Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds

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By Mushroom John


Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 27 03, 01:18 PM GMT
Hi, this is rather a lengthy paper, 37 scans to get it all readable for you from a bad xerox copy on a cheap old copy machine becasue the U of H did not have funds to buy new copiers since all of the school money was given to the schools sports tweams. Something i a m very opposed to.

First off here I am in Honolulu in my office at the U of Hawaii with a large collection of baby hawaiian Woodrose seeds.

To any who read this post right now. Please do not respond until I have had time to post all 37 pages of the text and photos so I can keep the continuety of the Pictorial.

Thank you

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 27 03, 01:20 PM GMT

And here are the seeds once removed from the pods whcih contain 3-4 seeds.

Also See: Growing the Hallcinogens : Morning Glories : LSA Info : LSA Extractions

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 27 03, 02:42 PM GMT
Okay, that took me almost four hours to scan the pages and then go back and compress each page, resize them, rotate them into a straight line and then post them all here.
please enjoy and add any comments or questions. Also there is no strycnine in these seeds.


Posted by: CharlieBrown Jun 27 03, 03:06 PM GMT
Good info! Iíve been hesitant to try them out for some reason. Iím sure they hold good entheogenic properties and will allow a unique experience, but I just wasnít sure. The true L that comes around here is so rare and blasted expensive that itís hardly worth the money, IMO.
This has convinced me that they indeed have a value and I believe there will be an order made to obtain them. PM me a good source if you could. I know theyíre all over, but Iím looking for relatively inexpensive, good quality product.
If you can post vendors on this board, do it, if not PM please


Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 27 03, 03:56 PM GMT
I think you can buy them from ads in High Times and other Drug related magazines.

They need to be scraped really well and then just chew two seeds at a time and take fifteen minutes to eat 4 to 6 seeds. Never exceed an 8 seed dose or it will tear on your stomach.

Remember these are not LSD. Only related to LSD chemically. A lot of trails and such. When i do acid i get high, When i eat these seeds, womane get very sexual on them and we stay home and get naked.
Anyway, hope you find some. You could always go to hawaii. They grow all over theislands.


Posted by: CharlieBrown Jun 27 03, 04:23 PM GMT
There's plenty of online vendors. I don't generally order from HT.
I was just hoping you'd have a vendor you'd gone through and could vouch for. Anyone else?

Posted by: mjshroomer Jun 27 03, 06:26 PM GMT
I never buy them. I know how to pick them. Anyway, have a shroomy woodrosey day/.


Posted by: CharlieBrown Jun 27 03, 06:32 PM GMT
QUOTE (mjshroomer @ Jun 27 03, 07:26 PM GMT)
I never buy them. I know how to pick them.

I kind of figured as much, you lucky bastid. wink.gif
You have a shroomy day yourself there, MJ. And again, thanks for turning me back on to the woodrose idea.


Posted by: boxedhearts Jun 28 03, 10:37 PM GMT
I appreciate it, MjShroomer wub.gif

Im going to try them. I've done morning glory seeds and found them to be mildly psychoactive with stomach pain and a bad headache. I wont do more than 6, follow the other instructions and see what happens smile.gif

Posted by: Jojobafruit Jun 28 03, 11:02 PM GMT
Hey just wanted to add my 2 cents smile.gif
Morning glory seeds are good if you wanna puke and feel like shit for a while . lol laugh.gif
HBWR seeds are good if you get em from the right place.. I ate 1 seed the first time to see if i felt any bad effects.. I scraped the Woody Outside shell off.. then crushed it into a fine powder.. Took the powder like bc powder and washed it down with some water.. they dont taste tooooo bad bleah.gif .. shortly after i felt this nice glowing buzz around me.. quite nice.. wub.gif Then , later i decided to go with the 5 seeds prepared, and injested the same way.. WOW!!! I was trippin man.. it was crazy.. i thought i was gonna loose it at times.. like mushrooms but with some wild twists of sorts.. The experience lasted a good 10 or so hours.. I Would suggest atleast trying it once if your curious..
jojoba. wink.gif

Posted by: CharlieBrown Jun 29 03, 07:15 PM GMT
What vendor did you use JoJo? If you don't mind sharing... smile.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jul 09 03, 12:29 AM GMT
More Mushroom John??? wub.gif wink.gif