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By Roc (Rochester) on Friday, January 04, 2002 - 02:48 am: The Nook

Checkout http://www.nodrugwar.com for some great info.

By Natura (Natura) on Friday, January 04, 2002 - 03:41 pm: The Nook

ThX Roc for link.
Acctually, I have some friends who should pass these tests iregulary and they re working for air flight company, secury service,,etc, etc. Even if the testing's illgal, Still comapany have to check them. I am Not sure these product could really work or not. I definitely, want to listen the experiences. Basically, Urine test should be done for THC and Alcohol. Eventually, coke and amphetamine base chemicals. But the last 2, test costs really much, so it will be done really rare. The test will be done Iregularly, so You must hold the urine clearner 24hours !?! The people I know, they keep always some body's Pipi who is clean & doesn't take any drugs. This is much sure and if the autholity will not get into the bathroom, this is fine too.


By nuecrew (Nue) on Friday, January 04, 2002 - 07:41 pm: The Nook

Take a small plastic bottle with your clean pi-pi and wrap a disposable hand warmer with a rubber band around it. After you transfer the juice hold it in your hand for a minute. If you are observed with cameras use a visine bottle kept warm as above and simulate the stream (men only). For visual observation there is something you can do that damn near becomes part of your body, women and men use it the same way. I've thought of patenting it and selling it as a unit but.......well........uh.......I've use all three of the above(many years ago).

By Natura (Natura) on Saturday, January 05, 2002 - 12:03 am: The Nook

This is very good idea. I wanna buy patent.


By Natura (Natura) on Saturday, January 05, 2002 - 12:19 am: The Nook

Interview: Kenneth Curtis, the South Carolina Urine Felon

During the 1990s, South Carolina pipe-fitter Kenneth Curtis, a non-drug user, repeatedly found himself subjected to invasive urine testing for drugs if he wanted to keep his job. Fed up by what he see as an unwarranted intrusion on his privacy, Curtis began a guerrilla crusade against urine testing, forming a company, Privacy Protection Services (http://www.privacypro.com), to provide clean urine kits to defeat drug tests.

In response, in 1999 South Carolina legislators passed a bill making it a felony crime to sell urine for the purpose of defeating or defrauding a drug test. Curtis shortly became the first and only person ever charged under the law, and on December 14, he was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison, with the possibility of six years if he violates probation or parole.

Curtis, who has used his case as a national soapbox for his attack on the urine testing industry, remains free while pending appeal. DRCNet spoke with Curtis this week from South Carolina, which he is prohibited from leaving as a condition of his appeal bond.
Week Online: What exactly is your business, and what are you hoping to accomplish?

Kenneth Curtis: My business is a platform for free speech directed against the urine testing industry. What we do is provide complete substitution kits that allow anyone to substitute our certified, pre-tested urine sample, because of our objections to the urine testing industry. They can find out a lot more than whether someone is using illicit substances. They can find out medical information that they aren't allowed to ask you by law. I was a pipe-fitter, and got tested about a dozen times a year.

I'm an American, I believe in civil liberties, and I was being presumed guilty without any presumption of innocence. I lay awake at night because I felt raped by the whole experience. I wanted to demonstrate how ridiculously invasive this whole thing is. I wanted to make a point. I'm not trying to help people pass drug tests; I'm trying to attack the whole idea that drug tests are proper in the workplace.

WOL: Don't employers have a right to test employees?

Curtis: That's correct. Impairment testing is logical and reasonable. If someone is in a position where he could potentially endanger the public or other workers, then an impairment test is the way to go. Not urine tests, not hair tests, not tests that measure the metabolic presence of some substance. Those tests do not measure the employee's ability to do the job, but they do allow employers access to health information they couldn't otherwise get. An employer can't ask you if you're diabetic or on anti-depressants, but these drug screens will reveal such information. Employers can use information gathered by urine tests and hair tests to get around fair hiring practices, but the tests can't tell them whether the employee can safely do the job.

WOL: So, how's business?

Curtis: Well, right now I am prohibited from selling any urine, but we're still selling the kits minus the urine. Every time they do something like this, it just drives it on. I wouldn't be doing any business at all if they hadn't drawn attention to me by making it illegal in the first place. Of course, this law was inspired by my activities, it was made for me, directed at me, and enforced against me. And only me. During my trial, we were prepared to provide evidence showing that other companies on the Internet were selling urine kits. The judge wouldn't allow that evidence, but I can't believe South Carolina authorities are not aware of it.

As I've said, the urine wasn't designed to beat drug tests; the whole idea was to illustrate the folly of the drug war and drug testing, to create media attention. What I'm really doing is telling people how easy it is to get over on the urine testing industry, and awareness of the issue is half the fight. I find it interesting that one person like me can foil a billion-dollar industry with just these things. When people stand up and start objecting, things will change. In the meantime, people who support the cause are buying the kits. Not only are you making a statement about the industry, but it's also a good way to aid my legal defense.

WOL: How have you been treated by South Carolina authorities?

Curtis: Selective prosecution is one word, I guess. How about a political vendetta? I've personally lampooned the person responsible for this law, Senate Chairman David L. Thomas (R), on the Montel Williams show, the Today Show, Politically Incorrect, and other national and local venues, and then after two years of leaving me alone, Thomas writes a letter demanding that South Carolina law officers enforce the statute. I tried civil actions and injunctions to keep them from enforcing the law, but the judges threw that out. Then I went to the state law enforcement center with my lawyer and gave the kits away to anyone who would take one. I gave one to the desk seargeant. They took me to the back of the station and called prosecutors, but he said to go home. I did business for two years after that before Thomas sicced the police on me. They did two undercover buys over the Internet, then arranged a purchase near my home. The next thing you know, they're raiding me like I was a drug dealer. Fifteen armed SWAT agents tore my house apart, trashed the place, but took nothing but business records. They didn't even seize my urine! That was a blatant attempt at intimidation -- I mean, kicking doors in and sending in SWAT teams for urine. That has to be a low point in the history of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

WOL: Did things go any better in court?

Curtis: Both the prosecutor and the judge were positively rabid, foaming at the mouth. We had a jury trial, but the judge wouldn't allow us to present any evidence. He made every effort to keep the real story from the jury. And I never had the intent to defraud drug tests, but that doesn't matter in court when the prosecutors say I intended to. It is hard to prove a negative. So I was found guilty, and the judge, true to form, gave me the maximum sentence, six years and a $40,000 fine, although he did suspend all but six months, but that still leaves me under their thumb for years. I wanted to show how ridiculous this whole urine testing law is and what I got is a dramatic illustration of how far the government is willing to go to prop up the war on drugs.

WOL: What now?

Curtis: We're appealing to the State Supreme Court and US federal courts. We are appealing constitutional issues as well as the verdict itself. I'm under a bond stipulation from the judge that I not participate in any business containing urine anywhere in the world. Their whole course is to try to break their opponents financially and thus break their will to fight. But I'm not made that way; all it does is make me madder, more determined.

WOL: You are potentially facing time in prison for your unique form of activism. Any regrets?

Curtis: No regrets. Well, yes, a couple. I regret that a jury of my peers didn't get to hear my defense. And never having been through a criminal proceeding, I now regret my naivete in thinking I could find justice in the criminal courts. I expect to be treated to the worst prison conditions South Carolina has to offer if I lose on appeal, but I will continue my course. I hope the courts will eventually uphold me. I can't believe the Founding Fathers wanted the courts to be doing what they did in South Carolina in my case.

By quote: (Quote) on Saturday, January 05, 2002 - 01:48 am: The Nook

what a crock of shit.
busted for selling piss.
what's next ?

By Imok Urok2 (Imok) on Saturday, January 05, 2002 - 02:33 am: The Nook

You get as much justice
as you can afford

By nuecrew (Nue) on Saturday, January 05, 2002 - 02:35 am: The Nook

My angle is the individual uses his or her own urine.
If you're not writing letters to your congressman or getting involved somehow your just a fan booing or cheering.

By ShrooMaster (Shroomaster) on Sunday, January 06, 2002 - 03:05 am: The Nook

heres anoher way to foil piss tests: about 2 hours before a test drink a gallon of water and eat 4 golden seal root pills. piss 2 or 3 times before you go and you should be fine. that is for work testing. probation testing is a lil more invasive.

By quote: (Quote) on Sunday, January 06, 2002 - 03:11 pm: The Nook

goldenseal is often tested for, so be careful.

By che guareva (Ekostikdaydream) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 07:05 am: The Nook

Ok fellas i decided to contribute some of my knowledge of passing drug tests with you all.

i am gonna explain several ways to pass in different circumstances. Circumstance #1 is the worst to be in. Sometimes drugs tests are very spontanious such as a pop quiz at work or even by the man. Here is my solution, Take the cup and fill it with water from the toilet to just above the temperature indacator on the side of the cup. Then start urinating into the toilet. At about midstream urinate a very small amount into the cup. VERY SMALL just enough to change the color of the water. Then look at the temperature indacator (it shows the temperature of the urine), by a color indacator. Next place your toungue on the indacator. Leave there for 3 seconds then inspect the temp. If a reading didnt show repeat untill it does. You are now done. (kinda) When they send the urine in the test results will come backe diluted. That generally takes 3 or more days. So really you've only bought time. Another option is to buy powered urine and keep it in you wallet. (in case of pop tests at work) This powder can be precisely mixed with water using the urine cup because unire cups always have measurements on the side of them. (at least in my 50+ tests) parole sux! Dont forget about the temp when using powdered urine.

The next situation is when you have a notice. Thc the most common drug (nugs):) takes time to get out of your system. The time it takes depens on the individuals using habits, weight, physical fitness, and the amount of exercise he or she does. A skinny, fit, weekend smoker who exercises daily will generally be free of any signs of smokeage in 3-10 days. An overweight blunt smoking couch potatoe will show signs of smoking for 30-90 days. Either way water, exercise, healthy eating, and multivitamins will help emmensly. (water being most important) So if you have enough time. (14 days for normal individuals who drink lots of water, exercise, eat right and take vitamins to help the process. Well if you overweight, or dont have enough time, get someone elses urine.(clean urine that is) Wear some tighty whities and hide it. NOT MUCH URINE IS NEEDED FOR A DRUG TEST! A big(its actually pretty small) clear eyes bottle is good. Plus it may be already handy (to get the red out);) If it happens that u dont have enough add some water so u do. Use your toungue to adjust the temp gauge. I know that sounds gross, (or fun depending on personal preferences) but your toungue is on the OUTSIDE OF THE CUP. I dont recommend putting your toungue on the inside.
Also always give midstream urine NOT THE LAST SQUIRTS OR THE FIRST RUSH.

Also the first option of using water with a tad of urine for color will not work with instant tests because the control line will not show up. Thoughs of you who have taken instant tests know what i mean. Also this is based on thc if you have a question about another substace ask i will answer. Also note that contrary to popular thinking charcoal pills do not help remove thc. They help to remove cocaine and some other substances, but not thc. (weed) Also make note that thc is actually out of ones system in 12-24 hours after use. Its the effects on urine that makes it dectectible. (it removes stuff in the urine. So if the stuff it removes isnt present in your urine then you fail. To my knowlege the stuff* cannot be added to urine.

more to come.

By Nan (Nanook) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 07:32 am: The Nook

Any words on the herbs and stuff people take?

By gunner (Grenade) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 07:59 am: The Nook

Yeah, Like Xenadrine? I have heard that it will make you piss hot, is that true?

By quote: (Quote) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 01:53 pm: The Nook


make note that thc is actually out of ones system in 12-24 hours after use

che, alot of your post is misinformation that is only going to get people in trouble.
you try giving a parole officer a diluted sample, assuming you can, which is doubtful because they watch you urinate,
and you'll get violated so quick it won't be funny.

By Mjshroomer (Mjshroomer) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 06:08 pm: The Nook

First off, many drug tests (UA.s, etc. [Urine Analysis] do not work.\

I took one when I had threee teeth piulled during my divorce. The UA, although I was loaded on Demorols only showed up with a THC positive.

ANyway, drug analysis do not include LSD and/or Psilocybine/psilocine. They cost the government too much money to analyse for those compounds.

They do, however, look for majijuana, alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines and opiates (Her4oin, morphine, codiene, demorol, etc).

SOme people have beat some drug tests with a few marketed kits but they usually alre not reliable. They take Golden seal and valarian and drink massive amounts of liquid.

Well Mushrooms are out of your body within 48 hours of consumption and THC stays in the system for at least thirty days.

Just image that all of the straight people in the world think one is high for thirty days when they here that or read that the drug stays in uyour system for thirty days or more.

They think you are all high. Well it shows up in the system but then so does sugar.


By che guareva (Ekostikdaydream) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 07:39 pm: The Nook

quote i only write what i know as fact. thc is out of ones system in 12- 24 hours after use. Drug tests dont test for thc they test for the chemicals in urine that thc removes .

quote: if the stuff isnt present in your uirine then you fail. Please dont jump to conclusions about me. Stuff=the chemicals thc removes

Also one should use common sense when on parole one should know if they have to pee in front of someone before attemting this, but if you are gonna fail anyway it is better to come up diluted and get another chance in three days. Comming up diluted is not failing! i know i've done it several times all they do is make you take it over. Say you drink water alot because its good for you. I can tell you've never been on parole quote no hard feelings I understand your concern.

no hassles or bad attitudes pls

By mr. mista (Mistabud) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 07:52 pm: The Nook

huh? that's news to me

By nuecrew (Nue) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 08:04 pm: The Nook

I had a thought worth following up on. I was refused a nice juicy job as a production manager years ago because I drank alot of water before the test. Although they didn't find the THC I was trying to hide, they didn't find "creatine"(whatever that is) in the right amounts. They said when people load up on water to dilute the urine, and the drug concentration, they also dilute the creatine level. Normal is like 30, under around 5 is a fail. You can buy creatine for body building.??????? Someone told me they use a visine bottle to simulate urine stream. The best way is to just be clean if you must do a test. Your freedom or employment is not worth risking over a test. I've been tested the next day after using shrooms and never failed.

By quote: (Quote) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 10:30 pm: The Nook

still more misinfo.
i was on paper for 10 years, che.
they test for THC metabolites, which are stored long-term in human fat cells.
not for 'missing chemicals'.
creatine [sp.?] is what you're thinking of, that's how they spot people who have been flushing with water,
the creatine levels drop because of too much pissing, and they know you're dirty.
and a diluted/tampered urine drop is counted as a failed/dirty drop.
you can be revoked for it.
get your facts straight.

By che guareva (Ekostikdaydream) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 05:40 am: The Nook

My drug counselor was the one who informed me that they didnt actually test for thc. Thc is stored in fat cells that is correct, but it is not present in ones body fluids (ie urine, blood) after 12-24 hours. I dont know what state you reside in, but i've came up diluted twice in two months and i was never charged with a pv. I dont understand how you could really. Lets say for example a i play basketball and my coach is always wanting me to stay hydrated, therefore i drink plenty of water. Well after the game i go and take a urine screen and i come up diluted. No evidence of drugs means no evidence to convict. I will admit that i may be wrong here because i have my parole officer convienced that i am drug free so maybe he lets me slide a little. By all means comming up diluted isnt good, but you have to admit that IT IS better than comming up dirty. at least if you come up diluted you can make up a story that sounds credible. You have to agree with that.
Also the metabolites do not contain thc they are a byproduct of thc. this byproduct also removes other chemicals from the urine. Instant tests test for the chemical it removes. When they send it in to the lab (that sux by the way) they test for the actual metabolites.

If you are on parole the best way to go is to stay clean that is so very true. dont smoke up and then come up diluted and think everything is gonna be alright. that would be silly, but if fail and diluted are your only choices, well you decide for yourself on that one.

About the creatine and all other stuff they can check for. If you have a week or so drink 1-2 gallons of water a day. THE DAY BEFORE THE URINE SCREEN DRINK NORMAL AMOUNTS OF WATER. During this week eat balanced healthy meals exercise and take multivitimins. The day of your test drink 1/2 gtallon of water (not all at once) and eat a big balanced meal at least an hour before the test. Use midstream for the test. This will greatly increase the chances of passing, but does not guarantee anything.

By che guareva (Ekostikdaydream) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 05:44 am: The Nook

Also dont use goldenseal in a lab test because they find it easily.

By Herman Manderchuck (Youenjoymyself) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 07:17 am: The Nook

I heard to stay away from exercise....Bad rumor maybe?? By exercising youre only releasing Chemicals stored in your body fat....THC....Exercising may work for the skinny folk but if youre Lard Ass from "Stand By Me" just continue being a lard ass and drinking lots of water..I removed THC from my urine in less than 4 days by drinking gallons upon gallons of water...And even before the test drank about a half gallon of water.....Shit, i was even drinking it in the lobby of the court house waiting for my trial and not one thing was mentioned to me about diluted urine at the next P.O. meeting....Maybe certain offenses have different degrees of drug testing???For example the guy on Probation for Auto Theft and Assault/Battery/ and breaking and entering is more of a priority than the guy who stole a Wrench from the hard ware store???I dont know.I guess every State is different in such matters.I would like to hear what its like where everyone else lives....Please post

By A Drunk Bastard (Adb) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 07:18 am: The Nook

Nue, thx for that post as my 1st impulse was to ask the question have any of YOU actually failed a drug test because of diluted urine? That sucks man cause the lab I worked at didnít do any of that kinda crap unless specifically asked to, n in the 6 months I was there never saw that, but there are a ton of labs out there I can only speak bout 1. Iíve gotten lucky n passed my tests by loading up on water, diuretics n vitamins.

Iíve never taken a piss test at a facility where the toilet water in the restroom wasnít colored. Though Iíve never taken a parole whiz quiz, just testing for jobs n things.

So hereís my 2cents/misinformation on drug testing & information relating to it on the net. Be very careful of what you believe. Who knows what it takes for somebody to know if something is fact or not. Who knows I might be an 14yr old in Orlando who thinks it would be funny if people believed what I say n fail a drug test cause I come on here sayin Ďoh yea, I know about drug testingí. What Iím tryin to get at here is drug tests can be a VERY big deal if you fail them. Protect yourself by questioning the validity of information you are given. As Nue said ďYour freedom or employment is not worth risking over a testĒ. I take a very similar approach to partyin, I just donít want it to have any negative impact on my life n I enjoy freedom n the $$ employment brings. So I donít drink n drive, donít let my passengers drink, I also just assume that pot can be tested for in your system for 30 days+ cause itís that thinking that keeps me out of trouble.

At least for the lab I worked at it is true that mushrooms & LSD are not part of the standard drug test, though if somebody wanted to pay for that test it could be done(never seen it done myself). Youíll have to forgive me as itís been a while since I worked there but they had 3 Ďstandardí tests, a 3, a 5, n a 7 part test. Pot, Coke, Opiates, Amphetamines, and PCP made up the 5 part. It surprised me cause I didnít think there were that many people using PCP. I think the 3 part was Pot, Coke n Opiates n the 7 part added Barbituates and alcohol(I just canít think of what the 7th thing was). I know that many companies also ordered nicotine testing, I guess to see if you lied about smoking on your job application or insurance coís keeping tabs.

Procedure at this lab wasÖ sample comes in, gets labeled, aliquated n paperwork goes through. The aliquat goes to the drug screen which is one of those litmus paper like tests, kinda like the pregnancy tests.. statistically lots of false positives, and the origional goes to long term storage(3 years here). so then if the sample is negative chain of events stops here, if itís positive the origional sample is retrieved from storage(a huge walk in cooler wall to wall with samples) an aliquat is taken n sent to the GC/MS lab where the initial screen is confirmed or hopefully not. Like has been mentioned itís not the actual drug that is tested for itís the metabolites, so even though MDMA wasnít on the list of stuff in the Ďstandardí tests if you are rollin Monday night n have to take a drug test Tuesday there is a VERY good chance youíll pop the test for amphetamines. LOL itís this rational that gets me by da wife for only gettin hydro, cause ya injest less over all cannabinoids per buzz that way(higher % of the right ones). Not 100% sure that logic holds but it gets me out of smokin shwag :) .

The majority of the drug tests Iíve taken Iíve known a couple weeks in advance so it was easy to prepare. Granted Iíve had a couple of close friends take those detox drinks n pass, but thatís a little sketchy to me(but Iím a paranoid mofo). So I always quit smokin herb soon as I know a test is coming. I start taking golden seal with every meal. Iíve been lead to believe that golden seal is an herbal diuretic, but not 100% positive on that one. Either way thatís what ivíe done. If I have 2 weeks Iím not too paranoid with my methods but everybodyís body is different with this. So I eat GS 3x/day as directed on bottle n drink a lot of water, oh yea I also make sure to take vitamins, I take 1 multivitamin n then more vit C later in the day. With vitamins the only thing you really have to watch out for is that A, D, E, & K are fat soluble and can build up in your system with negative consequenses, the rest if you have too much youíll just excrete it out, piss or for example with WAY to much vit C youíll get the runs, 4g/day is my limit though I know a Dr who takes 8-10g/day when heís sick n says that doesnít cause him digestive problems but I think thatís a bit rediculous. So I take GS, extra vitamins n extra water(not to obscene levels) up until 2 days b4 the test. At that point I quit taking the GS but keep up with the extra water(Iíve heard the stat 1ltr for every 50lbs but who knows, though I get close to) n try not to burn any fat, I donít exercise and I make sure Iím not overly hungry(donít want to make my body use fat as a fuel source). As for the rumors that they can test for golden seal, yes they can, as MJ said they can test for sugar if they want to n neither of which is illegal, an easy way out of looking suspicious is saying that you felt like you were coming down with a cold and had been told that taking an Echinasia/golden seal suppliment cause u were told it would help you not get sick, cause least with the tests Iíve taken they ask you Ďwhat have you taken latelyí so I just list off everything that I can think of cause I ďhad a coldĒ, echinasia/golden seal, sudafed, tried dimetapp, niquill, asperin, vitaminsÖ. Iíd try to get known in the office as one of those guys who takes herbs for everything that way if for some reason they ask your coworkers bout anything like thatÖ ya know what Iím sayin. For the last 24 hrs I drink as much water as I can(I go with at least 1ltr/50lbs body wt). Itís annoying as hell but itís worked for me, if you are worried about the lack of color in your urin just take a multivitamin + 500mg of vit C 45mins b4 the test n your urin will have color. Besides adding color you want to replace any vitamins that you are excreting so you can remain healthy.

Re:creatine levels. Iím not 100% on this but if you are worried about that you can get Creatine Phosphate suppliments at health stores, I think thatís what Mark McGuire was taking the year he broke the home run record(guess any of u baseball fans would know better than I), n that should bump up your amount of excreted creatine if you are worried about that.

I guess everybody has a different way of dealing with their drug tests, this was just MY experiences. If something else worked for you go with it. Being partially informed can be more dangerous than being ignorant, do your homework, compare your resources info n make informed decisions. lol don't forget about the disclaimer out front.

By Mjshroomer (Mjshroomer) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 05:04 pm: The Nook

I also forgot to mention that most essential oils of many spices are chemically phenyethylamines and therefore will show up in a drug test as amphetmines.

This includes apiole and dill apiole from Spanish Dill and Parsley, Anise, Vanilla, Fennel Oil from Fennel Seed, Myristicine and Safrole from Nutmeg and Mace.

These are all essential oils used in the manufacture of MDA and MDMA.

You can eat pumpkin pie and show up dirty.

Have a shroomy day and stay away from chemicals, although MDA is one of my favorate all time energy highs for intense sex I warn people they can be dangerous if mixed with other drugs and these spices will get someone violated if they take a UA while under their influence.


By nuecrew (Nue) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 07:47 pm: The Nook

Wanna hear something crazy? A young guy I work with who is about 25 now had a drug test when he was 17. He was dirty and a dirty meant going back to some kind of hell. He took a small what sounded like 8 oz. glass of water and added about a fourth of that in bleach to the water and down the hatch! He said his skin turned red for 2 days and he felt "funny". He passed the test. (He could have died, bleach is poison)! I've heard of people taking many different things to pass.
I know of a man who works for a local transit system driving. They get a 2 day notice for a drug test. He drinks two gallons of cranberry juice the day before and says he's always passed. Could just be the water.

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 11:27 pm: The Nook

i was on paper for about 3 1/2 years and every time i used Certo... it's not a chemical sold to make people pass drug tests, it is merely fruit pectin found in any grocery store in the jello and jelly aisle for only a few dollars.... it worked good for me, but i'm not saying that everyone should depend on it... i was stupid and i got lucky.... there is a certain way to do it though to make it work right.. there are two packets in a box of certo.. you just need one... about an hour to an hour and a half before the test, down a packet of the nasty shit and drink a few glasses of water... oh yeah, but before you drink it, try pissing out as much urine as you can because you are gonna have to piss like a race-horse when you're done... but yeah... DO NOT go to the bathroom again until you take your test... i have only used this within three hours so i would not risk anymore than drinking it three hours before your test and no less than an hour after you drink it... and hold that piss!

By che guareva (Ekostikdaydream) on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 12:11 am: The Nook

My uncle once told me he took a shot of bleach and downed it with water and it worked too. i didnt think anyone else would ever try that. pls make note: do not attempt that.

By Piss Chill (Catfishjohn) on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 03:20 am: The Nook

The first thing they tell you in the Peace Corps is put 12 drops of bleach in each liter of water to purify, so it can be taken safely in small quantities though obviously I don't know the relevancy of that as far as drug tests.

Posted by: EvilShroomer May 05 03, 03:53 PM GMT
how do i pass a drug test for thc , ie been smoking weed for the last 2 months , and well , ive got a drug test in about a week.

Posted by: Voodoo May 05 03, 04:45 PM GMT
Your best shot would be a SERIOUS flush with some B vitamins thrown in for color.

Posted by: Samsara May 05 03, 07:09 PM GMT
You should not smoke pot. If it's in a week you're probably screwed unless you're really lucky. tongue.gif

Posted by: sinoptik May 05 03, 08:38 PM GMT
exercise alot by running at least a mile a day, drink tons of water, and eat non-fatty foods so the thc will be less likely to stay in your system for long. those are tips you should be using everyday though which have allowed me to pass tests the day after smoking everytime.

Posted by: gee_dub May 07 03, 06:04 PM GMT
DO NOT EXCERSIZE, doing so will release the thc stored in your fat cells into your piss stream.

that being said, you should light up a big ass blunt, as you are fucked, best bet would be to take someone with clean piss have them piss in a clean unlubricated rubber, double bag it and tie it up and keep it as warm as possible under your nuts.

its no way in hell you can possibly pass the drug test, DO not rely on reday clean or aything of that sort, the only thing that is fool proof is clean urine.

I have used ready clean, extra clean, and some other shit i got at gnc and have failed each time.

Posted by: brainbreath May 07 03, 06:25 PM GMT
Don't smoke again till your test, take tons of niacin between now and then, along with the b vitamins already suggested, and drink lots of water wink.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts May 07 03, 06:29 PM GMT
There is some stuff they sell online and at headshops called Vale's.


I used to use it EVERY month when I was on probation a few years ago and I passed every time. The directions said to quit using "toxins" <eg> 2 days before the test, but the joneser I was I would smoke in the morning before the test and still pass!! angel.gif

If you follow the directions to the LETTER (and I would quit for the 2 days they suggest, just to be safe) you will pass your piss test. Trust me.

You are not FUCKED or bereft of help.

Vales is quite expensive though...about $30

Posted by: trinity May 07 03, 06:30 PM GMT
i say exercise alot to release the thc stored in your fatty cells NOW before your test. drink over a gallon of water per day and exercise ALOT. don't smoke any weed. i hope your kinda skinny, (less fatty cells, less thc being stored) a week is plenty of time, in my foaf's experience, if you drink a ton of water and run a mile everyday. foaf is in the army and he smokes weed once in a while. yeah the headshop stuff works too if your lazy or don't have time, and have 30 bucks to waste on that nasty tasting stuff.

Posted by: Lophophophile May 08 03, 12:20 AM GMT
I previously passed pre-employment drug tests by getting someone to pee for me into a small bottle the day of the test. The bottle was a 4.25oz Purell Hand Sanitizer bottle that was chosen because it was wide and thin, good for concealment. Then I'd tape two pocket warmer heat pads (got em from Blue Ridge Mountain Sports) onto the container, one on each side. Finally, I'd tape the bottle to the inside of my thigh. Be advised the pocket warmers take about 30mins to warm up. The people at the testing center would make me empty my pockets, but the bottle still made it into the bathroom with me. cool.gif

Do NOT try to microwave a plastic container of urine to warm it up. I tried this a couple years ago and ended up with a microwave full of piss. laugh.gif

Oh ya, don't try refrigerating someones pee, because after just a day it'll come out looking like funky orangejuice. bleah.gif

Niacine doesn't do anything to dramatically clean you out. Even if you take it daily, you need at least two weeks to get clean. Do NOT overdose niacine trying to get clean, someone I know had to go to the hospital after doing this.

Posted by: cubensis May 08 03, 01:53 PM GMT
The most surefire method is to use someone elses pee. A friend of mine used a lime juce container that he stuck in the microwave (Not sure how long, i'd try w/water to get the time down and keep your microwave pee free:)) and then taped to his nuts. it worked great all through his probation.

I've passed drug tests after smoking 2 days before by niacin and, more importantly, lots of water. If you drink water to the point that you are about to piss yourself every twenty minutes the sample should be diluted to the point that the metabolites wont be detected. I have heard of folks having to retake a test that was too diluted but water is not illeagle. If you use this method try cranberry juce the night before to clean out your bladder etc.

also your first pee of the day is the dirtyest, pee a lot before the test. The begining and end of your stream is the dirtiest, catch it in the middle.

Good luck

Posted by: EvilShroomer May 08 03, 02:38 PM GMT
ive been drinking alot of pickle juice , since it contains viniger, yeah i know about the niacin , i just dont have any money for it..

Posted by: boxedhearts May 09 03, 01:28 PM GMT
Here's a link to the stuff that worked at least 12 times for me:



Posted by: 420M May 12 03, 06:26 PM GMT
Substitution (using someone else's clean urine) works BEST.

I'd try these guys second. . . http://www.passyourdrugtest.com

Good Luck -

420M (( a serious PotHead working a STRAIGHT job :-) ))

Posted by: EvilShroomer May 16 03, 04:11 PM GMT
ok , i bought some Niacin.... im taking a shit load if it , who knwos when my drug test is... now to monday , fuck

Posted by: Lophophophile May 17 03, 02:28 AM GMT
i hope you quit around the time of your first post. don't take more than two niacine daily, more than that can cause liver damage

Posted by: EvilShroomer May 18 03, 01:29 PM GMT
that fucking sucks , ive been taking 12 a day , for the last few days... hah 4 in the morning , 8 hours later , and 4 before bed , with tons of fucking water

Posted by: cinjun8 May 18 03, 03:53 PM GMT
Drink lots of water,LOTS of it. My friend swears by Goldenseal,
but I dont know about it.
He drinks water until he's peeing every 10 min.It works for him so far.
Good Luck!

Posted by: Bobkat May 18 03, 04:40 PM GMT
Do everything said on this thread and who knows, you just might pass. Goldenseal has been around forever, I like the picke juice, clausen kosher dill bestmWATER WATER WATER, Best luck to you. cool.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts May 18 03, 08:19 PM GMT
Another thing you can do (the principle behind Vales) is:

An hour or 2 before you test, you drink something LOADED in simple sugars, like really sugary kool-aid (make sure its sugar and not Nutrasweet, etc) The simple sugars in it will prevent you from burning any fat for the duration it's in your system, hence no THC is metabolised into your urine wub.gif

Posted by: aphex May 19 03, 01:25 AM GMT
i'm not sure how old this thread is, or if it matters anymore, but i have passed 3 out of 3 piss tests and here is what i did each time.

test 1, smoked 24 hours prior to testing. 7 hours before the test i drank 12 litres of water in 6 hours. that leaves an hour til the test, so i decided to get another litre of water and just sip on that til the test & relax. by time i had to take the test i had finished off that 13th litre of water and felt as if i was going to puke. i pissed and passed. so the theory of "lots of water" works , as long as you really do drink LOTS of water (btw when i took this piss test i weighed 160 lbs, was 6ft, fairly active w/ only 7% body fat and had a pretty fast and regular metabolism - ate 4-7 whole meals a day, i was smoking about 1/8th of shwagg a day)

test 2, didnt smoke for 2 weeks prior to testing. drank about 12 glass' of water a day, thats 50% more than you SHOULD be drinking. passed just fine. now weighing in at 180lbs, 6ft tall, slightly active, a slightly fast-just above normal metabolism, eating about 2-3 times a day and smoking 1/8th of nuggets every 3 days or so.

test 3, smoked 3 days prior to testing. drank regular ammounts of water. drank eclipse and followed the directions on the bottle. this stuff was 40 bucks and you can get it at any GNC, its behind the counter - just ask. the lady that helped me at gnc was very informative and could answer every question i threw at her.

all 3 were lab certified urinalysis.

Posted by: 420M May 19 03, 10:50 PM GMT
QUOTE (EvilShroomer @ May 16 03, 01:11 PM GMT)
ok , i bought some Niacin.... im taking a shit load if it , who knwos when my drug test is... now to monday , fuck

Hmmm. . ..

I always wonder about people who ask for suggestions. . . .

and then continue to do whatever they want.

Good luck on your test.

Must not have been too important.

~ M ~

Posted by: djdiggety May 21 03, 02:02 PM GMT
I've passed three drug tests by doing the following: 1- Drink a hell of a lot of water (Obviously), 2- Use only the first drops of urine that come out... these contain the least amount of toxins from your body, and 3- Dilute the urine slightly with warm water. GNC can help you out in just about any department. The drink Eclipse works great; but if you can't afford it, Niacin is a pretty good idea... With Goldenseal, I have heard mostly good things, except one guy I know that failed a test after using it. The only foolproof way to pass, agreeing with 420M's suggestion, is borrowing the piss of a non-cannabis friendly pal.

Posted by: Meltingpenguin May 21 03, 04:16 PM GMT
He had a week before the test you you guys are telling him he's fucked?

72 hours is all you need. GO to GNC and ask for the cleansing drug test tea, its the good shit tehy keep behind the counter. you have to drink 2 1/2 gallons of it in 2 days, but it worked for me and i had all kinds of shit in my system.

Posted by: Teknos May 21 03, 06:26 PM GMT
Hmm well I wouldnt have believed this if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. But a buddy of mine had a test yesterday.

Smoked a bowl, then downed about 2 gall's of water. And every time he pissed he'd drink more water. Went down n took the test and passed. And this guy smokes every day. It was a "quick test" but I dunno... I guess it makes sense, after the first couple piss's your just pissing out water.

He's a skinny guy n that might have something to do with it. Personally I just goto the smoke shop n get a system clean drink. So I dunno, but I just have to say i wouldnt believe it if i hadnt seen it myself...

Posted by: spngbob May 29 03, 10:32 PM GMT
Ways to pass pee test:

1. Get clean for minimum 30 days! Pee with no worries!
2. Use clean pee (disgusting, but it works)
3. The stuff sold for cleaning pee is claimed to work, would only use as last chance.

always try to drink a lot of water before, and never give up pee you've been holding for a while!

Posted by: DankSmokerTim May 29 03, 10:53 PM GMT
Pickel Juice will allow you shit through a screen but wont do much else! Spend the 30$ at GNC and you wont have to worry about anything. Its the gratest investment you can make. From friends to family, They all sware by it. I haven't heard much about the tea form but the pill form seems to work for everyone. Good luck !

Posted by: colt122 May 30 03, 12:16 AM GMT
Ive seen piss test reports from the big house,Flushing wont work thats primitive and if you pass, your number wasnt up!By flushing with water other body fluids are also released,this is enough to grab you.Creatine levels are just one of many that will be diluted.And you live were technology is embraced cool.gifI wouldnt chance it,Plus they never give me parole biggrin.gif

Posted by: Lophophophile May 30 03, 01:43 AM GMT
Court mandated anti-drunk driving classes (ASAP in VA) have sophisticated drug testing methodology that will spot diluted urine. With the tests being random, I'm just not smoking anymore. I've been on a daily smoke schedule for the past 5 years and was able to quit cold turkey with some willpower. Of course the reinforcement of having nightmeres about smokin up and getting put back in jail for it helps with quiting. I've been amazed by the respect and commendments I've gotten from all my pothead friends for being able to quit. 3 months down, 2 more to go...