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�Another good way of automated humidification, but requires a higher budget, is by utilizing an ultra-sonic humidifier. These kind of humidifiers produce an ultra super fine mist which resembles that of Mother Nature's. This method would cover both the automated and the manual.

��The way to use these humidifiers is by hooking up some rubber tubing from the mist output, and running that rubber tubing into your growing chamber. You can use grommets (local hardware store) to hold the tubing in place at the mouth of the ultra sonic humidifier. Then you want to close the rest of the output with a glue gun, or caulk to seal it. So that the mist runs only through the rubber tubing. Then you can drill a hole on your growing chamber, wherever you want the ultra sonic mist to come in through.

�Try to bring your tubing in somewhere on the top of one of the sides. You can use another grommet here to hold the tubing in place also. You will also need to cut the 2 ends of the tubing into 45� angles so that your tubing won't get clogged at the ends after some hours of operation. You want to keep the middle of your tubing raised somehow so it also won't get clogged with water in the middle.

See pictures below:

Held up with tied shoe laces in a closet

Used glue gun with regular glue sticks

�One more thing if you are going to use an ultra sonic humidifier. It cannot be ON all of the time because it will create too much humidity and your cakes will be soaked by the end of the day. To avoid this you must have it ON for a few hours and OFF for several hours a day. You can do this manually or you can have it all automated with a timer. Timers are really handy when you don't have the time to be watching them all day. You want a timer that can be programmed for several on/off settings per 24hr. period. With this handy tool you can go to work, school, do your errands and shopping while your "babysitter" is at home watching your babies diligently.

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