How you made your "birdseed and dung flat-cakes"?

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By Dr. Cubensis (Shroomzilla) on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 07:05 pm:

" Dr. C, could you write up a summary of how you made your "birdseed and dung flat-cakes"? "

Initially Followed Deth-heads birdseed tek which is floating around somewhere. Using quarts jars My friend innoculated the first 12 with 2 cc's of karo juice apiece. ( you really don't need more, you not only screw up the water ratio, but you are going to shake the jar every few days anyway. ) Jars sat for a few days and then were shaken every couple of days. Waited and indeterminate amount of time till every kernel was colonized. Sure you've Heard this before, but remember, the mycelia colonizes INSIDE the grain as well.

Oh yea, also, did NOT use pollyfill on these quarts. Cut up a hepa filter and
made extra large holes in the quart lid. 1 hole per quart. On top of these were duct taped squares of hepa filter. Lemme just say, these jars could BREATHE!! LOL! Didn't lose a one. :)

When colonization was almost complete, ( by that time had started 8 more quarts for a total of twenty ) went out to the Smart and final and picked up 20 12x12
pans. these are about 2 inches deep. Also went on a bike ride with a friend of mine on a dung collecting mission. We rode near his place to some trails that are close to a horse ranch... Voila. Didn't even hafta trespass. Horse trails
have PLENTY O dung. FOund a spot under a tree where the dung and soil were close to a 50/50 mix having been trampled endless times by endless horses who had crapped there endless times. * whew! * scooped that up with a little hand shovel into the bags. took it home.

ON the back patio filled up 10 to 15 quart jars with the crap and sterilized it in the pressure cooker for an hour so bugs and bacteria would die.

Had read some dung recipes, but when my friend did this one he just followed his instincts. Took a big metal bowl and mixed the dung and verm 50 50 added water until everything was nice and moist. Took another bowl and mixed just verm.

On the bottom of each tray is a half inch of damp verm. In the middle is about an inch ( 1 full quart ) of colonized seed, on top of that is a half or three quarters of an inch of dung/verm.

Had picked up a huge box of holiday gallon ziplock bags, sprayed the insides with water, and placed one tray per bag inside. Placed these in a cabinet and waited for colonization of the top layers...

Ok, All of the sudden my buddy has 20 square feet of dung and seed. Turned into a nightmare of sorts for a little while. His Freezer chamber was not ready, Not even close... And he was worried about having the dung in the bags.... He ended up splitting out of the 20 for experiments, but he saved 5 of the original 20 to try and fruit from the tray.

At first, mycelia crawled all over the dung/seed. Thought my friend was doing well, as another poster on the board with the Hongus tek Q.. Then was informed that it would be bad to have the whole cake white and tried to put a stop to it.
The result, a few solitary mushies. Said fuck it. Threw the other four cakes in a VERY himid enviroment, let the myc take over the ENTIRE cake, and the first
of the 12x12's harvested wasn't weighed... But let me say this, collected and printed over 60 caps from one tray. Anyplace on the cake a cluster of mushies could grow, it did. The other three trays have yeilded similar results, Went and dug up 6 12x12s buried in the yard cleaned them up and brought them in for fruiting, no problems. the soil they were buried in is black, and the myc has already taken over the soil on top of the dung verm mix ( in proper fruiting chamber ) and began to pin. This is a recent development.

All I can say to help, is. If you are dealing with dung, bugs might come...
Had a bitch of a time with blackflys in my friends house seemingly from nowhere.... Made me and my friend sick enough that that was the reason we split the trays up canning some in-vitro, burying others in the back yard, and even fruiting some as cakes in the glass terrarium....

Anyway, Hope this is what you were lookin for :)


By Dr. Cubensis (Shroomzilla) on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 05:37 pm:

* bump *

Has anyone else here had much experience with seed?

By Maliki vision seaker (Maliki) on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 05:56 pm:

Not yet but thats the next step for the person who isnt me as i would never do this stuff cause it's against the law. :)
Baaa Haaaa Haaaa . I printed this out yesterday to go with the deathhead tek that I already had printed . It made a decent adition . Ive got over 200 pages in my myco book. Al teks,. Archive Archive Archive . Never know when all this info will sudenly become elegal And disapear. Ive got the entire site up untill Dec 29th