Setting Up a Perlite Grow Chamber

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.....Once your cakes are fully colonized, you want to wait at least a week before you "birth" them. Which means taking them out of the jars and placing them in a growing chamber to fruit.

  In this extra week, the mycelium will strengthen it's "network" by connecting itself to all the outer region of the substrate.  For instance, when your jars are injected, the mycelium growing on the sides of the jar each has it's own 'mind' (for say). Since there are 5 injection targets, there will be 5 different 'minds' with specific instructions: To Take Over.  Once these 5 different 'minds' find each other while colonizing, they will interlace and unite to form One. Within some days these instructions will change to much more complicated instructions, which in short are: To Produce Life. At this point you should already have your growing chamber set-up.

  First of all, you are going to have to make a growing place for your mushrooms. A place where you can put your colonized cakes to pin, grow, and mature. Ok, your chamber has to contain a form of humidification. It could be a manual form or an automated form. What works best?...both.

To do this you can use perlite as a bottom layer like a humidifier (for your automated) and a spray bottle (for your manual). Take it easy with the spray bottle though, you don't want to over mist, because this is not good for your cakes. You want to mist only twice a day. Use a spray bottle that does not spray big droplets of water. There are some that can be adjusted to as fine mist as you want. Those are the best. Mist from above about 5 feet away, enough so that you see only very fine water particles all over your cakes. Mist for about 6-7 seconds from as high up as possible. Also mist the lid of your container so that it also has water particles on the inside of it.

  Perlite is the most un-expensive and user-friendly, effective method. It retains water like no other and has the properties to produce high levels of available air moisture, if wet just right, which would be by soaking it in peroxided (H2O2) water. 50% peroxide and 50% water works well, for about 25 min. When you take it out, drain the perlite well of water. Make sure that it's barely dripping at all. Lay about 2 inches of this in the bottom of your chamber.

 This could provide you with moisture in the 90ís %, which is good for the cake method, and is very contaminant resistant.

A good way to tell if you have too much humidity in your chamber is if your lid is dripping water down to your cakes. In this case you want to wipe the water off the lid and remove a little bit of the perlite at the bottom. And if you want to be precise about your humidity, you can get a humidity gauge and place it in your growing chamber. For cakes you want about 91% to 95% humidity. Sometimes even 100% is good for a while, but not the whole time.





  Once you have the bottom of your chamber full of perlite, you want to spray the sides and the inside (top) of the lid real well to help maintain humidity in there. A good way to tell if you got the right humidity is by opening the chamber and there is still water droplets on the sides and top of the lid. If you are spraying twice a day, the chamber should not be dry or even partially dry, yet it should not be dripping down.

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