Easy No PC/No Glovebox Mycellial Method

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By quote: (Quote) on Friday, February 15, 2002 - 05:32 pm:

you can do this without a pc or a glovebox.
just steam your jar like you would pf style,
since this is water it doesn't require high pressures to penetrate like grains do.
the lid of the jar needs to be prepared beforehand by drilling a 3/8 hole near the rim and stuffing it full of polyfil [polyester fiber for stuffing pillows, found in crafts dept.].
then put a layer of foil over the jar,
then screw on the lid,
then cover with another layer of foil.
we don't want the polyfil to get wet,
either from above or below.
with the lid prepared thusly,
you can fill the jar halfway with dextrose/karo/honey/sugar water,
steam it,
let it cool
then just inject your spores thru the polyfil, foil and all, and then store in a warm area.
within a few days you should see growth.
then, just reverse the process to draw up inoculant,
slide a sterile syringe in,
draw up the solution, tilting the jar if needed to reach all of it,
and use to inoculate as you normally would.