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Posted by: BoxedFarts Dec 08 02, 11:21 AM GMT
I de-thorned and dried approx 20 inches of pedro in the last few days. I reduced it to powder in a coffe grinder (I did not include to woody core)

The resulting Pedro powder filled half of a Kerr half-pint jar. Sorry I dont have scales here wink.gif Mixed it up with protein shake mix about 20 minutes ago. Feeling nauseaous already. bleah.gif I let ya know how it went after it's over.

Posted by: BoxedFarts Dec 08 02, 08:50 PM GMT
Ok, whew! Will not be doing THAT again anytime soon. Nausea was UNBELIEVABLE. I think If I were able to keep the cactus + protein powder down longer than I did (about 2 hours) the trip would have been much more intense. It was about half as intense as my last AWESOME trip with Pedro.

Not that I ever doubted Nans advice about the syrup/juice reducing nausea, it's just that I'm the type that has to try things out for myself just to be sure. My reason for doing this: after my last PC extraction where I tripped INTENSELY, I did another extraction with the 'spent' sludge and gave it to a friend to try and she tripped mildly. I was DETERMINED to get EVERY BIT of MESCALINE out of the cactus this time...but that damn plant material is a bitch (sorry ladies). It definately does not agree with my system.

The syrup is the way to go kids...unless you enjoy clutching your aching belly with a few seconds to spare here and there to notice the amazing visuals.

Never doubt Uncle Nan smile.gif I learned the hard way bleah.gif

Posted by: newman Dec 18 02, 04:46 PM GMT
HMMM unsure.gif

So you ate the powder too ?
I hope that was the problem, I am making pedro tea as I write this, but I plan on straining it out as not to ingest the plant matter.

I used a basic absorbic acid extraction and I am boiling it for 2 h then strain ing and boiling the plant matter again for 1 h then combining and reducing.

Heres hoping I dont pay homidge to the god of the toilet all nite. smirk.gif

the lotus eater

Posted by: Nanook Dec 18 02, 04:58 PM GMT
When I am doing it by hand, not using a pressure cooker, I steep it out 4 times. Otherwise you miss a lot wink.gif


Posted by: BoxedFarts Dec 19 02, 08:47 AM GMT
Yeah Newman, I ate the powder. DO NOT DO IT!! My curiousity was piqued after reading reports on Erowid where people put the powder in gel-caps....I guess some people can stomach it. Everyone is different. Shrooms don't give me the slightest bit of nausea. Oh well...

Yes, next time I will extract at least 4 times to get all the cactusy goodness out!

Posted by: Copelandia Jan 23 03, 09:31 PM GMT
Subject: Dried peruvianus tissue that is sold by many ethnobotanical suppliers from Peru, the U.S., and all over the EU.

Some have said with finely ground and capsulized there is very little to no nausea. I have seen reports of 7 grams to 50 grams being an effective dose. 25-50 is grams being reported by the shops as effective.

Given this is the outer flesh and powdered in this way is there really a lower chance of nausea?

Should Nans wonderful syrup still be used with this kind of ready made grown for you and cut product? Who has had experiences consuming powdered outer flesh and what did you think?

Not much room for a major extraction project like Nans here. I am in amazment and appreciation of his fine success. I would be one happy buzzy bee to have that product in the end:-).

I wish I could just order the end product like a RC. Ahh to live in such a free country and to be a true free peson!


Posted by: boxedhearts Jan 23 03, 10:29 PM GMT
Hey Copelandia,

I've tried the powdered method and it made me VERY nauseated bleah.gif I've read reports of success with this method which is the reason I tried it. Who knows? Maybe it'll work for you. Just do yourself a favor and barf it up if you feel the STRONG urge. Tripping while experiencing EXTREME nausea is definately not fun. You can read my report under the thread titled "Cactus Powder" in this forum.

BTW, you can make Nan's Pedro syrup with dried cactus.

Posted by: Nanook Jan 24 03, 12:22 AM GMT
I have dosed on powdered cactus. It rehydrates. About the time your stomach should be settling and you should be getting off, the powder is getting rehydrated and it's bulking up. You get a mass of rehydrated cactus in your gut... cramps, bloated, nausea...

That's my personal experience. I dose pretty high. That means a lot of dried cactus... And it was that, and another slimy experience eating boiled cactus out of a bowl with a spoon and gagging on every spoonfull (it took more than 30 mins to eat)... That had me settling in on making syrup. Plus if you do decide....

I started as a buck teenager, bored, depressed... I would wack off a foot or so of Mr Pedro, peel, and eat it right off the core. It was not much (it's hard for me to get off on fresh peyote even, I have to eat lots), but it definately helped.

The first time I really got off on mescaline was the big bowl of homegrown Pedro stew. Boiled mashed pulp. I got off nicely. Despite the natural side effects of eating all that fiber, and the accursed taste, the richness and depth of the drug kept me growing and working with it. That plus the fact that I could grow it in my backyard in the summertime.

I had a friend a few years later who did a big grow in his backyard. We would make a big batch of syrup every once in awhile and laugh at the fact that he had 3 police officer neighbors... He ran 40 pots of pedro and we tripped balls many a summer weekend and smiled at the fence row three deep with dug in pots... We hand dip watered them, tested the pH, I worked on soil mixes at a smaller grow and we took the best tek and ran with it in his back yard. We both had hard heads, my grow buddy once drank a quart of my best peyote syrup and did not puke. I puked on less than a pint, and still tripped for 18 hours. Blown away... He took like 12 xanax to help him get over the peak. He was going to puke, but the xanax calmed his stomach, we laid down in lawn chairs in his back yard and did not move for many many hours.

Syrup is the way to go wink.gif


Posted by: Copelandia Jan 24 03, 01:04 AM GMT
Thanks guys for the reply.

The mass of rehydrated cacti in the gut was enough of an image to convince me. That and Boxedhearts description <g> was enough to make me hesitant on the capsule idea.

I have only eaten a mescaline containing substance (Peyote) in a ceremonial way. I was invited by members of the Native American Church to do so. This was while visiting the wilderness of Arizona, U.S.A.

A close friend from Scandanavia has been telling me the virtues of San Pedro for a couple of years now and offerred to let me try it. Life had it's own plans at the time and I didn't take him up on his kind offer. Nor did I look into it's proper techniques of ingestion....

I asked this question of consumption because another friend just recently gifted me some dried tissue and it practically speaks to me daily.

With age I have developed some health issues, gastrointestinal included, and for that have to avoid things that are purgative in nature. The dried tissue waits on my decision quite patiently.

Your persistance with getting to know this ally sure has paid off Nanook. Amazing.

I asked about consumption and found:-)

Wonderful wonderful site Nanook.

Much thanks and appreciation,


Posted by: monkeyod Jan 24 03, 03:34 AM GMT
I did 25g of dried torch once. Ground them up and did the cap m quick on it.

Man it tore my stomach up. I didn't puke or even get ill, but I did have the runs for 2-3 days after. Not fun.

I found the 25g to be not quite enough to get me into orbit. It was a nice time...I was up for hours and hours. It was summer and we had some rain that morning. I had a nice time sitting on my porch at 5 am with the rain coming down and watching the newspaper people making their rounds.

I think 40g would have gotten me all the way there.

I still have 25g left and might grind it up and do the syrup thing with it next season when I chop my big'ens down.

Posted by: Nanook Jan 24 03, 04:06 AM GMT
You mention xanax calmed his stomache. So is the nausea also anxiety related? By prescription I have plenty of diazepam available or even nexium to quench stomache acids....

My understanding talking with him at the time... He told he felt the large dose of xanax was directly responsible for keeping him from vomiting. I would have vomited xanax or no, but then I never would tried to drink what he did. I have seen a few others do the same... First time drinkers, chug pedro syrup like it was beer, wipe their chins, and grin... Oh I get goosebumps watching them bleah.gif

But this guy... wow... Turned up a quart juice bottle full. I don't think his stomach had the good sense to reject it in the first 15-20 mins, and after that he was dosed... But when he got to the point where he was going to puke, he was disorientated and the floor was rolling and the walls were swaying. Claustraphobic trapped air feeling of an attic room... He downed the xanax to control the movement... He regained his orientation, we went outside in the back yard with fresh air and layed on lawn chairs.

The chairs just kind of floated in place, the planet seemed to move under us. It was like 10:00am the next morning and we were both still parked there, getting sunburned, and going ohmy.gif biggrin.gif ohmy.gif

I made him get up and we went like zombies, almost crawling down to his basement... I went home that afternoon but he was still tripping the next day when I went to check on him. He said he slept and I believe him.

We started putting pots in his backyard a few weeks later.

Posted by: Copelandia Jan 24 03, 06:40 AM GMT
Much appreciation for your reply Nanook.

In addition to the information you give I find your humor and style of writing to be a very enjoyable to read.

My only experience of consuming cacti so far is the taking of the peyote when visiting the U.S.A., legally or at least quasi-legally; with invitation by the NAC. Well actually I guess it wasn't the U.S.A as it was officially reservation land.

I enjoy the sharing,
In high regards to you and yours,

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