where you have to watch. We like to cook hard, slight boil for awhile and get the material good and saturated and in a state of flux. Heat up for a few minutes then down for a few. Do this until the liquid is part of the way down your plant material. Don't let the water become thick like oil. When this amount is reached place strainer over another pot and place pastry cloth (cheesecloth) in the strainer. Then slowly pour the contents of you brew into strainer that is over another pot. After all the liquid is out of first pan dump plant material into strainer and squeeze it like there is no tomorrow. Depending on the amount of plant material you may have to strain a few times.

Now place plant material from strainer into original pot. Cover with more distilled water just like the first time. Get it to a slight boil again before adjusting the pH. Back to the filtered product: Take your funnel and place it in a jar. Then place a coffee filter inside the funnel. Slowly pour you pastry cloth filtered brew into the funnel. This may take some time to strain through but well worth the wait. After all is filtered pour contents into a third pot and simmer on low heat. You now have a pot with plant material cooking down again and another pot with a 2 stage filtered brew cooking down (simmering) also. Repeat these steps 3 to 4 times. Each time the plant material is cooked down to a good level, filter with pastry cloth (cheesecloth) and then filter again with funnel and coffee filter then combine all 2bd staged filters into the same third pot. After 2 - 4 cook downs of the plant material, throw out all remaining plant material, all alkaloids have been extracted. The final part of this step is to allow the 2 - 4 combined cook downs to cook down to a reasonable amount. It should be somewhere between 800 - 1000 milliliters, depending on amount of material. After that goal is reached, filter through the coffe filter again. You don't want the liquid to become to viscid. Clean, smooth and colored clear/reddish/brown is the goal, like tea.

Alright, now you are going to want to place the simmered down filtered brew into jars. You only want to fill each jar a third of the way with the brew. Now to each jar pour approximately 50 milliliters of naphtha into them. Take an instrument that will not corrode in the acid solution and stir the naptha into the solution. Keep stirring for a few minutes. By adding the naphtha you are defatting the brew, removing a lot of the nasty stuff that resides there. Now wait for the emulsion layer to form. Now here is where it can get kind of tricky so bare with us. It may appear as 3 layers. The dark bottom layer, then directly above it is a milky looking thin layer, and above that a clear layer. Now in this clear layer may be some fat floating. This is what we have found to be easy. Place a small, tall, thin glass or dish next to your jars. Then, take your turkey baster or eye dropper and suck off the top layer (clear) and middle layer (milky) and deposit that gunk into the dish. Place the discarded stuff from all jars into this dish. You are going to want to save this dish stuff because it will continue to settle a little more and then when its done and you have moved along a bit, you can place your eye dropper back into the dish and siphon the good stuff off the bottom and place back into your brew. In an empty jar or 2 or 3 depending on amount needed, pour enough distilled water to fill them up 3/4 of the way. Then slowly start adding lye crystals to the water while stirring it profusely. You may need to add around 2 teaspoons of lye to the water, this will raise the water pH to around 11 - 12. After the adding is done and you have stirred it a bit, place the lid on it and shake it vigorously for a minute or 2 untwisting the lid every so often to release any pressure. You will be adding this lye water solution to your brew jars shortly. This will unhook the salt form of the tryptamine to the freebase form. But first you must add 50 milliliters of fresh naphtha to your brew jars. When you add the naphtha do not stir or shake yet.

Slowly add lye water to the brew jar and stir the brew while doing so. A slow steady stirring will do wonders. Now pay attention things are about to happen. The brew may very well take on a thick grayish looking color. This is not bad but not good. You must continue adding lye water until it turns to black or a darker version of its former self. The pH should be around 9 - 11. This is the magic, the salt converting to freebase. Keep stirring; stir the brew for 5 minutes or so then let sit. Emulsion layers will form. Let it sit. If it doesn't look right or emulsions are not forming then refer to earlier steps. Try adding a bit more lye water and some naphtha and stir it gently in.

After the emulsion layers have settled you should see 3 layers again. By unhooking the salt to freebase cause the tryptamine to rise to the surface in the naphtha. When the top layer is clear begin the process of siphoning off the clear stuff with the eye dropper. Place the siphoned naphtha into a glass baking dish. After you have siphoned all the clear naphtha off, add 50 milliliters more naphtha to each jar, stir, wait, then siphon. Repeat this process a total of 3 times.

You can now discard the black brewed jars. REMEMBER to discard the left overs. Dump it into some freash kitty litter or sand and dump it on a gravle road somewhere. NEVER dump it down the sink!!! Now place the baking dish in front of your small fan and let evaporate. Having it in a very cool or chilled enviroment also helps in the crystal forming proccess. When it is as dry as it will get, softly scrape the white crystals into a pile with a razor blade.

Crsytal scraping

You don't want to press hard on the razor yet. Just try and get most off the dry white crystals into a pile. After that's complete, scrape that baking dish for all its worth.

N,N,DMT scraping

Basically that's it in a nutshell. Forthcoming updates soon.

copyright 2002 Don Jaun Cornellius



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