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Posted by: Mycota Feb 01 03, 03:37 PM GMT
If you can find a gal that wants to help you in your "hobby" & she will do this -- for you. She is a keeper. Mycota ohmy.gif laugh.gif biggrin.gif wink.gif

Posted by: sinoptik Feb 01 03, 04:19 PM GMT
laugh.gif biggrin.gif straight from the elephant, doesn't get much better than that

Posted by: BadPunk6 Feb 01 03, 04:29 PM GMT
mmmm......yummi. wub.gif

Posted by: dcyans Feb 01 03, 10:29 PM GMT
wonder if the pay is any good unsure.gif

Posted by: Molester Feb 01 03, 10:52 PM GMT
Shitty for her if that elephant ever had the squirts!

Posted by: dcyans Feb 01 03, 10:56 PM GMT
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: Zoom Feb 02 03, 12:28 AM GMT
She may need a bigger bag. Talk about being
dedicated to your job! laugh.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 02 03, 01:09 AM GMT
That should be in marriage vows laugh.gif laugh.gif

Thats a helluva women!!!

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