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Posted by: wildflowergirl Jan 10 03, 02:48 PM GMT
I believe I read (somewhere) that you can substitute oyster shells for egg shells. Any one know if it's true, and if so, would I need to rinse them out, before using them? unsure.gif Thanks wink.gif

Posted by: Mycota Jan 10 03, 02:55 PM GMT
Yup, they work fine.

I save all mine, rinsed off in a collender. After I haved saved more than a 3 pound butter tub full. I boil them a few minutes, to remove any remaining egg, that clings to them.

Then, after straining & drying, crush them up, fine & save them - in a freezer type 2 gallon baggie. Whenever I make a casing mix -- as in 50/50 ++ (extra + is because I add a handfull of coir to the mix -- which seems to help bring myc to the surface -- faster).

After testing & adjust ph, I mix in a handfull of crushed egg shell. Simple as that.


Posted by: wildflowergirl Jan 10 03, 05:55 PM GMT
Cool, sounds good to me. biggrin.gif

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