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By Dr. Cubensis (Shroomzilla) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 01:33 am:

Version 1.2 Last updated 01/01/2002

( This tek may be reposted anywhere, by anyone. I only ask that you copy the tek in it's ENTIRETY and omit/add nothing. Any updates to this tek will
be gladly accepted, researched, and added with credit where it is due. )

--ShroomZilla's Complete & E-Z Chronic007 Based BuLk Quart Invitro-Tek/FAQ--

(1.) Introduction
(2.) WARNING/Disclaimer
(3.) Basic Materials
(4.) Starting out...
(4a.) Colonized Jars/Light
(4b.) Birthing
(4c.) Dunking
(4d.) Holes in the lids/Risers
(5.) Transferring cakes to Quarts
(5a.) Step by Step
(5b.) If lid holes are blocked?
(5c.) Stacking Jars
(6.) Fruiting Chamber
(6a.) Light
(6b.) Heat
(6c.) Ventilation
(6d.) Combining light/heat/ventilation
(7.) Pinning
(7a.) Second Flush
(8.) End of tek
(9.) Final thoughts regarding this tek
(10.) Side Notes, Ideas, Quotes and Observations
(11.) What are the SIMPLE BASICS regarding Invitro ( quart )
(12.) Basic Starter Questions from Shroomzilla
(13.) Shroomzilla's Final Thoughts.....

(1.) Introduction:

Welcome to my Madness.

Recently there has been some discussion regarding Chronics modified Quote In-vitro Tek. I have performed this tek as well on a fairly bulk
scale and want to make a contribution to the next generation of Nookians.
The information contained stems mainly from My personal experience, Chronic007, and from Nook's Large but ( IMHO ) outdated invitro thread archives.

Scanning the Nook Archives, I found "some" misinformation, Teks that were fine before but are very outdated now, Ideas that had merit when they were posted, but have since been upgraded with many new mouths voicing thoughts and experiences. In-Vitro IS more exciting than it might first seem...

It is time that Cubensis cultivators around the web realize In-Vitro cultivation's potential as a proficient standard, or even " bulk " cultivating method. The common view on the boards is that in-vitro is merely a " stealth "
tek " for kids living at home" and not much else. That view is untrue.

If you have little or no knowledge pertaining to In-vitro growing in quart jars, this document will open your eyes to a brave new world. If you are experienced in-vitro or otherwise you might just learn a few things, I did.
If you think I am full of crap and don't know what i'm talking about, simply close this document and move on as the world is much to big for you to waste your heartfelt negativity on lil' ole me.

Thus ends my introduction to this text. I Sincerely hope you enjoy and possibly learn something from it's contents. I've Been wanting to contribute to
other growers sharing " the hobby " since I started, have been looking for a way, and think maybe I have found it. It starts now.

Shameless Nook Plug
Just in case this tek gets posted elsewhere, Make sure you visit
http://www.nansnook.com/forum for the most Helpful, Professional MuShRoOm Professionals on the web... 

(2.) WARNING/Disclaimer:

Shroomzilla Takes no responsibility for anything regarding this tek. You Screw up, Slide on Sterility, Accidentally cook your jars or get Busted, don't blame me. The Information Contained here is enough to provide any experienced grower Great results every time. This tek is long, but as complete as I can possibly make it without leaving essential details out.

This manual features the latest teks, discoveries, research and opinions that I have found via my research. If you know something relavant to this tek not included here, please let me know.

If you are not an avid reader, don't bother with this, as you probably like things simple, short and to the point. You will not find brevity used much in this document, as it's main purpose is to cover an Exceptional amount of ground for knowledge-thirsty growers Regarding In-Vitro ( Quart ) Methodology.
Ok, Now that we've weeded out the people who would rather not be herein the first place, Class will begin.

(3.) Basic Materials needed:

* Quart Jars.
* Colonized Pints, Half pints, 1/4 pints, doesn't matter, all work in-vitro.
* Pvc risers, home-made risers, any riser built to this documents specs.
* Ziplock bags ( preferably gallon sized )
* Spring Water Or distilled, preferably Spring.
* Fruiting chamber with light, set to 75-76 degrees

(4.) Starting out...

(4a.) Colonized Jars/Light
We Begin working under the assumption that you already have Colonized Jars Available to work with. Just in case you don't, keep in mind that while colonizing In-Vitro Quart bound jars, they should be subjected to light
throughout their entire colonization cycle. If this is an impossibility,
No worries. Light 24/7 while colonizing or no, my experiments reflect that
you can birth a jar grown in darkness in-vitro, and suffer little apparent
consequenses regarding fruiting.

(4b.) Birthing
Once Full Colonization seems apparent on the outside of the jar, wait a week before birthing. This is an important step taken to let the Mycelium finish colonization So the Network is firmly established. Extremely important as we are dunking the cakes in a cold-ass Fridge and the Mycelia Network needs to be Strong & ready to produce Fruit.

(4c.) Dunking
Once colonization is satisfactory, Take the large gallon Baggies and insert
4 or 5 CLEAN ( NO sign of contams ) cakes in per bag. Make sure Hands are CLEAN. This is a bulk tek after all hence we have no time to individually dunk every cake. Ideally SPRING water should be used for dunking as it contains nutrients that " dead " distilled water does not.

Fill bag to tops of cakes with Spring Water, then squeeze out excess air and place in fridge. If you do this in the evening, by the Next day
(approx 24 hrs ) You are ready to place them into the quarts. Dunking is essential to this tek because the dunked cake actually provides the humidity needed for the mushies to thrive in the quart jar.

(4d.) Holes in the lids/Risers
While you are waiting for your cakes to ( approx 24 hour ) dunk, You may now begin preparing the miniature grow chambers needed for In-Vitro Growing ) As this Tek's name suggests, we will be focusing on quarts. You will need a riser for every Jar, and every jar needs four evenly spaced holes. Chronic007 suggests that he has found a 1/8 size drill bit Ideal for lid hole size.
He goes on to mention that Hole Size has PARTICULAR importance in regards to air exchange. In ShroomZillas experience, just about any similar size holes will work, but you do need FOUR holes in the lid and those four holes CANNOT be hidden under the riser.

In Defense of Chronics 1/8 hole size, he has more In-vitro experience and knowledge than anyone I know excluding Quote. I am also including a quote from Chronic007 that might be helpful. Regarding holes in the Lids Chronic007 Says " To small and they don't breath well to big and they dry out "

For the Risers, Chronic007's exact dimensions Are: 1" slice of 1 1/2" pvc
The idea behind inserting risers is that the riser:

A. Raises the cake above the jar mouth so as not to plug the holes, restrict
mushroom growth or possibly block air flow.
C. Keeps the cake above the condesation that will eventually pool in the lid
( Numerous Teks I found suggested sucking pooled water with a syringe, or
opening the jar to let water out. Those teks are not needed for quart
cultivation. Risers take care of the job perfectly.

You can find these ( risers ) in bins at home-improvement/plumbing suppliers.
Risers are merely Plumbing connectors, PVC pipe. They are usually pretty cheap, or you can cut your own from a long pipe. Keep in mind that this tek is just a base, and, therefore just a loose rendition on how to go about things. A " HINT " guide if you will. In Reality you can use virtually whatever you want for a riser and it will work. Just remember not to block the holes.

(5.) Transferring cakes to Quarts

Assuming your Risers are Prepared, and you have your clean quart jars/lids ready to go, we are now ready to birth the cakes into the Quarts. All of your previous hard work innoculating/colonizing jars is now reaching it's Pinnacle.

Disinfect/Wash Hands REALLY good. Remember to rinse & dry your hands COMPLETELY after handling soap. Make sure Work area is clean. Make sure Lysol or any other cleaner does NOT Get into ( quart ) jars, and finally make sure the actual quarts are clean, clear and ready for action.

(5a.) Step by Step
1-Place Jar lids in rings facing up or down.
2--Place risers on lids.
3---Place cakes on risers
4----Place Quart Jars on top, Screw down light but firm.

(5b.) If lid holes are blocked?
Now you need to put the jars into the fruiting chamber. REMEMBER, VERY Important that jars are able to breathe thru the holes in the lids.
Jars CANNOT be cut off from oxygen or Fruiting can potentially:

A. Retard
B. Fruit Slowly
C. Not fruit at all
D. Stall and eventually suffocate your cake

(5c.) Stacking Jars
If you are stacking jars, you will need additional risers that do NOT block the holes or sit UNDER the riser. I hate to repeat myself again and again, But it is VITAL that Holes MUST be exposed For air exchange. Another way to go about this is to drill a few holes in the sides of risers used to stack jars. This should give the jar plenty of ventilation.

(5d.) Fruiting Chamber
You are going to need some fairly EXACT conditions to grow within these quarts.
Have no fear. These Conditions are easily met with a little testing and work on your part.

Ideally you should have already incubated your jars at ( opinions vary )
80 to 86 degrees and have the Incubation chamber converted into a fruiting chamber or room enough that you already have a separate fruiting chamber set up. For our purposes you will need a container that holds a metal/plastic
mesh/grate at least an inch off the bottom of the chamber. Not only does the Jar need to be able to drain water, but room enough for proper air exchange is
required or the bottom jars ( especially if stacked ) can suffocate.
No Humidifier is needed. See " (6c.) Ventilation " for air exchange details

(6a.) Light
Light is essential Here. You are going to need a light that will not dry out your jars, ( and potentially ) keeps your mushies at a stable 75-76 degree temp. This is mildly tricky, because you also need constant air exchange.

You have choices here. Light can be used to help maintain current temps within the fruiting chamber or soley for pinning purposes, whatever is easiest for you
to come up with.

(6b.) Heat
We need 75-76 degrees at ALL times if possible. According to Chronic007 temp is a very important issue. I myself have slid 5 degrees up and down that point, and let me tell you... 5 degrees cooler, shrooms looked a little sick. 5 degrees warmer the large mushies started browning and drooping a little.
At 75, they ALWAYS look healthy as far as I can tell.

(6c.) Ventilation
Constant air flow. VERY important to have the air exchange details worked out.
I would suggest filtered air, but in reality you can prolly get away with just bringing fresh ( unfiltered ) air in as the jars have few spare, vulnerable nutrients to contam in the first place. No verm, no perlite, nothing much that
would be able to creep and feed soley on the cake itself. As I have said previously, no humidifier or perlite is needed with this tek.

(6d.) Combining light/heat/ventilation.
Oh boy, this is the fun part. You need to strike a Balance to maintain CONSTANT air flow, light at least some of the time, and a stable temp.
Being an experienced grower who has read this far, I doubt you need me to explain setting up those conditions.

(7.) Pinning

Properly kept CONSTANT temp, partial/fulltime lighting and you should expect pinning within the week. Expect to harvest within a week after that.

(7a.) Second Flush
You may or may not need to redunk your cakes for a second flush. I would suggest cleaning the cakes and some MILD scraping, misting some ziplock baggies nice and wet, and throwing the cakes in the fridge overnight to be replaced back in the fruiting chamber after they have sat in the fridge rehydrating a little bit.

(8.) End of tek


(9.) Final thoughts regarding this tek

Thats it. You now have Multiple miniature terrariums that need no misting,
no individual care, and are VERY protected against contamination. Provided
you made your jars at the same time or at least very close, flushes should occur in concert. Meaning, your work load is reduced by the fact you do not have to harvest every day, dunk every day or clean up mushie related messes every day.

This tek is so damn easy and worthwhile, that imho EVERYONE should give it a go. It is not only amazing to watch, but very easy to set up and use in a bulk fashion.

Much thanks TO Chronic007 for Turning me on to this great Tek and for all of the support I have recieved from him while learning the ropes. He is Definitely the Man to thank here.

Thanks also goes to The Nook for Providing a Monitored, Structured forum for me only to learn the RIGHT way. I think with this document, I am finally even with the Nook in regards to paying back knowledge with knowledge. Then again, wouldn't be the first time I thought I did a good deed and got slapped for it, so, we'll see what happens. I just hate owing people!! LOL!!

Below is yet more assorted info that might help with additional Q's you might have. As I have said, Experienced In-vitro/standard cultivators in the Nook Growing forum are always happy to help with whatever your question might be. Come on over, and stay awhile..... :0)


(10.) Side Notes, Ideas, Quotes and Observations

* Cakes create their own humidity, No Perlite/Humidifier needed.
* Make sure you don't forget the to long bags in Fridge.
* Cakes are dunked together saving time/work, so cleanliness is VERY
* Growing in-vitro smaller than quarts is bad in my opinion. In my many cases
(w/pints, half pints ) the mushrooms would run out of grow room and be
forced to bend, break, tear ect. VERY traumatic to me, as well
as the mushroom. If you work this tek, Please use quarts. You will
feel better about it.
* When using full colonized pints for in-vitro, cut them in half after dunk
( with alcohol sterilized blade ) and then place each half in separate jars.
These fruit WONDERFULLY, but are semi-difficult to remove from jars.
* Printing caps from shrooms grown in-vitro is often difficult. So, don't
depend on finding " perfectly formed " caps to print from.
* To remove shrooms from jars, I suggest procuring some long tweezers or
hemostats. Dislocate shrooms from cake INSIDE quart, then
remove cake, the remove shrooms.
* Harvesting should be done Quickly when ready. Mature shrooms will begin to
rot at a fast pace if not plucked at maturity.
* For bulk Grow, Mix Verm/water/Brf in Large Batches, Saves Time
* Experimented with bulk Dunked rye cakes in-vitro, Experienced Small Flushes
Both times. Also Cut Flatcakes into sections in-vitro, Not worthwhile.
* Use a drill instead of a nail when making air holes, produces cleaner edges.
Simply press lid down firmly on a phone book, and drill.
* Look for Untapered Quart jars. Tapered will work fine, bit if there is a
choice Get untaped...
* An interesting observation by Shroomaster " to keep the cake from bunching
up the exhaust holes goto you local Dominos ® and get those three legged
plastic things. "
* On the subject of smaller Yeilds In-vitro Nanook Says: " Invitro shrooms go
not get air exchanges like cased cakes. Shrooms benefit from the O2/CO2
exchange which they are not getting inside a jar. "
* Regarding Yeild, Quote Says: " the invitro method gives yields slightly
less than pf tek, roughly 15-25% less over the entire lifespan.
each flush is significantly smaller, but typically you can get more flushes
before it dies. each flush also takes a bit longer, again reducing the
relative yield over time. my averages invitro run a bit less than 6 grams
per cake, in about 8 weeks, whereas i can get 7-8 grams, in 6 weeks, the
traditional pf way.
* A question: "Invitro fruiting's biggest obstacle, in my thinking, is
the lack of good air exchange. " Brettie Replies with "invitro is meant for
stealth, so some sacrifice of yield must be accepted"
Shroomzilla Offers his thoughts on those posts. " Air exchange can easily be
handled by a small but strong fan, not a problem. Sacrifice in Yeild? Not
much at all when you use quarts. As for as Stealth In-vitro being the
accepted norm, That is no longer the case. As you have already figured out
if you have read this document.


(11.) What are the SIMPLE BASICS regarding Invitro ( quart ) Cultivation?
In short, What HAS to be done to in order to be successful?

* Light
* Dunking the cake for proper self contained humidity.
* A riser to keep the cake from sitting in water puddles.
* Proper ventilation, i.e. multiple holes bored into the lids for air
* Temperature to keep the cakes at an ideal temperature.
* A rack ( or something ) so the bottom holes are not blocked...


(12.) Basic Starter Questions from Shroomzilla, Answers from Chronic007

"When you grow into quart jars, are you letting the colonizing brf see light all the way thru colonizing? Partially? At the end?"

Answer - I give 24 hour light to my jars from first day of inoculation to the last fruiting of the cakes in the quarts

"What do you do to initiate pinning, and at what point do you do it?"

Answer - The cakes beggin to pin in the 1/2 pint jars because of the light and the PF classic strain loves to pin in the jars. I know it's ok to
dunk cakes with a few pins, but for some reason I had a consistantly higher number of mushrooms per cake when I scraped the cakes right
after birth before we dunk them. Make sure you scrape the entire cake before every dunk, you'll get much better results that way.

"What kind of contam rates do you see once the cakes are in the ( quart ) jars? Any?"

Answer - Very low if any. Out of last XX jars only two contaminated after flushing once,(the contamination was cut off with a steak knife and the
cakes continued a happy 3 more flushes with no problems. Just check your cakes as your scraping them before the dunk and as your drying
them afterwards and don't be afraid to cut the hell out of them. I've bored half way through cakes removing contams and they keep on
flushing. Remember that each cake is isolated so you don't have to worry about the contamination spreading. All my cakes begin losing the
contamination battle at about the fifth flush.


(13.) Shroomzilla's Final Thoughts.....

Any Further Questions about this Tek Should be brought directly to Nan's Nook,
Where the pioneers of modern " In-vitro cultivation " Share their Knowledge.

Quote and Nanook are welcome to add, revise or subtract to this tek at their leisure should they feel the need and/or be inclined to do so.

If anyone else finds flaws with this Document, would like to add to it,
has question, wants to take me out to dinner, you know where to find me!

ShroomZilla Aka Dr. Cubensis

( This tek may be reposted anywhere, by anyone. I only ask that you copy the tek in it's ENTIRETY and omit/add nothing. Any updates to this tek will
be gladly accepted, researched, and added with credit where it is due. )

By onediadem (Onediadem) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 12:39 pm:

Glad you couldn't stay away.

By Chronic007 (Chronic007) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 11:00 pm:

Looks like someone had some time on their hands . Nice compilation of info on the Chronic Tek. If this is going to be placed into the archives I'd like to make a few changes and add a few pics as a pic is worth a thousand words. Thanks for doing the bulk of the work Dr.C you're great.