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Posted by: John Doe Jul 30 03, 03:22 PM GMT
I am Soooo Happy my pedro got Root bannana.gif

Posted by: John Doe Jul 30 03, 03:23 PM GMT


Posted by: John Doe Jul 30 03, 03:23 PM GMT
nerd.gif ok just so everyone know this would not be possible without all the good people here at the nook thank you all bow.gif .....Do I get a grammy now biggrin.gif

Posted by: Dr. Bombay Jul 30 03, 03:32 PM GMT
your avatar has mine standing tall too.

Posted by: John Doe Jul 30 03, 03:43 PM GMT ...ok forgot to ask what do i do now plant it or let it dry out or what......oh and its a little sogy feeling two paranoid.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jul 30 03, 04:38 PM GMT
Plant it up right away, if you let it dry out it will stop root growth, it may kill them back. It will take water and ferts right off the bat.

Posted by: entheopharm Jul 30 03, 04:39 PM GMT
WOOHOO!!! clap.gif Congrats John, pot that sucker up! I would start with just distilled H2O to go easy on those new roots. After a couple weeks go to a mild fertilizer regimen. Is this about right Prof ion?

Posted by: ion Jul 30 03, 04:55 PM GMT
Plant it immediately into moist (not soggy) soil. The root-drying practice is only for transplanting established root systems, not nubbies. wink.gif

Use spring water, not distilled. Distilled will actually shock the roots more than water that has stuff dissolved in it... the lack of minerals in distilled can actually hurt the cactus roots a tad by lowering the diffusion gradient... this means that solids in the cactus roots will want to come out to dissolve in the water, not vice versa. It's a good thought, because you generally want to be clean about things, but with rooted cacti, cleanliness doesn't matter so much. If you want to use distilled, just put 1/4 strength of fertilizer in it, first.

And make sure the water and soil temps are equalized with the surrounding air. wink.gif

Good job, bro! wub.gif

Speaking of jobs... laugh.gif


Posted by: ion Jul 30 03, 05:02 PM GMT
Oh yeah... the "soggy" feeling you are describing is just dehydration. It always happens when rooting cuttings. Don't worry, as soon as those roots get acclimated in the dirt, they'll start sucking water up into the cactus. wink.gif

Posted by: John Doe Jul 30 03, 07:12 PM GMT
thanks for the help. one more thing thou. I looked at my other cuttings and some have one root about the same as the pics here. should I let grow more roots or just plant them also huh.gif

Posted by: ion Jul 30 03, 08:04 PM GMT
Plant 'em! biggrin.gif