Bufo Alvarius: The Sonoran Desert Toad

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Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 21 03, 01:52 PM GMT

I noticed a post in the Social Gathering Forum about someone interested int he bufo toad.

Here below is the map of where the toad can be found.

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 21 03, 02:03 PM GMT
Fresh venom can easily be collected without any harm to the toad. Use a flat glass plate or any smooth non-porous surface at least twelve inches square. Hold the toad in front of the plate, which is fixed in a vertical position. In this manner, the venom can be collected on the glass plate, free od dirt and liquid released when the toad is handled.

Half a gram or more can be collected from a large adult toad. Half of that is water. But as much as 15% is 5-MEO-DMT. In other words, one adult toad is capable of producing one fresh gram equaling about 75 milligrams of 5-MEO-DMT capable of producing doses at three to five milligrams each.

When you are ready to begin, hold the toad firmly with one hand and, with thumb and forefinger of your other hand, squeeze near the base of the gland until the venom squirts out of the pores and onto the glass plate. Use this method to systematically collect the venom from each of the toad’s granular glands: those as seen in the four illustrations I have placed here: Those on the forearms, those on the tibia and femur of the hind leg and, of course the parotoids on the neck. Each gland can be squeezed a second time for an additional yield of venom if you allow the toad a one hour rest period. After this the glands are empty and require four to six weeks for regeneration.

The venom is viscous and milky-white in color when first squeezed from the glands. It begins drying within minutes and acquires the color and texture of rubber cement. Scrape the venom from the glass plate, dry it thoroughly, and store it in an airtight container until you are ready to use it.

The venom from B. alvarius is extremely hallucinogenic when vaporized by heat and taken into the lungs in the form of smoke. An adequate dose for a normal adult of average size is a piece of dried venom about the size of a paper match head. Shave it into thin slices with a razor blade and put the pieces in a clean one-toke pipe fitted with a brass screen. Designate this pipe strictly for smoking toad venom. Apply a suitable flame and smoke the contents of the bowl in one complete inhalation. Try to hold the smoke in your lungs as long as possible as the effectiveness will depend largely on the full dose being absorbed in one breath. It may taste like burning plastic.

Additional reading can be found in:
Weil, Andrew and Wade Davis. 1994. Bufo Alvarius: A Potent hallucinogen of animal origin. Journal of Ethnopharmacology vol. 41:1.8.
There is also an additional article by Gartz and Thomas Lyttle but Icannot find it at this moment.


Toad 1:

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 21 03, 02:07 PM GMT

Picture Bufo Toad 2:

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 21 03, 02:08 PM GMT
Bufo Toad Picture 3:

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Bufo Toad picture 4:

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 21 03, 02:11 PM GMT
Now we present where the glands are and how to hold them when milking the toad.

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 21 03, 02:12 PM GMT

Gland Image 2:

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Gland Image 3:

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 21 03, 02:15 PM GMT

Bufo Gland Picture 4:

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MJ - Beautiful thread and very complete. I love it! biggrin.gif

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So you are still around, teknos! I was wondering where you've been...

Those diagrams are from Most's pamphlet, I believe... definitely a recommended read! biggrin.gif


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Always wondered about this.
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Posted by: Rasputin Jun 26 03, 06:39 PM GMT
I have always wanted one of these reptiles. Thanks for the good write up, MJ.

Posted by: Zoom Jun 26 03, 08:58 PM GMT
I wonder where one could aquire a pair of these
toads? I would imagine the females could produce
more, since they are normally bigger than the males.

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